Monday, February 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday~~~ Random Chatter!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


1. First of all I want to remind you to join in the Spring Blog Party starting tomorrow over at my daughter's blog. You can pop over there today to find out all about it and to get ready. Lynnette has some fun questions to get the conversations rolling. AND some amazing giveaway prizes!

2. How about the Oscars last night? Did your favorites win? Did you pick your favorite dresses? I thought it was a pretty good show. (I always hate, hate, hate it when the F bomb makes an appearance anywhere...don't you? Even when it is bleeped it just makes me cringe.) But otherwise it was very entertaining. The collection of movie music that was playing at the end of the show was awesome!

3. Have you seen The Grace Card yet? It opened this weekend..and you NEED to see it soon. It will make you want to forgive and bestow grace to everyone. It is really a moving bring your tissues, and be prepared to be changed!

4. There were tornadoes in Oklahoma yesterday...and storms here in Kansas, but nothing too damaging. However, I have to admit I do not like Tornado season. Yikes! One destroyed a car next to me in a parking lot one time when a light pole crashed on it, and it blew out all of the glass windows in my car. It went over the Mall where I was working and scared me to death! (Well actually I lived to tell about it...but it still gives me shivers...and sends me to the basement when the warnings come!) I am a Christian and I know I am going to heaven when I die...but I don't want to be blown apart!

5. Please pray for (Grammy Girlfriend) Teresa's hubby Jack, who is recovering from a stroke...and now has to have a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted. They have been through a lot and could use your prayers. Thanks!

Have a good Monday! See you tomorrow at the Blog Party!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweetheart Cruise and Family Pizza Party

Heads up....The Spring Blog Party is Coming Up on March 1st, so get your posts ready and join in the fun. There are nearly 500.00 in give away prizes.


But until then read this post! I have some fun news!

Sweetheart Cruise and Family Pizza Party

We had a fun Sweetheart Banquet at church with a Cruise Ship theme, and this little gal is the Social Committee Chairman who made it all come together!

It was the Saturday night before Valentine's Day and we went to a special Sweetheart Banquet at our church.

As we entered the "ship" aka our church gym...we were greeted by the ship captain and his wife.

Then we got checked in and a sweet lady took our tickets, and assigned our dining table.

Some people were in formal attire...and some semi-formal...and some just in church clothes.

Dan The Man played love songs as we stood in line for a ship picture.

There were beautiful tables filled with food to nibble on, and a flowing fountain for sparkling grape juice while we waited to be seated in the ship's dining room.

We were serenaded as we waited.

Then we were seated at our assigned tables and dinner was served.

The entertainment was a group of talented guys who also sang love songs. And ended with the song Amazing Love...which reminded us of our Lord's amazing love!

The speaker was Craig Hartman who is a Christian Jewish man from New York, who was here to do a Bible Prophecy Conference during the week. He spoke on Love. And he is a really funny guy, so we were challenged as well as entertained.

It was a wonderful event and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Then on Sunday afternoon we met our family at a Pizza Hut and had a little family get together for Valentines. We reserve the back room for 20 of us and we all pig out and visit and have fun. Then we pass out our Valentines.

This gathering was special because we found out our daughter Lonna got engaged!
We are hoping that she and her 4 kiddos will live happily ever after with Dave...her special man!
(This picture is from the first time I met him...does it look like momma thought he was a nice guy?...and I was right...he is!)

And is a before and after picture of my last hair appointment that I threw in just for fun. I had a cut and a darker color weave...but in this picture it is hard to tell. So I am adding another one outside in my car from the next day...and you can see a little more color.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thoughts of Spring Blog Party***March 1 thru March 8th


Do you feel like Spring will never come? Are you just itching to get out there and socialize after being cooped up this winter????? Well Spring is coming...and it's just around the corner...and to start it off right, my daughter Lynnette, over at Dancing Barefoot is hosting a fun Blog Party! It will go from March 1st to March 8th, so there is plenty of time to invite your friends and have them join in the fun along with you.

