Saturday, October 29, 2011

In The Still of the Morning

I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep because my husband was snoring, so I got up and had quiet time and wrote a poem. It is funny how I was annoyed because it was still dark outside and I couldn't go back to sleep...but then God brought me some very special moments and then gave me a poem! I love it when that happens. (:>)

I hope you will have a good beginning to your morning too...and that you will have a wonderful day!

In The Still of the Morning

In the still of the morning when the world is still asleep
And you listen so intently but you cannot hear a peep

And the sun has not awakened, or made its first appearance
And you gaze at the horizon and you see no interference

Everything is mute and quiet, and you feel a sense of calm
And the cup that you are holding feels so warm it’s like a balm

So you sip the warm dark liquid and you bow your head to pray
Then you read a Psalm and meditate on what it has to say

There is nothing to disturb you so you soak in every word
And there is a new excitement as God’s voice is being heard

Yet you sit there in the silence and He speaks right to your heart
And you wonder why each and everyday can’t have this kind of start

It’s because we often hurry through the routines of our day
Or we get up late and worry that the time will get away

But in the still of every morning He waits there silently
Waiting for you to acknowledge Him in everything you see

For without Him there is nothing just a vast and empty void
But in His glorious presence we can never feel annoyed

There is peace and tranquil splendor, and it’s all so very real
We can never quite explain it, or describe how it makes us feel

It’s more like, an awesome “knowing” that He is there with us
And our spirit has assurance, and in Him we place our trust

And to think I almost missed it…this blessed time alone with God
But the stillness of the morning beckoned me with a gentle nod

Now the sun is slowly rising and the dawn has brought the day
And my hope is that tomorrow can begin in this same way

In the still of the morning!

Written by Linda Hogeland
October 2011

Psalm 92: 1,2,4 NLT
It is good to give thanks to the Lord
to sing praises to the Most High.
It is good to proclaim your unfailing love
in the morning,...

You thrill me Lord with all you have done for me!

Our Goodwin Journey

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog Friendships ~Are Real Friendships~ Between Real People!

This is such a cute picture of two of my blog friends...Kristin (on the right) and Veronica (on the left). They have been blog friends for several years now, and over the years they went from comments, to emails, to phone conversations, to meeting in real life. This past Thursday Veronica boarded a plane in California and flew to Texas to meet her sweet friend Kristin.

These girls met in blogland...and they found out that they had so much in common! They both have the three daughters. (Although when they first met Veronica only had two and then got pregnant and had her third...and now Kristin is pregnant with a boy!) They both enjoy crafts and have sold their items on their blogs. And they are both Christians and have shared their faith with each other and also openly on their blogs.

Blogs are a great avenue to be able to encourage others. Sometimes we just need to be able to reach out to others by promising to pray for their needs. Life is hard these days, and sometimes things you might not share with just can share with people who blog and who keep in contact with you and become a pen pal of sorts! It is like a circle of friendships. In fact, I have become very close with these two girls and they call me Momma Linda, and I call them my girls. We constantly pray for each other.

While Veronica and Kristin were together they called me and we all three got to have a great conversation, and then I did a three way call and we added my daughter Lynnette into the conversation. Lynnette got me started blogging a few years ago and it was because of her group of friends that I was blessed to meet Veronica and Kristin. And we all have several mutual friendships with other bloggers.

Sometimes people who don't "get it", just think it is silly and a waste of time to blog with people that you don't know in "real life". But what they don't understand is that these people are "real people" and we actually get to know each other really well, and much better than people even know their next door neighbors these days, since so many people work and don't visit over the picket fence anymore.

I am retired and am at home everyday with my retired husband, and most of our neighbors are all gone to work during the day. Many bloggers are stay at home moms, and they love being home with their kids. Many of them homeschool. And blogging is a good way for them to post pictures and tell some of the wonderful stories that go on in their homes each day with their children. It is a way to store these memories.

I write poems and I like to post them and share the message of those poems with others. And I love to read blogs where other people write poems and stories. There is so much good that comes from blogging. And I get tired of people who act as though we are all living in a make believe world or something because we blog and have blog friendships. Kristin and Veronica are real people with a real friendship...and I am so thrilled that they finally got to meet up and share a few days together.

I think it would be wonderful to meet Veronica and Kristin...and many of my fellow bloggers one day. I already love many of them...and as I said before, I pray for many of them everyday.

I know that anything can become an obsession and there is a time and purpose for everything. But I choose to use my blog and my facebook page as a way to share the joy of Jesus in my everyday life. How about you? Have you found lasting friendship or been blessed by being active in blogland? Please share some good things with us...and have a blessed day!