Sunday, December 6, 2015

Home Sweet Home

It has been ages since I have written anything on my blog!  I have been busy the last several months moving and settling into our new home.  It's not "new"...just new to us!  It has been a real experience moving this time, since I am now 65, and my husband is 70!  We don't have the energy and stamina that we once had, so this process has been a long one.  (And it is still going on really!)  But we are getting through it...and even having fun along the way.

We are downsizing, as many seniors do at this stage of their lives.  I call our new place "Sandhill Cottage"...since Sandhill is the street we live on.  Our place is smaller, but not really small, as we do have 2100 sq. feet...but our last home was nearly 3400 sq. ft., and it had lots of places to store stuff, and this home doesn't.  But we are purging, and making room with under the bed storage containers etc.  We have been collecting stuff for nearly 40 years of marriage...and it is time to dwindle things down, so that life is more manageable.  But once again, that is a process.

One thing for sure...we hope we don't ever have to move again!  Ha!  We did have helpers, with a couple of our sons in law, and some adult grand-kids... and their friends, and our daughters.  Plus with all of the additional help we hired for carpet cleaning, painting, and repair work...we really haven't done it all ourselves or anything.  No, we have been blessed with helpers, and with the Lord's provisions.  He has always provided for our needs...and also for many of our "wants"!!!!  God has been so good to us...and so faithful!  We praise Him for His many blessings!
 We had a lovely Thanksgiving...and now here we are looking towards Christmas in our new home in just a couple of weeks!  And we are having fun decorating our cute house, and we enjoy looking out to our backyard, which is much larger than the yard at our last home.  We have a tree row behind this house, and lots of squirrels running around.  We have also seen a lot of birds.  My husband and I love cardinals...and we have seen some here.  I think when you get older you take more time to enjoy the beauty of nature!  :)  We have enjoyed a rainbow recently, and many beautiful sunsets together.  I am saying that we are entering our "sunset years"...and I say that with a happy heart...not a sad one.  :)  We have nearly 40 years of marriage behind us...and we look forward to reaching 50 and beyond if the Lord wills!  We enjoy our life together...and we treasure our three daughters and their spouses and our 11 grand-kids.  (Also fondly remember our three grand-kids that went to be with Jesus and the miscarried grand-babies too, even though we never met them.)

Yes, life is an adventure...and we thank the Lord for each and every day He gives us!  This time of year reminds us to be thankful for all His gifts...especially for the gift of Jesus!

I'm not sure when I will blog again, since I have been out of the habit...and spend most of my time on facebook these days for quick updates, and for keeping up with family and friends who live far away, or those we don't see.  But I do have fond memories of writing, and reading blog-posts over the last several years.  It was a place where I could share my heart, and also my poetry and stories, and it has been a good outlet in the past.  Perhaps it will become that again...who knows?!!!  I still read a few blogs and keep up with several people I have on my prayer list.  I feel like prayer is a ministry to those who have special needs.  God has been so faithful...and he hears our prayers and sends many answers to our requests for others, as well as ourselves.  Yes, our God is an awesome God.

Have a blessed Christmas...and a Happy New Year!

Love, Linda

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jared Kraft Composed Music for "Luiseno"

Proud Grandma moment...please forgive boasting. 
These are my six words this Saturday

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Our composer grandson Jared Kraft, attended the Premiere of the new film "Luiseno", last night in Beverly Hills.  (Jared composed all the music for the film.)  He was accompanied by his artist sister, Abigail Kraft.
Click below for info on the film, "Luiseno"

Our oldest grandson Jared is looking so handsome in his Tuxedo!  (Proud Grandma)

Jared and his artist sister Abigail have always been close.  They are like twins born nearly 3 years apart!  Ha! 

Quirky, beautiful, and talented Abigail enjoyed her evening out, and loved attending the Premiere with her older brother Jared.

