Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Week With My Girls...Silas Turns Ten...We Go See Cars 2...and Lynnette's Book Arrives

John and I with the Kraft Grandkids (Minus Jared) when we went to see Cars 2

Silas turned ten! What a wonderful boy! We will do a July 4th Party for him and also Julia who turns 13 on July 3rd!

Lynnette's preview book arrives! Excitement!

Our Sweet Anna is on the cover! She lives with Jesus!!! Her Story remains here on earth, to encourage people, and to lead them to God!

Vacation Bible School for the girls! And a program on Sunday!

Adelynn is between the two tall boys!

The girls' Uncle Brad, (Our son-in-law), was the "Beach Dude"!!! He is such a good sport...and this pastor loves kids!

18 year old Bailey loves kids too, and she helped lead recreation in VBS!

Grandpa and the girls went for a ride in the Mercedes on a summer evening!

Backyard fun with the Hula Hoops!

They played until it got dark!

I took the girls shopping while they were here. This is Julia's new top!

Grandma and Adelynn Rose!

Julia loves the slide!

Having fun with their older cousin Bailey!

Adelynn likes the noodles!

All packed up and ready to go.

It was time for the girls to leave me...after a week of fun! I cooked more and enjoyed every minute of it. We had fruit drinks, and ice cream sundaes, and watermelon...all those things that taste so good on a hot summer day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

Walk a Mile in My Shoes ...Linda Hogeland…June 2011

Some people say…walk a mile in my shoes… before you judge me today
And before that walk you take in my shoes…please take a moment to pray

Before you reach out…to remove the small speck… that you see so clearly in mine…
Ask the Lord to help you… remove the big plank… that distorts your vision sometimes

As you walk in my shoes, and the obstacles fall, across your path at every turn
Take a moment to pray for some grace in your day…use it as an opportunity to learn

Learn to be thankful for all that you have… and don’t covet what I might obtain
For the grass is not greener on this side of the fence…and my life has often held pain

If you jog… don’t get blisters…cuz my shoes are quite small, and I can’t afford to buy new
You may wish that you had not walked in my shoes at all…but the ones that fit better on you

And if I’d turn it around, it might just be found, that your shoes would be hard to fit too
So the mile that we walk, let’s take time for a talk, and be friends and decide what to do

Life is harder than it seems… and we all lose our dreams… and a shoulder to lean on is nice
So next time you hear, “walk a mile in my shoes”…may I give you a little advice?

Have compassion and care…take the time just to share, and to listen to what others say
But first and foremost…don’t ever boast…there’s plenty more trials on the way

Yes, we all need to care…when we see such despair and we need to help where we can
There once was a King who walked under a cross…shouldering that burden for man

He took our place upon that old rugged cross as He hung there in sorrow and pain
Yes He died in our place for our sins and disgrace so that we could be free from the shame

Talk about walking a mile in our shoes…He forged on to Golgotha for me
And for us He endured all the things that He heard as they mocked Him as He hung on that tree

What a blessing it is that He walked in our shoes to the death that we all so deserved
From now on I will talk of that life giving walk…and try not to be so reserved

Lord…may I walk in their shoes… and give them Good News… that you lovingly gave to me
And like you… may I give of myself everyday…to all the burdened people I see!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Lynnette was the hostess with the mostest! Kyle has a funny look on his face...but I am pretty sure it was on purpose! He is a Ham, and always keeps us laughing.

These smiling ladies finally got to celebrate their birthdays on Saturday night.

I don't know if Lonna is asleep and having a happy dream...or if she is happy to be sitting by her fiance...or if the apple crisp and ice cream was so yummy she is just savoring every bite! (:>)

Grandpa John always feels like he should pray again when we have desserts, cuz he is so thankful for them! (:>)

Happy Harry! He can't wait to dig in to the cake and ice cream.

Bailey enjoyed the treats too...and then she and Abigail went for a three mile walk!

Of course Jared could be found by the coffee thermos! (That blur in the background is Kyle...I'm not sure why he was in such a hurry!

Adelynn brought a friend!

Julia actually posed like this to look cool! Ha!

Oh...and I was there too! (:>)

We honored the dads at the party too, since the next day was Father's Day!
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

Here's What's Been Happening With Us

Those are my six words today.

I took a little blog break while we had company from Arizona for 3 weeks.

This is Julie and her little guy Ethan. Her husband Jason came too...but I didn't get any pictures of him. (My bad) Julie's mom Toni is one of my very best friends. We have been friends for over 30 years...and she is just like a sister to me.

Here we are at the Cracker Barrel with some of our company!

This little 3 yr. old stayed with us. Ethan is an amazing little boy! We got our 3 yr. old Harrison together with him for a little bit. Harrison was being a little shy, since they don't know each other.

Then my Bailey Bug had Graduation ceremonies at her church. Here are some pictures as some family and friends went to that.

This is Elizabeth in this picture with Bailey. Elizabeth is my other best friend Myrna's oldest granddaughter! She goes to Bailey's church.

Brad and Lisa with their "Adult" daughter Bailey! How time flies!

On our last trip to Nebraska to see my husband's family, we stopped to take a picture of this little Statue of Liberty that we saw just outside of Smith Center Kansas. I thought it looked neat sitting out there on the prairie all by itself.

And last week I got to meet the Kraft's visitor from New York....Ben! He was a fun guy. Here are some pictures from his week long visit.

They spent some time in Old Town!

Starbucks of course!

My handsome 20 yr. old Grandson Jared on the left...and his New York friend Ben on the right!

Abigail graduated at the end of May and she had an Open House, and I already blogged about that...and about the birthday she just had when she turned 18. Tonight we are celebrating her birthday with the family, along with her Aunt Lisa who had a birthday in May.

There are so many of us, it is hard to schedule times to do birthdays, so we do a couple of them at a time! We always have a ton of fun and there is always a lot of chaos going on!

I hope you all will have a good weekend too.

Love ya!