Thursday, November 26, 2009

ABC's of THANKSGIVING...and Five Question Friday

This looked like fun...thinking of 26 reasons from A-Z that I am thankful! My friend Kristin did this and so did her friend, so I thought I would follow suite and do mine too. Maybe you would like to join in and make your list too. (:>) Some of mine are silly!

A) Autumn...and Apple Crisp

B) Bible...and Books

C) Calvary Baptist Church...and Christian Music...and Caramels

D) Daughters...and Diamonds...and Dew Drops

E) Everyday God Gives Me...Encouragement...and Earrings

F) Friends...and Food...and Fun

G) Grandchildren...and Grace...and Glory

H) Husband...Happiness...Hugs...and Home

I) Internet...and other Inventions...and Imagination

J) Jesus...and Joy...and Jam

K) Kisses...and Kitchens

L) Lipstick...Love...Laughter...and Libraries

M) Memories of Mom...Mornings...and Music

N) Nieces... and Nephews

O) Oil of Olay...Olives...and Oranges

P) Purple...and Periwinkle...and People

Q) Quietness...and Quilts

R) Roses...and Raindrops...and Raisins

S) Shortbread...and Sisters...and Sermons

T) Truth...and Tenderness

U) Understanding...Utilities...and Utensils

V) Voices...and Vegetables

W) Wonderful Women...Warmth...and Wonderment

X) X-cellant, X-pressions...and X-citement...(:>)I cheated a bit on that one!

Y) Yummy Yams...Yesterdays...and YOU!

Z) Zippers...Zoos...and Zeal

Wow!... There is sooo much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well as you can see, I went way past 26 things that I am thankful for, but I had fun listing them. I think the Lord would be pleased if we practiced thankfulness everyday....and it would do our hearts good!
God Bless You

My Little Life

Well as lovely as it was... Thanksgiving is over and now it is Friday and so I will add the answers to Five Question Friday. If you'd like to play along, just click on the button above and find out the details and join in the fun! You will find Mama M there, and she is getting anxious for Christmas. Link up so we can all share our answers to the five questions Mama M has asked us.

1. Do you do a real or fake Christmas tree?

Although I love the smell of real Christmas trees, I have done fake trees for many years now. And have even gone to a tall thin tree to save room. The smaller trees are so much easier for this Grandma to manage.

2. What is your favorite Christmas tradition with your family?

We change things up and don't really have traditions,...but I love going to Christmas Eve services and really thinking about the gift of Jesus! I love the music and the candlelight too.

3. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods? And, if many calories do you think you consumed yesterday?

We did our dinner on Saturday, and there was so much food we have been eating on it for days now. I don't know how many calories but I am thinkin' maybe a Gazillion!

4. Have you started decorating for Christmas, yet?

I sent my hubby to Wal-Mart yesterday for more lights for the tree. It seems like every year we find lights that don't work. Anyway I hope to do the decorating today or tomorrow. It is a lot of work, but I love the outcome.

5. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

When I was a kid my mama used to make little shortbread balls with pecan pieces inside and they were rolled in powdered sugar. They were my favs...but now I am allergic to nuts so I just eat shortbread without the pecans. They are yummy.

May the love of Jesus fill your hearts this Christmas!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Time For Six Word Saturday!

Well it is Saturday again and that means it's time to think of six words that describe our lives,...or have some meaning to us today. If you'd like to join in, just post your six words and link up by clicking on the button above and join in the fun.

Well for me today my six words are:

We Are Having Our Thanksgiving Today!

There are 18 of us when the kids come with their kids,...and 19 when my brother is here, and 20 when he brings his girlfriend. Quite a houseful, but we love every minute of it. I started cooking yesterday and so I have things pretty much done. My girls are bringing some things too, so that helps. We always have plenty and we are so blessed.

God has been so good to us, and today I am just...
Thanking Him For All Our Blessings! .... six more words

Another blessing is that I have such a wonderful husband who helps me so much when we have our get togethers. I don't know what I'd do without him. I am not as young as I used to be and it takes both of us these days to get things done. So six more words:
I Love My Husband So Much!