If you click on the button above Lynnette will tell you all about it...and she will have a list of questions to get you started on writing your post! These are just conversation starters to get ya talking with each other and to get us all to know each other a little better.

She has some great sponsors this year who are offering prizes for her fantastic giveaways. You will want to hop over there right now just to take a look at the cool stuff and decide what you would love to win!

Most of my followers know Lynnette...but maybe some of your family members or bloggy friends would like to come to the party to meet Lynnette and her quirky family! She's tons of fun...all wrapped up in a spunky little bundle!

So...consider yourself invited...and don't forget to mark the dates on your calendars. On March 1st she will have a link on her blog to connect us. (:>)

See you there!

I am making this my Wednesday's Walk today too. (:>) There just seems to be too much going on to do a post today! But if you want to link a memory with Jenilee just click on the button and join in the fun!

Oh...and I do want to thank my sweet friend Ashley for honoring me with The Stylish Blogger Award! She is such a sweet gal and I enjoy reading her blog so much. And she is the "stylish" one! Hop on over and visit her. She has a hint for a beautiful complexion...Cinnamon and Honey Facial Mask!

And my sweet daughter Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful is giving away a 25.00 gift card to CSN head over there to leave a comment for a chance to win. It ends tomorrow Feb.23rd, and she will announce the winner on the 25th.!
(* Note: Sorry if you missed it...this giveaway is now over)

And one last thought: Please go see The Grace Card movie this weekend! It comes out on Friday Feb. 25th all across the country. But how long it stays will be determined by how well the opening weekend goes. In Wichita it will be at the Warren Theater on 21st street. John and I and two of my girls, a son-in-law, and some friends got to preview it...and I tell you it will change your life! We all need to extend more grace to others.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Six Word Saturday~~~ Devotional

Good Saturday Morning!!! It's time for Six Word Saturday again! Today my 6 words pertain to my morning devotional that I just read. This crazy world is so full of stress and anxiety isn't it? We all need a little reminder now and then to rest in the Lord. So click on Dr. Charles Stanley below and take a moment to re-group and to place those fears at the feet of Jesus!

Six Words:
Devotional today: BIG ANXIETIES... little faith

Click here: by Dr. Charles Stanley

And then come back and join in the blog hop by clicking on the Six Words Saturday Button and Cate will show you how to link up.

Have a great day!


Oh...and if you have daughter Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful
Is having a 25.00 give away for CSN stores. Hop on over by clicking on her name above! There is still time to win...and all you have to do is leave a comment.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Thankful For Our Freedom

McGlothin Family Nest

Be Thankful For Our Freedom

I’m thankful for the service men that fight for me each day.
They fight to protect us from the hate that often comes our way

Because we are America…one nation under God
We’re targeted and ridiculed and thought to be so odd

They’re jealous of our freedoms and our blessings from above
I only wish the enemy could experience God’s love

They don’t believe in Jesus and don’t like to hear His name
They think that we are spoiled and rich and only out for fame

But the majority of people are just like you or me
Living our lives from day to day… loving God from bended knee

Cherishing our families and trying to do what’s right
We want this war to end real soon so our soldiers don’t have to fight

The boys out there are people’s sons and most of them have wives
Yet they go out there and serve… to keep the freedom in our lives

Some come home, and some do not, it’s hard to understand
Yet without their sacrifice, violence would invade our land

I saw the planes on 9-11 that crashed into the buildings tall
And then I took a second look and saw those buildings fall

The terrorists desire to kill… invade, explode, destroy…
It’s all a part of Satan’s plan…disguised as a righteous ploy

What can we do to change this world…and the trouble that it holds?
Love others… and share the truth with them…as from the Bible hope unfolds

If we hate them as they hate us…what good would that hate do?
We must defend ourselves, I know… but we must pray for others too

Grow closer to The One who holds our weak and trembling hand
And pray for strength to carry on….and may He bless our land

Be sure to pray for our service men who give for us their all
Pray that God will keep them safe and not let our soldiers fall

Thy will be done oh Holy One who came to die upon that tree
For all of those who will accept… and heed your loving plea

He is The Way, The Truth, The Life and that we can’t deny
Unless we choose to disregard…and believe in Satan’s lie

So many are deceived by him…It’s sad but it is true
I pray their eyes will open up… and their hearts will do this too

Yes, even those who hate us… are not beyond God’s mercy and his love
If they will just confess their sins and look to God above

Oh what a fair and loving God…so merciful is He
He sent His own dear Son to die…to set the prisoner free!

