Thursday, April 4, 2013


                              Artwork by Abigail Kraft...(my granddaughter)


A daydream is that place somewhere between awake and fast asleep
The place where your mind plays out the scenes until you get the ones you want to keep

A child in school who’s staring out the window, looking at the sky
He sees a bird and wonders how it would feel to fly!

The teacher calls his name out loud…but he doesn’t even hear her
A cat has focused on the bird and is inching very near her

Then the next moment… when the cat is about to pounce upon his dinner
The little bird just flies away and declares herself…the winner!

A wandering dog comes in the school yard and chases the cat up a tree
The little boy still watching… wishes he could set the feline free

He sees himself as a fireman saving that meowing kitty
He’s watched that scene play out before at his Aunt’s house in the city

His dream moves on and he’s now rescuing a woman from a blazing fire
She’s upstairs at the window yelling for help as the flames are climbing higher

The ladder swings up to the home’s flaming second story
He picks her up, carries her down, and the onlookers applaud, and shower him with glory

The bell now rings, and the little boy’s dreams must abruptly come to an end
It’s three o’clock and teacher’s chalk writes the homework assignment out for them

He heads to the bus where he takes his seat, and he’s ready for a new adventure to begin
As the wheels on the bus go round and round…his mind also takes a spin

On the way home, although not alone, he’s in a world all his own
For the daydreams he is staring in may put him as a king on his throne

Or maybe as a pilot in the cockpit of his very own airplane
Or as a skilled emergency room doctor…helping his patients manage their pain

Whatever the daydream he is the star…and there are so many scenes
As the king on that throne he may be fighting a war…or looking for potential queens

No… girls are not really his “cup of tea” at this time of his young life
He has too much daydreaming to do…and he doesn’t have time for a wife!

Written by Linda Hogeland, April 2013 


Jeanie said...

Great imagery. I really enjoyed reading this.

Amy said...

Love your poems! Keep sharing them, please!
Love ya,

Maryellen said...

Beautiful. I almost forgot what it was like to daydream. Sadly I think it is almost a lost blessing to adults in our fast paced world.
Thank you for taking us back on this journey.

BARBIE said...

OH my goodness, this is lovely. I still daydream! Thank you for sharing.

Rebecca Nelson said... g-daughter is amazingly gifted. Hands blessed by God! Overflowing with His goodness.

Love, REbecca

Lynnette said...

I read this the other day and smiled. I have always been a daydreamer... sort of distracted me during class a lot as a child. ha!

I love how you create such precious visuals through your words.

Love you Momma.
PS Abigail's artwork is perfect for this post. :)