Have a good day bloggy friends!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Time Keeps On Ticking Into The Future

Time Keeps On Ticking Into the Future

As I lay here listening… to the clock beside my bed

I am reminded of a song… and here is what it said

Time keeps on ticking…. into the future

We can stop a clock from ticking… but we never can stop time

We can act like we’re not aging …but our bodies still decline

We can wear the latest fashions…dye our hair…or buy new shoes

But the fact is… we ARE aging…and it’s something we don’t choose

Time keeps on ticking…into the future

We can push that small snooze button… and pretend we get more time

But that’s a mere illusion that we use to trick our mind

We can ignore our birthdays…simply say that they don’t come

But our birthday suit looks wrinkled…. and it’s just a rule of thumb

Time keeps on ticking… into the future

Do you ever see a picture of yourself from long ago?

And you wonder where that person went… and you'd really like to know?

I think about that all the time… when I stare into her face

That picture from her wedding day… where she’s all decked out in lace

Time keeps on ticking…into the future

I see the hope deep in her eyes…the look that held her dreams

And think of all she’s said and done…a life full of her schemes

The man that stands beside her… holding gently to his wife

Hardly knowing what his duties… would now be throughout his life

Time keeps on ticking…into the future

They barely thought of grandchildren on that busy wedding day

But there have been 14 of them… to love… and watch at play

Now some of them are driving and I know it won’t be long

Till THEY’RE walking down that aisle… listening to THEIR wedding song

Time keeps on ticking…into the future

Oh yes, where does the time go… how can all these things be?

It only seems like yesterday… he proposed on bended knee

Now… when he bends that knee… he finds it hard to rise

The handsome prince has turned to gray… but the love’s still in his eyes

Time keeps on ticking… into the future

So the time it keeps on ticking…until that fateful day

When time turns to eternity…and it’s just a breath away!

By~ Linda Hogeland ~ November 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Six Word Saturday

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My "Six Words" today are:

Ryan's sick please pray for him!
This precious little baby boy has been through so much, he has endured surgery, and he has been in the hospital for several months. He and his dear family could use our prayers. Please click on his button and go there to read his story by looking through older posts to understand what he has gone through and please pray. Then leave an encouraging comment for them. I would appreciate it,...and I know they would too.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Birthday Filled with Food and Family...and a little shopping

Yesterday was my husband John's birthday. When asked what he wanted to do he said he wanted to see all of his kids and grand kids, and also he wanted to go to the Kohl's sale, and the antique mall. He also mentioned a movie, but we ran out of time so we will do that today or tomorrow.

Since our daughter Lisa and her husband Brad and their daughter Bailey had evening plans already, they met us at The Rib Crib for lunch. I forgot my camera, so we didn't get any pictures with them,... but we had a good time, good food, and good fellowship,...and Grandpa shared his free Birthday treat!

Then we went to the big Veteran's Day sale at Kohl's. John loves to find the bargains and then use his coupons for even greater savings, and then also get his additional bucks to spend at another visit. We both found things there and even a Christmas gift for someone.

Then we ventured on to the antique mall on the west side of town and spent quite a long time browsing and hunting for treasures. I know it was John's birthday, but I found more than he did. I found a cute little etched hand mirror, and also a little perfume bottle for my curio cabinet, and a couple of cute cards I might frame for my antique office/bedroom.

From the antique mall we went up north of town to our daughter Lynnette's house and on to the little pizza place in her town called Killroys. Our daughter Lonna and her 4 kids met up with us there. Lynnette and the 6 kids too of course, but Kyle joined us later since he had been in Kansas City on business.

Then we all went to Lynnette's house after eating and visited some more. We all treasure the times when we can be together. It is hard to schedule, but we try to do it once a month when we can, to celebrate family birthdays.

We have a granddaughter turning 17, so we will do it all over again real soon.

I love my husband so much....he is so good to all of us. I think he enjoyed his day,...and so did I. ((smile))

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Quiet of the Morning

I am so inspired by the quiet beauty of the morning. I often feel led to write poems at the first light of the day. I hope you don't get bored with this topic. It just moves me in a spiritual way! (Hey, that rhymed...and I didn't even plan it! teehee)

