Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six Word Saturday

The Bee Population is Dying Off

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Awesome... Vince Gill Singing About Jesus!

Today is Six Word Saturday...and my Six Words Are...

Vince Gill's Singing About My Jesus!

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Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, January 13, 2012

He Is My Peace...Poem

He Is My Peace

Life is filled with stressful times, and we must find our rest...
In our dear Savior Jesus Christ...we can be so blessed
How often do we faint and fall...and struggle on our own?
When Jesus gave his life for us, and chose us as his own

Why can't we just rely on him and never fret or worry?
It is because we jump ahead... we're always in a hurry
We don't accept his peace and rest...but rush ahead in fear
When we should run into His arms, and know that He is near!

In this world we will have trials, and that's a guarantee
But Jesus hears our every prayer, and knows each desperate plea
Today I'm calling out to Him amidst my list of woes
And I will wait in quietness, and let him fight the foes

For I am weak, but He is Him I find release
And so I bow before His throne, and seek much needed peace
I know that it will come to me in His appointed time
He lifts my head and speaks to me with soothing words sublime

By Linda Hogeland Jan. 2012

I was stressed today and my blood pressure was up. I settled down and communed with the Lord, and wrote this poem. I know that he is in control...and I am trusting Him. He is my peace!

The beautiful sunrise is a picture from my daughter's house out in the country. They see the most beautiful sunrises! I look at this and it just reminds me of my Creator. He holds the whole world in His hands!

The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.

~ Psalm 29:11, NLT

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Brother Dan Came Home! But...he needs prayer!

My brother Dan came home again from the hospital...thank you prayer warriors for all of the prayers.

Now we need more prayers. I told you all that he accepted Jesus on Christmas day...and he seems sincere and we have seen changes in his attitude, and he has been a better patient since that day...and even joyful at times. BUT.....
Dan is a gambler...and he goes to fact he camps there in a motor-home van. He doesn't think he is addicted. (But he is.) He had a good day with his health on Saturday. He was playing hymns on the piano Saturday morning. He sat on the front porch for quite awhile in the afternoon and got some sunshine. He ate dinner upstairs with us instead of us taking it to him on a tray. He played Scrabble with us, and even sang along with the cd's I was playing. He seemed a lot better, and it did my heart good to see such progress.

Well...Sunday morning he and his fiance left and went to the casino a couple of hours away. He intends to stay there for a few days. This is so crazy! He is not well enough...and this is such a bad decision on their part. He has been a smoker for many years, and since his quadruple heart by-pass surgery he has quit smoking. Smoking is allowed in the casinos, so he will be around all of that smoke. I hope he will not get sick from it...or be tempted to smoke again.

He is a Diabetic now. He needs proper food, blood sugar monitoring, insulin and rest, and exercise...and regular check-ups. In fact he is supposed to be monitoring his blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight etc., and entering them into a device they sent home with him from the hospital. It goes directly through the phone lines to the hospital so they can keep tabs on him. (He of course didn't take that device with him.) He took his medications with him...but I am concerned for him, and just want him to see the wrong in this kind of decision. My husband and I have been taking good care of him for weeks now, and we hate to see him taking these risks with his health.

Everyone who comes to Christ must not only accept Him as Savior...but also let Him be Lord of their life. Please pray that Dan will do this. He is 58 years old, and we can't force him to do anything. We have to let go and let God work in him. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will convict him and guide him to more sensible decisions.

God does bring deliverance...even from addictions. When my husband got saved at age 49 he had drank for 30 years...and God delivered him and he never drank again. I know sometimes it takes time and not all people are the same. Every situation is different...and God is the one who His way, and in His timing.

So if I may be so bold to ask you to pray...again ...please be in prayer for Dan...that he will not have a relapse. And that he will have spiritual growth and understanding. We love our brother and want God's best for him! Thanks so much!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Brother is Back in the Hospital...Please Pray!

This was one of our pictures this Christmas when we celebrated with our family on Dec. 26th. My brother Dan is sitting in the front in the red tissue paper crown. He had just returned home (to our house) from the hospital after a quadruple by-pass a week before. He had a good day with the family,...a great day really, as he accepted Jesus into his heart just the day before on Christmas day. (Something I have prayed for for many years. All of us rejoiced with him...and praised God together. There was joy and peace in all of our hearts because of this profession of faith.)

But since then he has had several issues. He is now a diabetic and his incisions on his leg were not healing properly, and both legs were swelling, and he also had fluid on his lungs. So, he has gone into the hospital again. I would ask you to please pray for my brother Dan. He is 58 years old and this is seeming like a long, hard road of recovery for him to walk. It is hard for him to not get discouraged sometimes. However, he is telling everyone that he is leaning on Jesus...and that is good. We keep trying to be there for him and offer prayers, and words of encouragement, and scripture too, as we care for his physical needs.

We know that with God as our source of strength we will all get through this.
And knowing that people are praying brings us all peace and encouragement. Dan thanks you...and so do my husband John and I!