Friday, January 31, 2014

Random Post...Just a few things on my mind!

I seem to never be in the mood to blog anymore.  Maybe it is because I am keeping busy lately since two of our teenage grandsons moved in with us!  :)

It seems I am always shopping for food, cooking, or doing dishes or laundry...But I love them so much and it is a pleasure to have them here with us.  They are always appreciative...and they give Gramsy lots of hugs and always tell me everything was yummy!  Grandpa loves having them here too.  The boys enjoy sports together.  :)

This weather is always keeping us guessing these days isn't it?  One day it is super cold and windy and then we will have a day where it is nice enough for my husband to go golfing!  He went out for awhile yesterday and played a few holes, and he enjoyed it.

I couldn't find a picture of him golfing...but here is one from the time we took the grandkids bowling!  :)
Yup...he is a wonderful husband, father, and grandpa!!!

On the cold days we stay inside a lot...or venture out to go to a movie.  Saving Mr. Banks was one that we enjoyed recently.  Have you seen any good ones lately? 

Let's see...what else is new?  Oh I know...I sent away for one of those Perfecter Hair Stylers and have been enjoying it.  It is basically a heated styling brush, and it smooths and curls your hair in just a few minutes...leaving it soft and shiny!  They say it pulls moisture from the air and adds it to your hair, and I have found that to be true.  One of the reasons I wanted it so badly was because my curling iron pulled a big chunk of my hair out the other day and I decided I needed something a little more gentle.  Because at age 63 my hair is thinning on its own, and I couldn't afford loosing any extra!  :)

  I got a free travel case with my order!

This styler doesn't burn people like curling irons do.

Well, the Super Bowl is coming right up, and I know my boys will be enjoying it.  I am not much of a sports all, so I will find something else to occupy my time while they are cheering their team on.  I will make them some snacks...and enjoy some myself I guess.  (We did live in Denver once upon a time, and so my husband is a Broncos fan..and so is our youngest daughter Lonna.)  What are your plans for that day...and what team do you cheer for?

Our middle daughter's new book will be coming out soon. I can hardly wait.

It is her first work of fiction, and the book will include her adult daughter Abigail's artwork on the cover and at the start of each chapter.

The book will contain a cd of her adult son Jared's compositions that he composed to be listened to while reading the book!

It is a wonderful project for their family...and I am sure it will be well received.

The name of the book is "Ingrid".  I will be sharing more about that when it comes out.

Here's the rest of my family...Our oldest daughter Lisa and her Pastor husband Brad, and their adult daughter Bailey.  We live about a mile away from them, and it is such a blessing because they are always so available and so willing to help us out at any time.  For instance, not too long ago my car conked out at the gas station and one quick call to Brad and he came and jumped it and we got safely home.  It was absolutely freezing, but he came in a matter of a few minutes to help us!  They are such a great family...always serving others, and we love them so much!  Lisa has a heart for teaching children about Jesus and she runs an After School Bible Club at one of our local elementary schools.  Brad and Bailey often help her when they are needed.

Here is our youngest daughter Lonna and her kiddos!  They are a fun bunch.  We love them to the moon and back!!!  Lonna works as a medical coding and billing specialist at a Urology Clinic for 9 doctors.  She keeps busy with that, and church, and running kids to activities.  It's Lonna's boys Will and Caleb that have been living with us for a few months now.  Her girls are Julia and Adelynn.  Julia is a high school cheerleader and Adelynn plays the flute and really enjoys band, and she is a basketball manager this year too.

Here's middle daughter Lynnette's entire family.  (I have already shown you Abigail and Jared) but we need to include her husband Kyle, and the rest of the kiddos...Cecily, Silas, Jonas and Harrison too.  They live in Kansas City now...and we sure miss having them close-by...but we have enjoyed trips up there to see them.

Well this was just supposed to be a random post...and of course it centered mostly around my family...which is usually what I post about anyway!  Ha!

I will say that I am looking so forward to the arrival of Spring this year aren't you?  I like Valentine's Day to arrive...and then I start dreaming of Spring!

Tulips are some of my favorite Springtime flowers!
What flowers do you enjoy?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Six Word Saturday...June in January...Hallmark Movie Tonight

Time for Six Word Saturday again!  My six words are:
June in January... Hallmark Movie Tonight 

If you'd like to join in the fun...just add your six word post on the link below.  Cate is our hostess and she has a link for you.

I haven't joined in for awhile.  I hope all of you SWS friends are doing well in this New Year.

It looks like a Valentine kind of movie to share with your honey pie!

Happy Saturday Everyone!