The Quiet of the Morning

I love the quiet of the morning
When the world is hushed and still

Peaceful silence all around me
Darkness starts to raise its veil

Watching as the sun comes peeking
Slowly from the dark abyss

Colors dawn the far horizon
Leaving views I dare not miss

Birds awaken with soft chorus
As if they’re singing just for Him

Or so it seems on this glad morning
As they warble reverent Hymns

There’s a squirrel at work already
Climbing up the nearest branch

Putting something in his nest
So high up it blocks my glance

One by one the houses waken
Lights go on and noise occurs

They come to life and steal the silence
Filling space with busy blurs

So much for the tranquil moments
That the quiet morning brought

It quickly flees until the morrow
Leaving me with precious thought

Thoughts of how my dear Creator
Brings the morning… new each day

Dew filled grass and hazy splendor
Comes alive as if to pray

Trees start swaying in the breezes
Lifting arms in wordless praise

Light shines on the plants and flowers
As if they’re on center stage

Morning ushered in this glory
The beauty of the Master’s day

He raised the curtain and the actors
Take their bows and start their play

Act one is titled…Quiet Morning
And there’s a hush around the room

“Bravo” they shout when Act one closes
“Magnificent”…they clap and swoon

I see this all played out before me
As I gaze upon the fading moon

He presents the quiet morning
And orchestrates each lovely sound

I stand and give Him my ovation
As my heart bows to the ground

Linda Hogeland November 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Heaven Giveaway Winner...and my Crazy Day...and Six Words

First off I want to say Congratulations to Karen over at "On Having Faith" She is the winner of my giveaway. I will be sending her the
Randy Alcorn book...Heaven.

Please stop over and visit Karen today, she has a wonderful post called Miracles! And it is very encouraging.

Now I will share a little bit about my crazy day! I got in the shower this morning to get ready for my day, and then when I started getting dressed I thought I might wear some capris because it was going to be 77 degrees today. So, as I put my pants on I looked down and saw that I had only shaved ONE LEG! Have you ever done that? ((smile)) I didn't have time to remedy that because I had an appointment at the dentist, so I just grabbed some long jeans and hurried on my way.

I don't know about you, but I HATE going to the dentist. I mean I don't mind getting my teeth cleaned or just getting x-rays, but I get all tense when I have to have work done. So, anyway, I sat in the chair for an hour and 15 minutes and it wasn't really all that bad, I had to get a filling and my dentist is pretty gentle, but I don't like how long ya stay numb and when ya talk your lip pulls to one side! But even though I felt like Elvis with my lip all curled up on one side, I stopped at my friend's little Antique store and visited with her for awhile. She's so sweet she tried not to notice how weird I looked! I bought a couple of things from her and decided I might just stay out for awhile and enjoy the wonderful weather.

After I left there I did a little bit of shopping in some of the gift shops here in town, and that was fun, but then I decided to stop in our brand new Goodwill to see if there were any little hidden treasures that might be calling my name! I didn't find too many so I thought I would just go on home.

I grabbed my bags from the car and headed in through the garage door that leads into my laundry room,...and BOOM!...I fell flat on my face since my hands were full and I couldn't catch myself. I had caught my crocs flip flop on the door jam! My husband wasn't home and I couldn't tell how bad I was hurt, so I just laid there for a little bit to assess things. It makes ya feel so that a word? My big toe on my right foot was really hurting, and both knees hurt, and I scrapped my left arm on the door frame as I fell, and jarred everything, cuz I fell so hard.

After a bit I crawled over and pulled myself up in the doorway to the kitchen and grabbed an ice bag from the freezer, then I hobbled into my bedroom and laid down with the ice bag on my toe until my hubby came home and could give me some attention. ((smile))

That's why I am so late posting this blog today,...I have just been waiting to feel better. I think I might have some bruises tomorrow, but I am ok except for my toe.

I think all of us have crazy days once in awhile when we just don't feel on top of things,...problem is I have way more than I used to! Ha!

How was your day? I hope it went better than mine. ((smile))

Anyway Karen,... I hope you will enjoy the Heaven book. And to all of you who entered by leaving a comment,...thanks so much. Maybe you will be the one to win my next giveaway. I love you all!

And lastly I will leave you with my Six Word Saturday. Since I stayed up so late,...Friday turned into Saturday!
So my 6 words are:

I'm Leaning On The Everlasting Arms!

Click on the Six Words button if you'd like to link up,...and share with others the six words that describe your life.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Six Words ~~~ And 100th Blog Post~~~ Giveaway

My six words are~~~~ This Is My 100th Blog Post!

Six more words~~~These girls got me started blogging!
Abigail (Granddaughter) from ~Rear Window~ did my blog design
And Lynnette (Daughter) from ~Dancing Barefoot~ convinced me to just do it!
Thank you girls~~~I am having a ball making new blog friends everyday!

There is still time to link up your six words by clicking on the button above.

I am giving away the book~~~ Heaven~~~by Randy Alcorn
Just leave a comment saying you would like to enter and leave your email address and I will pick the winner on Friday.