God has greatly blessed these young adults with many talents, and we look forward to seeing how the Lord will use them to serve others as they put their talents to good use!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Six Word Saturday...99 Cent Find at the Goodwill

I found this adorable little basket at the Goodwill the other day for just 99 cents!  So my Six Words for today are:

99 Cent Find at the Goodwill

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It has a lovely cloth liner and a plastic protector
It looks lovely sitting on my clock shelf! is a miniature Longaberger collectible!
So tiny and cute!
It is a miniature Peony Basket

Don't you just love it when you find a bargain?
I know I do!
Have a great Saturday!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day My Fellow Bloggers! (Six Word Saturday)

Well, it seems I am just a Holiday blogger these days!  Since my last post was around Christmas, and now it is Valentines Day already!!!  I do still enjoy reading blogs...but just don't seem to get around to doing new posts.  Ugh!  I do keep up with my friends on facebook on a regular basis, and that keeps me quite busy and content.  I can do that on my i-phone and it is so easy.  But when I do any typing at length I find that I like to sit at my computer!

Since I posted last, we have taken our house off of the least for the time being.  We intend to list it again for the spring buyers.  Winter just wasn't bringing us many lookers!  :)  And we needed a rest anyway, since it had been listed for over 8 months.  That is a long time to keep it looking spotless!  We needed some time away from it...and did go to Kansas City for a week, and it was very relaxing.  We were looking to buy down in size and price to simplify our lives since this year hubby will turn 70, and I will be 65.  If it doesn't sell, then we will just put it off for awhile and see what happens next!  The market is supposed to be picking up around least we hope so.  We have lived here for 8 years and loved every minute of it.

Our middle daughter Lynnette, and her husband Kyle and six kids are moving to Fresno, California this month...and since we live in Kansas, it is hard to see them move so far away!  However, we do feel this move is a blessing for them, so we will accept it with grace, and wish them our very best!  Of course our prayers will go with them...and we fully intend to visit as much as we possibly can!  :)  Here is a picture of the daughter with the six kids.  We spent time with them last week in Kansas City.  They are a fun bunch!

Last night we went to the movies with the family in the second picture.  Those three live a mile away from us.  We saw the movie "Old Fashioned" and it was good.  Then out for a snack and then on to a local coffee shop.  We had a great time.  They had live music at the coffee shop!

The bottom picture is of our youngest daughter and her four kids.  We are meeting up with some of them today for lunch and a movie.  So glad we can do that, and catch up with what all is going on with them.  It is fun to be around teens...they keep you young!  :)

Yes...two daughters and their families live close by and we feel greatly blessed!  All together we have 11 grandkids, and 6 of them will be moving to California though, things will seem different at our family gatherings for sure.  But we will continue to enjoy ourselves and perhaps face-time with them when the rest of the family is together.  Thank heavens for technology!  :)

In the last few weeks our weather has been up and down, but we have had some simply marvelous temperatures for it being the middle of winter in the mid-west!  My husband John was even able to pay golf a few times during the warm spell!  We certainly can't complain.  I know the people in the north-east have had quite a bit of snow...and I know they will enjoy spring when it arrives next month!  I love springtime don't you?  Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons...but each season has its own beauty and blessings and purposes!  We do need to look for the blessing in everything that comes our way and be thankful.

I am wanting to do some spring clean out and get ready to list the house again.  Purging and organizing can be quite freeing...and really should be done at least once or twice a year to keep life running smoothly don't ya think?!

Ingrid is my daughter Lynnette's book...available on Amazon!  :)  Young adult fiction I know you would enjoy!  My daughter wrote it, her adult daughter Abigail Kraft drew the cover and illustrated it, and her adult son Jared Kraft composed a companion cd to go with the book.  I am quite proud of their accomplishments!

I have been quite the reader this winter.  I do so enjoy a cup of tea or two, and a good book!  How about you?  What are your winter past-times?  I actually love to read anytime and anywhere...I find it so relaxing.
Hubby and I also read devotional books each morning as we sit with each other and open the Bible and have quiet time and prayers.  One of my favorite parts of the day is the time spent together like that.  It just seems to make the whole day go better for us.  :)  We couldn't do that before he retired...not in the morning at least...but it has become a routine for us now and we so very much enjoy it together.

I am writing this on Friday, (the 13th) but I will add it to the Six Word Saturday link.  If you would like to join in with your six words then click on the link below and join in the fun.  We have a group that has people from all over the world...and I find it quite interesting.  (I am one who only joins in on occasions, but they still welcome me...and I am thankful!)

Six Word Saturday:  Happy Valentine's Day My Fellow Bloggers!
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Happy Saturday Everyone...and may love of God, friends, family, and acquaintances reach you on this Valentines Day 2015!  I also hope you have had a good start to the New Year!