Friday, August 26, 2011

The Birthday Boys!

Today our grandson William is 16....and our grandson Jonas was 8 two days ago. We will be having a party for them tonight. When you have 11 grandkids it seems we are always having parties! (smile) Oh, and since mine was on August 19th we are celebrating that too.

(Jonas was born on Grandma Edith's Birthday Aug. 24th...We sure miss her!)

Life is filled with so many blessings! Grandchildren are such great blessings to our lives. John and I love them so much.

(We need an updated Grandkids group picture!)

Six Words Livin' is for lovin'!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yay!...The Grace Card Movie... Is Out On DVD!

"Never underestimate the power of grace!"

Today is Wednesday's Walk...down Memory Lane
You can link up your memories by clicking on the button above....@ Get Joy! Tell us a memory...either from long ago, or last week! Mine is a memory from the first of this year when we went to see The Grace Card movie. It was such a good movie, that we all walked out of the theater feeling blessed and challenged to live like Jesus...and to love others, the way that Jesus loves us. It was like we had seen His love in action...lived out right there in front of our eyes!

Yes...we were blessed to preview this movie, and it was so good, we highly recommended it at the time, and told everyone they should go and see it when it came out to the theaters last February. Many of you may have seen it...but if not, I just wanted to mention it is now out on DVD and on sale at Wal-Mart, and other stores. Yay!!!

It is a life changing story. It makes you want to bestow forgiveness and grace to others... in the same way that God does that for us.

It is a realistic story of policemen and things they encounter, so it is probably too intense for small children, but teens would be blessed by it. It is rated PG-13

I intend to buy my copy and an extra one to lend to others, as a ministry tool. I hope you will too.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Dressin' Gaudy Was A Fun Store!

Those are my six words today!

We went on a little trip to Branson Missouri recently and stopped into a cute little shop called "Dressin Gaudy". My daughter Lisa and I LOVE jewelry and they had a ton of it. They also had a lot of fun clothes. But we each just got a fun necklace and earring set. This is a picture of Lisa's fun turquoise necklace with chains of different sizes....I loved it!

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And have a Happy Saturday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Branson Trip August 2011

Last Thursday morning we picked up our daughter Lisa and her husband Brad, and daughter Bailey, and we headed to Branson Missouri in our minivan.

We had all been dying for a little get away...and some cooler weather somewhere!

We all love Branson, and the hills and trees, and the well as Silver Dollar City Amusement Park.

We also enjoy the fun mini golf courses in Branson. This one was especially fun!

Grandma got a hole in one! And then Bailey accidentally knocked my ball with hers and I got another hole in one. (smile) But Lisa got two hole in ones all on her own! (smile)

Silver Dollar City has a waterfall and we all posed for pictures in front of it and then ate lunch right there so we could enjoy it!

We enjoy the shopping at Branson Landing...and the Dancing Waters Fire and Light Show!

They had a free concert that evening. We saw The Mark Chapman Band...and they were really good! I loved their song called "Fireflies".

You can walk along the river there too, and enjoy the scenery.

Lots of restaurants too, or you can take a boat ride.

I took a picture of King Kong outside the Hollywood Wax Museum as we drove by!

I like to eat at Ruby Tuesdays while we are there. They have yummy Strawberry lemonade!

Lisa and I went into a shop in Branson called...Dressin Gaudy! We both got cool necklaces and earrings!

We had a relaxing stay...and our condo was comfortable. They had a pool there and Bailey girl went swimming. Brad got sick, so we let him rest and recover, and the rest of us went to the Imax theater. We saw... Born to Be was a story of people who help raise orphaned wildlife until they can be released in the wild again. I loved the huge screen!

We loaded up and headed home on Sunday. Only a couple of stops along the way home. It is about a 6 hour trip!

God was good to give us our little get away trip, and He gave us safety and many blessings together. Brad is over his tummy bug...and all is well! (smile)

Here is a link to The Mark Chapman Band

This song is called..."Where would you go if you couldn't go home?" And it is about tornado victims. It mentions Joplin Mo. and it shows some of the devastation. We saw some of it as we drove through Joplin on our trip. So sad!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Image credit: Getty Images

It's Six Word Saturday again...and my six words are:


I have multiple food allergies and food sensitivities, and I am discovering more issues all the time. I carry an Epi-pen in case it goes into a shock situation. If I catch it when it first starts and take some Benadryl I can sometimes calm it down and get over it. Well last night I had to send my hubby to the store after midnight to get me some Liquid Benadryl. I was so miserable. My stomach was all bloated and hard and hurting. I laid down and put the wheat heat on my tummy and drank some Natural Calm Magnesium. After taking the Benadryl, it eventually lessened.
Not Fun!

Today I am feeling better, but not wanting to eat, so that it won't return.

My list of things I am sensitive to continues to grow. Are any of you like me? Or am I one of the few with these kinds of issues? I eat healthy, and a lot of it is organic...but not always. I think GMO foods (Genetically Modified) are becoming a problem, and causing allergies and illnesses. They say GM corn and soy crops and sugar, and canola along with some others are in so many processed products today. I am careful...but not perfect about reading labels...and I guess I am going to have to be even more strict. Yikes! My episode wasn't fun...but like my Momma always said..."I lived to tell about it!" (wink)

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Have a good weekend!

And please visit my friend Megan's Blog

And read about the Infertility Fundraiser someone is doing for her!
It would be a blessing if you would read her blog and pray for her, and help if you can. Thanks!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Grandma's Blessings~~~Poem

Linking up with Christine today for Wednesday' Walk

Grandma’s Blessings

I’m so blessed to be a Grandma
Grandkids are such gifts to me
I bask in every moment
And commit them all to thee

Last night we had a party
And I got my share of hugs
I watched them with amazement
And my heart was full of love

Some of them have reached adulthood
And some are on their way
Then others are still children
Working hard at fun and play

Yet they each took time for Grandma
Hugged her tight and made her smile
Posed for pictures as requested
And just visited awhile

There I was in all my glory
Praising God for each dear one
Oh the love that pulls my heartstrings
Nearly makes me come undone

So much love I can’t contain it
Each one special in their way
Adults, and teens, and inbetween~ers
Each of them just made my day!

Thanking God for each dear blessing
As I name them one by one
Being Grandma is amazing
Half the work and all the fun!

Written by Linda Hogeland
July 2011

I love my family so much. I enjoy my three daughters and their spouses and my 11 grandchildren. I cannot even imagine not having them in my life. My heart goes out to those who want children and have not been able to conceive. My friend Megan and her husband have been trying to conceive for 8 long years, and they have been blessed to have someone special do a fundraiser for them. It goes until August 13th.

Please click on Megan's Blog, and read about the infertility fundraiser. She could really use your prayers...and your help if possible. Thank you...and
God Bless!

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