I was a wretched prisoner…guilty and condemned to die
I’m thankful for my freedom… freedom from the destroyer’s lie

Written by Linda Hogeland
February 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~Those-Familiar-Things From My Childhood

My friend September did a post for Wednesday's Walk today, and it was called..."Those Familiar Things". I loved her post. September has a very large family and she shares the joys of her busy life with us. I just love her...and so will you, so click on her name above and hop on over for a visit. I enjoyed her post so much I decided to do a post like hers today for Wednesday's Walk (Our weekly walk down memory lane!)

If you would like to post your memory, just link with Jenilee by clicking on the button above. Jenilee is our gracious and beautiful hostess each week. She has a fun-loving husband and three precious little girls who all keep her life interesting and happy.

Those Familiar Things From My Childhood

Beans on the stove and cornbread in the oven

The fresh smell of laundry that was brought in from the clothes line

Delicious hot cobbler made from the apricot tree in the yard

The slamming of the screen door each time my little brother ran in from play, needing a glass of water to quench his thirst

The warmth from the sunshine on my back as I lay on a blanket in the grass
Or the white fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky as I turned over and gazed heavenward

Birthday parties with friends and neighbors...pinning the tail on the donkey...and playing musical chairs....and making a wish when I blew out the candles

Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School, and the sweet pastor of my childhood, who was always kind and loving...and so very encouraging!

Stories my momma would tell me at nap time...warm hugs and snuggles...and loving the smell of her perfume

Beach time fun in Southern California...and picnics in the park

Ice cold watermelon, burgers from the backyard grill, and homemade ice cream

Saturday morning cartoons...The Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday night...then bath time and curlers in my hair...and the bonnet hair dryers that lulled me to sleep with the warmth and the noise

School time fun, carnivals and talent shows...and swinging on the swings and playing on the monkey bars

The milk man, the bread man, and the Good Humor Ice Cream man, and door to door salesmen, and the Avon lady and the Fuller Brush man too

Playing jacks for hours on the porch, or baseball with my brother and neighbor boys on the ball diamonds in the school yard across the street

Playing with doll babies and paper dolls, and then with real live babies as I became an Aunt at 10 and again at 11 years old when my older sister had her girls

Oh the joys of childhood and the happy memories my heart holds!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Award...Take Time To Make New Friends...

My new friend Cathy from "Cathy Kennedy's Blog" honored me with an award. And she also introduced me to some of her other friends by posting about them and linking to them. I will enjoy reading all of their stories and getting to know them. You will too if you click over to her post.

I want to thank Cathy for adding me to her list of new friends. I am honored, and I'm so glad she enjoys my blog. She writes books for children and I purchased one for my youngest grandsons...and it is really cute!

The Life is Good Award recipient requirements are as follows:

* Thank and put a link back to the person who gave this award.
* Share a few things about yourself.
* Pass the award onto some other bloggers you deem deserving.
* Inform these said bloggers that they have received the award.

It's just that simple!

I love all of my bloggy friends and have given away awards to some of you I am picking a few of my newer friends. Click on their names and it will take you to their blogs.

Sharon "The Pansy Cottage Girl" says that these are some of the things that she loves....

Flowers in old buckets
The Beach
Anything Pink
Flea Markets
Old Iron pieces
Did I say chocolate?

She is very creative and has her own shop! You will really want to browse her blog!

Peggy over at "Created for His Glory" is a lovely Christian who shares her heart for God on her blog. She loves horses and always posts beautiful the ones of her horses in the snow the other day. Then she posted an interesting blog about when to blanket a horse, and told how to take care of them in the winter. I really enjoy her blog.

