Friday, November 8, 2013

Adventure in Kansas City with Family!

(I wrote this last week...but I am going to use it for this week's Six Word Saturday!  :)

Adventure in Kansas City with Family!

Last February our middle daughter Lynnette and her husband Kyle and their 6 kids moved from the Wichita area to Kansas City.  Even though it is only a 3 hour sometimes seems like they have moved very far away, and we miss them a lot!  We have been there 3 or 4 times already...and they came here once, so it is really working out fine...and they will also come here for Thanksgiving.

This is the country house they moved from.  They had lived there for 14 years, and hated leaving it, but they are adjusting to living in the suburbs of Kansas City, Mo.

This picture below is from our last trip this summer to see the Kraft's for Jonas' 10th birthday.  (He has on the camo shirt!)

We took our 18 year old grandson William with us on our last visit, and he enjoyed the time with all of them, but also liked hanging out with his 20 and 23 year old cousins Abigail and Jared.  We all went to the Farmer's Market, and then we went down to the River-Walk.

Will and Grandma

Jared and Abigail gazing at the river

Outside of the Farmer's Market before we went on the River-Walk  (Lynnette was there too...but she was taking the pictures!)

We saw a few trains, and one went over this bridge when we were standing there

Our beautiful daughter Lynnette and her husband Kyle!

Their sweet 6 year old son Harrison!

It was chilly and quite you can see from my messed up hair...and from how I am all bundled up in my shawl!

The boys liked exploring the area

 Their kids range from 23 yrs. old, down to 6 years old!

Grandma with 7 of her 11 grandkids

"Fly time" for Harrison!

17 year old Cecily standing by the elevator that took us down by the River-Walk

Cecily and Harry

Abigail buying some Ghost Peppers

Kyle is such a great son-in-law

A good day in Kansas City!