Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Once Upon A Time

Just a few pictures of my 11 grandkids to go along with my poem, where I remember the wonder of my childhood..."Once Upon A Time"!

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time when I was very small
I’d lie in bed and make shadowy, fun, figures on the wall

Some of them were doggies, butterflies, or birds
In the land of make believe where there’s no need for words

Mom would come and tuck me in, and kiss me on the head
Pray with me, and say good-night then I’d snuggle down in bed

Off to dreamland I would go where fairies often flew
Prince and princess they would dance and twirl a time or two

A land filled with flowers, pretty trees, and flowing streams
Would often be the background in my happy childhood dreams

Running, skipping, dancing, or swinging in a swing
Spinning in full dresses, I’d laugh, and smile, and sing

Taking care of baby dolls, hop scotching, or bouncing balls
These were things I often did when I was very small

My dreams were filled with joyful scenes without a single care
When I’d drift off to dreamland while hugging Teddy Bear

Once upon a time…is a fun thing to recall
Often climbing trees with brother, or running down the hall

Singing in a talent show when I was in 4th grade
Tap-dancing, or cheering loud while watching a parade

Carnivals, and schoolyard fun, with neighbors and my friends
Playing baseball with the boys, and mischief without end

Hearing mom’s voice from the porch when she’d call us in for dinner
The game would stop right there and then, without an actual winner

But we’d resume another day, and choose up sides for teams
We’d bat that ball and make home-runs…and heed our teammates scream

“Run home” they’d yell…"you’ve got it girl", and I’d run with all my might
Exhausted from my day at play I’d sleep so well at night

But I’d awake to each new day, so happy to explore…
“Once Upon A Time” was so much fun I’d love to tell you more

But now those times seem long ago…just memories… far away
I wish I had the energy of that small child at play

Now I watch my grandchildren as they jump, and climb, and run
They are the ones with vigor now as they experience the fun

I love to see the sparkle as I look into their eyes
It warms my heart, and brings me joy, as I hear their cheerful cries

Their laughter brings back happy scenes to this aging wife
The “Once Upon A Time” things... from that splendid time of life!

(Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.
Luke 18:17)

Written by Linda Hogeland
November 2010

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday's Walk / The Underside of the Tapestry

For a "Lazy Walk Down Memory Lane" today I thought I would re-post one of my first posts from when I first started blogging. I had very few followers back then and this post received no comments. I hope it will encourage and inspire some of you today.

Click here: The Underside of the Tapestry

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Have A Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



What is it about pumpkins that make our children smile?
Is it just because we haven’t seen them for awhile?

They usher in the autumn… a season we enjoy
And all the children love them, be it girl, or be it boy

We carve them happy faces with a hearty toothless grin
And we stick a candle in them to cause a glow within

Then we place them on our porches or on a bale of hay
And we get that cozy feeling on a cool and breezy day

We can roast their seeds and salt them for a healthy little snack
Or take the pulp and make a pie with whipped cream on its back

They’re on Thanksgiving tables in different shapes and sizes
And some farmers grow them giant size, and their pumpkins win them prizes!

We place them alongside scarecrows in a happy, fun display
Along with leaves and colorful things that speak of autumn play

Some of them are speckled, and some of them are striped
But most of them are gold or orange and such a welcome sight

They bring a happy feeling when we go to pumpkin patches
To pick our favorite sizes and to bring them home in batches

Yes pumpkins make us giggle as we pile them in our carts
And no matter how old we get …we feel like children in our hearts

Pumpkin bread, and yummy muffins are both favorites of mine
I love that spicy flavor and the smell is just divine

So that’s my take on pumpkins... tell me, do you all agree?
There’s just something about pumpkins that brings out the kid in me!

Written by Linda Hogeland
November 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In His Time

In His Time ~~~Written by Linda Hogeland~~~November 2010

In His time we’ll understand the things we don’t know now
Why some people suffer pain with frowns upon their brow

Why some people leave this earth while other people stay
Why no matter how we try we always go astray

Why it is that evil wins and lurks around each door?
Is it a fact that sin prevails and throws us to the floor?

If we fight back in our own strength I doubt that we can win
But in His time we’ll understand… if we cling to Him

In this life it’s not for us to know the reasons why
We live by faith and trust His grace to daily get us by

We simply trust in God’s own word and all He has to say
And take the steps one by one as Jesus lights our way

We may not see the pathways end, or what He holds in store
But in His time He will reveal the ballad’s wondrous score

The play it has been written… the story has a theme
And we wait until the ending to realize the dream

Our eyes are set on heaven where we will meet the King
And among the band of angels His anthems we will sing

Praise and adoration spring forth from grateful hearts
And maybe then will be the time when the questions start

But I think we’ll be so happy to stand before our Lord
That these questions might not matter when we walk in one accord

He may let us see the tapestry from the finished side
Where here on earth we only saw the knots and tangled pride

It’s a wonder He could work with us and make us fit for Him
But He did in fact purchase us and wash away our sin

So when we wonder here on earth why things happen as they do
Let us keep our eyes on Him and He will bring us through

In His time all knees will bow and we’ll see Him face to face
And then perhaps we’ll understand the vastness of His grace!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Headaches...A Thorn in My Flesh

Headaches…A Thorn in My Flesh

Headaches are not fun for me
I get them all too frequently

They tense me up and bring me pain
For many days they do remain

I try to sleep in a dark room
Then I awake, and still they loom

The wheat heat comforts me a bit
But these darn headaches just won’t quit

I often cry, and moan, and then
I find I do it all again

They are the thorn inside my flesh, my heavy cross to bear
But my dear Lord, He understands and never leaves me there

What is your thorn, your lot, your pain… with which you have to deal??
Give it to the Lord above…He hears your soft appeal

But if He says, “Dear child I’m here…right here in every trial”
Then just perhaps amidst the pain you’ll find the grace to smile!