Richella over at "Imparting Grace" has a beautiful home and she has excellent taste..and I love her decorating. It is exactly my taste! Her house looked beautiful inside and out at Christmas. She is one beautiful lady with a lot of style. (:>) And she is a mom to 3 teenage sons.

Annie from "Annie's Home" always has the best recipes. I mean have you ever heard of Ketchup Cake? Well she had a recipe for it today...and it looked good and sounded very interesting! She always has a lot going on and I enjoy visits to her blog and so will you.

Here a few things I will share about myself:

In real life I am shy and clam up in a crowd of people...but I enjoy one on one conversations.

I can express myself in writing and I love to write stories about my life...and I also enjoy writing poetry. Blogging is a wonderful outlet for me. Someday I would like to publish a book with my poetry.

I love my husband, my three grown daughters and their spouses...and my 11 well as the ones we have that are living in heaven.

I love the Lord Jesus and I have a sweet relationship with Him...and full assurance of going to heaven when I die. We have all grown closer to Jesus through our losses...and He has been faithful to bring us through, step by step to a place of peace.

I like to read...and enjoy my trips to the library. I also like to cook...but not to bake...(I am a messy baker!) I enjoy Rachel Ray because she is like that too. I love several of the cooking shows but always get so hungry while I watch them!

I love HGTV and all of the decorating shows, and I love the game show channel and the Hallmark channel. And I like to watch Millionaire and Wheel of Fortune. At Christmas time I watched all of the Christmas movies...and now for Valentine's Day I have been watching all of the Happily-ever-after movies! (:>)

Life is Good!

Six Word Saturday:
Take Time To Make New Friends!

Please read my previous post with my poem called "Romance"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Romance~~~A Valentine Poem

Here's a little poem I wrote last year that I thought I would share again. I love to feel the Lord's embrace in my life. I pray that you will feel it too this Valentine's Day...and all through your lives.


I’ve felt the music in my heart
My feet have done the dance
My life’s been taken to extremes
As I have found romance

Nothing has remained the same
Everything is new
The sunlight has a brighter sheen
The grass now glistens with the dew

The air feels fresher as I breathe
The rose has fragrance sweet and rare
My senses now feel sharp and keen
My heart has been made free from care

I once was broken and cast down
My face was so forlorn
My hopes were dashed, my dreams had died
My faith from me was torn

But now my soul sings happy tunes
As down the path I trod
Romance has been a gift to me
And brought me close to God

Who knows me better than the one
That wooed me with his love?
He laid his life down for my sake
And gave me new life through his blood

I first resisted his sweet call
And wrestled with my fears
But he romanced me with his love
And I accepted through my tears

And soon he’ll whisk me far away
To mansions in the sky
I will his bride forever be
And never leave his side

Romance may seem a silly word ….
But I can tell you true
This same romance can change your life
And make you feel brand new!

Written by Linda Hogeland

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~~~A Life of Peace

For Wednesday's Walk today I thought I would just share how the Lord brought me peace through prayer this week. I don't know about you, but when someone I love is facing a trial I always seem to carry their burden around with me. I sometimes let it weigh me down....but eventually I see the need to pray about it...and to ask others to pray.

You would think that I would learn to go to God first...but that is not always the case. I "feel" first...feel the fear, feel the "what ifs?"...feel the panic, and then feel my in-adequateness...and then I usually run to God...into His waiting open arms.

God is so faithful...and He gives us grace...and His grace is sufficient. He will give us peace when we take our concerns to Him. And this week He gave me peace after I went to Him in prayer...and after I asked people to pray with me. I am so thankful for all of those who prayed for me and with me. The situation hasn't been remedied...yet, but God brought peace to me anyway.

Charles Stanley's short devotion today paints a vivid picture of how God is our refuge in the storms of life. It really spoke to me, along with the Bible passages he used. If you need refuge today, and if you need peace in your life, please click on Charles Stanley Devotion below.

Charles Stanley Devotion