Sunday, December 6, 2015

Home Sweet Home

It has been ages since I have written anything on my blog!  I have been busy the last several months moving and settling into our new home.  It's not "new"...just new to us!  It has been a real experience moving this time, since I am now 65, and my husband is 70!  We don't have the energy and stamina that we once had, so this process has been a long one.  (And it is still going on really!)  But we are getting through it...and even having fun along the way.

We are downsizing, as many seniors do at this stage of their lives.  I call our new place "Sandhill Cottage"...since Sandhill is the street we live on.  Our place is smaller, but not really small, as we do have 2100 sq. feet...but our last home was nearly 3400 sq. ft., and it had lots of places to store stuff, and this home doesn't.  But we are purging, and making room with under the bed storage containers etc.  We have been collecting stuff for nearly 40 years of marriage...and it is time to dwindle things down, so that life is more manageable.  But once again, that is a process.

One thing for sure...we hope we don't ever have to move again!  Ha!  We did have helpers, with a couple of our sons in law, and some adult grand-kids... and their friends, and our daughters.  Plus with all of the additional help we hired for carpet cleaning, painting, and repair work...we really haven't done it all ourselves or anything.  No, we have been blessed with helpers, and with the Lord's provisions.  He has always provided for our needs...and also for many of our "wants"!!!!  God has been so good to us...and so faithful!  We praise Him for His many blessings!
 We had a lovely Thanksgiving...and now here we are looking towards Christmas in our new home in just a couple of weeks!  And we are having fun decorating our cute house, and we enjoy looking out to our backyard, which is much larger than the yard at our last home.  We have a tree row behind this house, and lots of squirrels running around.  We have also seen a lot of birds.  My husband and I love cardinals...and we have seen some here.  I think when you get older you take more time to enjoy the beauty of nature!  :)  We have enjoyed a rainbow recently, and many beautiful sunsets together.  I am saying that we are entering our "sunset years"...and I say that with a happy heart...not a sad one.  :)  We have nearly 40 years of marriage behind us...and we look forward to reaching 50 and beyond if the Lord wills!  We enjoy our life together...and we treasure our three daughters and their spouses and our 11 grand-kids.  (Also fondly remember our three grand-kids that went to be with Jesus and the miscarried grand-babies too, even though we never met them.)

Yes, life is an adventure...and we thank the Lord for each and every day He gives us!  This time of year reminds us to be thankful for all His gifts...especially for the gift of Jesus!

I'm not sure when I will blog again, since I have been out of the habit...and spend most of my time on facebook these days for quick updates, and for keeping up with family and friends who live far away, or those we don't see.  But I do have fond memories of writing, and reading blog-posts over the last several years.  It was a place where I could share my heart, and also my poetry and stories, and it has been a good outlet in the past.  Perhaps it will become that again...who knows?!!!  I still read a few blogs and keep up with several people I have on my prayer list.  I feel like prayer is a ministry to those who have special needs.  God has been so faithful...and he hears our prayers and sends many answers to our requests for others, as well as ourselves.  Yes, our God is an awesome God.

Have a blessed Christmas...and a Happy New Year!

Love, Linda