Monday, September 19, 2011

Whispers of the Heart

Whispers of the Heart

Whispers of the heart flow from our mouths directly to God’s ears
They come at times when wounded souls share with God their deepest fears

Whispers of the heart are also heard from hearts that are filled with praise
When blessings fill our lives with joy on ordinary days

They come from hearts when loved ones die and strength to speak has failed
The heart cries out in whispers faint as though it’s been impaled

Sometimes we lay upon a bed in pain that numbs our mind
And in those times of weariness our Lord is always kind

He hears those silent cries of ours, those whispered cries of hope
The times when we are falling fast down the crumbling slope

“Oh Lord help me!”…we call out when the earth begins to quake
Or times when the waters grow and swell as we try to cross the wake

But in times of calm and times of plenty, our whispers seem to fade
We think we’ve got it under control and the Lord we often evade

The world is a fast-paced, noisy ball, and our voices can be lost in the drone
But the Lord hears the whispers above the noise and assures us we’re never alone

When a baby is born it seems like a sign that the world should continue on
A “token for good” from a loving God who forms that special bond

We whisper our vows at a wedding…we whisper our love in a prayer
We whisper the words as we quote from a Psalm saying our Shepherd is there

We quote it beside the still waters, and in the valley of the shadow of death
Those vespers and prayers… to our God as He cares… when He doles out our very next breath

What are the whispers of your heart today... from your sick bed, or inside your car
From the same old routine as you toll and you glean…or you board a plane and travel afar

Are you speaking to Him in your heart or your mind, are the whispers of love springing forth?
If you know Him and love Him He’ll whisper to you…My child you are of a great worth!

Whispers of the heart!
Whispers of the heart!

Written by Linda Hogeland


Deanna said...

Thank you Linda for sharing your poetry!
You are a blessed psalmist. I enjoy moments like this when I pop in at your place and get fed some nutritious poetry by Linda.

Autumn is fast approaching this week....I'm sure hoping the Lord sees fit to bless us with a long indian summer. This would be answered prayer.

This morning this is my prayer.
God bless you dear friend,

BARBIE said...

Beautiful words my friend. I really needed this one today. Thank you!

LC said...

Well said!

Lois Christensen said...

What a beautiful poem! And how wonderful to know that we can come before our Lord either whispering or shouting! Enjoy your day!

Deanna said...

Hello Dear Friend.
Thinking of you this fine day.

The photograph is gorgeous!!!! Nothing like this.
God bless,

Janet said...



Anonymous said...

Oh how I have been whispering in the ear of God lately...finding it to be a most rewarding satisfying experience....He listens! :)

Rebecca Nelson said...

Listening for a God who whispers. My deepest desire.

You are an amazing writer my talented friend. Is there a book in you? Hmmmmm...I'm thinking so!

My momma was taken to the emergency room yesterday and that is where I spent my evening hours. She's OK...thankfully. God WHISPERED PEACE into my heart!


Janet Rose said...

I especially love when God answers the whispered prayers of my heart with shouts declaring His greatness! He hears even the smallest, quietest whispers...He is that good!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Linda...just had to come back and tell you I had my hubbs read this post of yours. He thinks you've got a book inside you as well!

You are blessed with a writer's heart.

Love you~Rebecca

Karen Nilson said...

I loved this so much! Your writing and Lynnette's photography! I really needed the reminder that God hears my faint whispers when I hardly know the words to use. My heart feels "impaled". That is a perfect word picture. I know God has it all in His hands but I am just not seeing how it can all work out for good. Sorry to be depressing but I wanted you to know how very much you have encouraged me by this poem...

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I love that He cares about every whisper of our hearts. Thank you for this...