Tuesday, November 23, 2010



What is it about pumpkins that make our children smile?
Is it just because we haven’t seen them for awhile?

They usher in the autumn… a season we enjoy
And all the children love them, be it girl, or be it boy

We carve them happy faces with a hearty toothless grin
And we stick a candle in them to cause a glow within

Then we place them on our porches or on a bale of hay
And we get that cozy feeling on a cool and breezy day

We can roast their seeds and salt them for a healthy little snack
Or take the pulp and make a pie with whipped cream on its back

They’re on Thanksgiving tables in different shapes and sizes
And some farmers grow them giant size, and their pumpkins win them prizes!

We place them alongside scarecrows in a happy, fun display
Along with leaves and colorful things that speak of autumn play

Some of them are speckled, and some of them are striped
But most of them are gold or orange and such a welcome sight

They bring a happy feeling when we go to pumpkin patches
To pick our favorite sizes and to bring them home in batches

Yes pumpkins make us giggle as we pile them in our carts
And no matter how old we get …we feel like children in our hearts

Pumpkin bread, and yummy muffins are both favorites of mine
I love that spicy flavor and the smell is just divine

So that’s my take on pumpkins... tell me, do you all agree?
There’s just something about pumpkins that brings out the kid in me!

Written by Linda Hogeland
November 2010


Ashley DeLen said...

Oh Linda... I agree!! I love pumpkins and pumpkin patches... I love a front porch loaded down with pumpkins of different sizes and shapes. Ahhhh. I love this time of year :O)

Praying for you a headache free day!!

croleyc69 said...

This beautiful and I love pumpkins too. There is just something about there beauty and taste.
I love all the pictures too. That pie looks so YUMMY !!!

Have a wonderful day !!


Holly said...

Pumpkins are great!And I like those pumpkin candles in that pic!

Karin said...

What a fun and beautiful post! Loved it!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love pumpkins as well!

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shobana said...

Loved your poem, it made me smile :)