When headaches leave I feel refreshed...it’s like I’m born again
To live my life and praise my Lord who took away my sin

They will return, but so will He, to comfort and to care
He loves me and I know that He is with me everywhere

Upon that cross so long ago He knew the greatest pain
They tortured Him, He bled and died, our victory to gain

A crown of thorns upon His head…piercing pain indeed
Compared to His… my pain seems small…"Forgive me Lord” I plead

He blankets me in peace and love, and comforts me each time
So I shall bear this thorn with faith…and pray for grace divine!

Written by Linda Hogeland
November 2010

Six Word Saturday

Friday, November 19, 2010

God Can Get You Through Anything!

Six years ago today our little granddaughter Anna went to be with Jesus.
My daughter Lynnette wanted to die too because her heart was so very sad.
But God gave her grace...her husband gave her support and love....and her other
kids gave her reasons to live. God was Faithful...and He got her through that great trial.
He gave us all grace...mercy, comfort, and love.

Go here to read her story, and to see some sweet pictures of our Anna. Lynnette's Blog

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Memories Of Edith

This is one of the last pictures of my sweet mother-in-law Edith, with some of her granddaughters on her 85th birthday.

Edith used to force bulbs in a dark closet, so that she could have a pot of paperwhites on her table at Christmas time.

Mom was English and she always had English Crackers for the kids to pop open at Christmas. They had paper crowns and toys inside, and when you pull the ribbon on each end they pop!

One of my favorites over the years was Mom's English Trifle. Yumo!

Another favorite for everyone were her Yorkshire Puddings which she filled with beef gravy when she made a roast.

And some of us loved her mincemeat mini-pies!

Holiday tables at Mom's house were always filled with wonderful food! Everyone loved to gather in the kitchen when mom was dishing up the dinner. What amazed me is how there was always plenty for everyone even though she had her 7 grown kids, their wives and kids, and often additional family members and friends there. There were always leftovers and plenty of desserts too.

Some of my jobs over the years were making the relish tray, peeling potatoes, and setting the table, filling the water glasses, and then helping clear the table and helping with the dishes. Just little jobs because Mom did most of the actual cooking. Some of the local relatives would bring some side dishes or additional desserts, but Edith was the queen of her kitchen!

After dinner she always served hot English tea with milk and sugar. Mom loved her tea times since she was from England, and we all enjoyed sitting around the table with tea and desserts telling stories and laughing together. Sometimes mom would get to laughing so hard over the memories that she'd laugh until she cried. Which in turn would make all of us laugh too.

My husband is her oldest, and he was born in England during the war. So after the war was over, she and John came to America on a ship with 1100 war brides and their babies. My father-in-law had already been shipped home. They had six additional children over the years in a small town in Nebraska. She was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend, and everyone loved her accent and her English traditions.

I loved Christmas at Mom and Dad's, and one thing I really enjoyed was her very old fashioned Christmas tree. And I loved hearing her sing Christmas Carols as she cooked. Or she would listen to Roger Whittaker on her record player, as he was her favorite singer.

Mom and dad owned a grocery store after their kids were older, and it is still in business even though both of them have passed away. Three of John's siblings run it now, but Mom and Dad's presence is still felt when you walk into that store. They worked so very hard for so many years to make it into what it is today.

So many things remind me of Edith, and I have such love in my heart for her. Today for Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane I just decided to do a post in her honor.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love Is Meant To Be Shared!

Just browsing through some pictures today of my family, and viewing them made my heart feel happy, so I thought I would share them with you...because Love Is Meant To Be Shared! These are my Six Words for this Saturday.

I am adding a poem I wrote this morning

Love Is Meant To Be Shared

Love is meant to be shared not hidden away
So reach out to someone and share love today

You just never know what a day may bring forth
So latch on to someone with all that you’re worth

Those in your family who are closest to you
Need love, affirmation… and affection too

Human touch can heal a hurting heart
A loving hug gives a day a good start

A pat on the back for a job well done
Goes a long way when given to a son

Praise for the dinner and a kiss for the cook
Gives great satisfaction by her pleased look

Thanks dad!… I love you… means more than you know
So why is it hard to let our love show?

Sharing is caring…sacrifice is love
We learned this from heaven, from God up above

Too often we’re selfish and love only our selves
We ignore others needs like the dust on the shelves

But when that sweet daughter offers help with the dishes
A mother feels loved and that’s all that she wishes

How about our neighbors, extended family and friends
Our own little circle shouldn’t be where it ends

Our Pastor and the church body need our love too
Especially the folks that we never speak to

I know it will shock them if we reach out a hand
And offer our greetings and love as we can

But that is exactly… what we really should do
Reach out to people and share love anew

Love is meant to be shared, not hidden away
What will it cost you to share love today?

Whatever it costs you it is worth working towards
It’s something to practice and will reap great rewards!

Written by Linda Hogeland
November 2010

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