Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthdays, Magic Show, Baptisms and a Visit to the Cemetery

Another family gathering at the Pizza Hut Party Room!

Grandma turned 61.

This is William and he turned 16 on the day of the Pizza party!

Jonas was the other birthday boy. He turned 8.

All of the grandkids posed for a picture for Grandma!

We had a Magic Show!
The bunny was a hit! Here's Adelynn holding it.

The kids all looking at the bunny that magically appeared in the empty box!

We were all crowded into the party room, but it was fun.

The whole family was engaged in the performance.

Harrison and Jonas assisted the magician.

Abigail got into the act!

Granddaughter Adelynn volunteered to almost get her hands chopped off! But thankfully the trick worked! ha!

Here's the cute little rabbit again that magically appeared. Granddaugther Julia just loved it.

And this is our magician Shawn Reida! He really kept us all entertained.

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to our daughter Lynnette's church to witness two of our grandson's baptisms. These are her husband Kyle's parents who were there too. It was a happy day for all of us! And we also had communion and a meal together.

Abigail and Jared blessed us by singing a song that Jared wrote.

Jared played and sang another song he wrote.

Kyle played one of the songs he wrote too, and some of the kiddos sang it with him.

Five baptisms happened that morning! The dads did the honors and it was such a blessing to see all these yielded hearts outwardly expressing their faith in Jesus, and their obedience to Him.

Our Son-in-law Kyle praying at the baptismal service by the pool.

Our Grandson Silas' Baptism

Our Grandson Jonas' Baptism

September 4th was the one year anniversary of our friend Max Steinbuchel's home-going to heaven, so John and I visited the cemetery. We miss our friend so much. We used to go on trips with Max and his wife Toni. Next month we will take a trip with Toni and her daughter Kerri, and continue to remember Max fondly, and all of our good times together.

This is John with our sweet friend Toni at Max's memorial gathering last year.

Max, we will all be together again in heaven someday. You just got a head-start on us! We love you!

And ending on another sad note...John and I remembered the tenth anniversary of 9-11 on Sunday, along with the rest of the world. May God continue to protect and bless America. And may He continue to comfort those who lost their loved ones on that tragic day.

Six Words:

Life Is Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad!

(And God is always good!)


Jeanie said...

Lots of "life" in this post, Linda...the really really good family times and the difficult losses. Your pictures along with the words showed both the joy and and the sadness that make up our lives. Your family birthday and baptism pics were absolutely full of joy.

Kristin said...

I love what Jeanie said above. Lots of wonderful memories being made and also to look back on. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone commit their life to the Lord and I bet that was an amazing day!

Deanna said...

Hi Linda. Special late Summer blessings to you. Can't hardly believe Autumn is just about here on the calendar. Our temps are cooling and that makes it really comfortable.

Thinking about 911 saddened me a bit this year. It is wonderful that God continues to protect our country. I am praying for our country and revival.

Wishing you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 61 is a great age. I am thinking I'm getting closer to 60 and hope I get to see it happen.

Best wishes to your sweet family. The angels are singing because of your grandsons baptisms. What a precious thing. Heaven bound. The difference their faith will make in their young lives will be wonderful to see as they grow to manhood.

A very musical family. Jared and Abigail are awesome singers.

Enjoyed reading your post.

How are you feeling? I'm holding my breath that I don't catch cold. Praying!

Have a sweet week and God bless,

Veronica said...

What a fun family party! Our family gatherings (Fern's actually) look just like that!

I'm so glad you go to witness the baptisms and spend more family time together that day!

On 9/11 I took out my two small flags and put them in the ground by the front porch. In our move, I think we had to get rid of our big flag. I loved seeing yours hanging there. There is something so special to me about a flag waving. Esp since 9/11

Unknown said...

What a nice post Momma. I'm sorry you are all missing Max so much. I know he was a wonderful friend - him to you and you to him. I'm so glad you get to spend time with Toni and Kerri next month. That will be fun. :)

I've been missing your posts! Good to see you back on!

Love you Momma.
PS Thanks for letting me visit today. I felt better just talking to my momma. :)

Anonymous said...

Auntie Linda, I am so thankful you and John were able to visit my daddy that day! I was wishing all day that I could have been there to bring him flowers. It lightens my heart to know that you were there. I am so grateful to have you and John as a part of our family, because you really are. Love you and we'll see you soon!

Lois Christensen said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration! Loved the pictures you shared, especially the baptism ones!

LC said...

Wonderful memories you are making and preserving with family and friends!

Kathy said...

So much going on in your family! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and a very happy birthday to you, even though the wishes are a little late. I think I sent wishes to you on FB on the actual day, but I'm not sure...

Unknown said...

Hi there, My name is razel from the Phil. And i just want to let you know that i really like your posts. Most specially the family gathering thing. ;)

Malena said...

Thank you for sharing your family pics & life experiences, Linda. Your beautiful family & friendships inspire your followers. The Christian life is not one w/o sorrow, but hope & joy abound even thru' it because of the Lord's presence with us now & our permanent, forever life with Him to come.

Jenilee said...

I just love your big family posts! :) precious memories you are making!

Self Sagacity said...

too much fun there. I love the photos.

Unknown said...

Wow 'grandma' looks good for 61 - happy belated birthday.

Making memories and having fun = family - and this is what life is all about. Looks like your life story is an eventful one.

Kasi said...

God has a time for everything under the sun! :) Love your pictures!

betty said...

visiting from 6-word Saturday; lots of wonderful family time and memories in your post! Happy belated birthday to all; wonderful touch to have a magician at the gathering! hope tomorrow is a nice one for you!


Martha said...

Lots of birthdays and lots of smiles! Wonderful post!

Mom on Caffeine

Becca said...

I just adore your family! I must convince my girls to give me lots of grandchildren like you have one day! AND grandchildren with hearts for God like yours. What an awesome experience it must have been for you and the rest of the family to watch your grandsons be baptized!

And the birthday party fun! You all always have such a great time together! The love within your family shines strongly!

tv vanavond said...