Monday, July 26, 2010

Isn't Meg Ryan's Hair Cute?

My hair has been short most of my adult life...but for the last 7 months I have been growing it out. The problem is...I have no idea what to do with it...or what look I am aiming at! I saw these pictures of Meg Ryan's hair and thought it was a cute style...and my hair is just about this I tried curling it and trying to make it look similar. WELL...She is young, and I am old...she is thin and I am not...she is blonde and I have dark hair with a lot of gray in it...she has thin hair and I have thicker hair (except on top where it is thinning)...she has a thin face and I have a full face...and the list goes on and on! (:>) So, I guess this just ain't gonna be possible! Sigh!

I am just on the verge of doing something...and it may be drastic...but I am just sick to death of my hair and I just NEED a change. Next month I am turning sixty and I think that is part of my problem...I am feeling old. I know I should just be happy with myself and thankful for how blessed I am, with my wonderful husband, loving daughters, and all of my wonderful 11 grandkids...and I am truly thankful for all the Lord has given me. I am just needing a lift.

Sooo, we shall see. My friends and family have given me some ideas..but I just can't quite decide. I have so many allergies that I have avoided hair dye up until now...but I am tempted to risk it.

Stay tuned...I may be sorry...but I think I am going to do something...even if it's wrong! (:>)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lazy Days of Summer

The Lazy Days of Summer By Linda Hogeland July 2010

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end
School days are very close at hand and then autumn will begin

The watermelon, popsicles, and the lemonade
Are things you are enjoying now while you’re sitting in the shade

But the splashing and the frolicking inside the clear blue pool
Will soon be changing places with a desk inside a school

As a child I treasured summer and I hated it to end
But as the years have swiftly passed, it no longer is my friend

The heat is so exhausting and I mostly stay inside
With the air conditioner blowing and the remote is by my side

I sit and watch the TV and the hours slip away
But I do remember summer as a child hard at play

I’d stay outside till sunset with my brother and my friend
Playing hide and seek in shadows not wanting the day to end

There were barbeques, and croquet games, and homemade ice cream too
The beach, the pool, the fireworks, and lots of things to do

But somewhere awhile back I lost my energy
And I no longer run and skip, or climb the front yard tree

But the child inside my memory does all those things and more
She often sat upon the sand and gazed out at the shore

She walked that shore and picked up shells and made sand castles too
The lazy days of summer provided lots of things to do

She had the time to laze around or take a nap inside
But that added to the magic, to just take the day in stride

In the evenings she would sit and watch the fireflies in the yard
Then chase them down and capture them and put them in a jar

She would wonder how they lit up and would giggle out in glee
But then she’d open up the jar and set the sparklers free

When the lazy summer day would end, she’d lay upon her bed
With the windows cranked wide open to let the breeze flow in

She’d fall off soon to dreamland thinking of her day at play
Not wanting the lazy days of summer to ever go away!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Worship and Praise Sunday!

My Heart Is Feeling Revived Today!

I was just thinking this morning how our hearts can grow cold. How they become hard, or toughened sometimes without us even noticing. Even as Christians we too often close off our hearts to the needs of others and think too much on ourselves and our desires. Or we just don't "feel" the closeness to God that we once felt.

Now don't get me wrong...I know that we are saved by grace, through faith in God, and if we have truly confessed our sins and asked forgiveness and invited Jesus into our hearts and lives, we are saved for all eternity! And I know that it's "faith" that saves us, not "feelings". But when we are living in sweet fellowship with God with surrendered hearts, we will have joyful feelings...and most new Christians do.

I am just saying that as time passes after salvation sometimes the stresses of everyday living can rob us of our joyful feelings and we can become lukewarm and not have the zeal we used to have in our lives. I know this has happened to me at about you? It's hard to live in a wicked world and not be affected and to not have our joy deminished.

Last Friday night my husband and I went to a young friend's church to a revival service. This 28 year old young man became a Christian less than three years ago, and he was changed from a druggie and a drinker who had no hope, to one who is on fire for the Lord. He and his sweet young wife were on the front row of the church and I could see his hands raised in praise as he sang the songs when my husband and I came in. However, we settled comfortably closer to the back.

The praise music was loud and we were not used to guitars, bass and drums in our services as our church is much more reserved and conservative. People were standing up and raising their hands to God and clapping as they sang, or they sat closing their eyes in humble worship as they sang the words from their heart. I felt comfortable standing, singing, and clapping, and I also closed my eyes in worship as I sang.

During the 2 hour service our friend smiled towards heaven and raised his hands and heart to God...and went to the altar more than once in prayer. And so did many others, including the pastor and his wife. The speaker said more than once that the altar was open for anyone at anytime to come and pray throughout the service as the Lord leads.

At my church we have an altar call at the end of the service but no one goes up to the front until then...and even at the end when they do go forward we don't usually see them because they are escorted to a private room to pray alone or with a pastor or deacon. This is done in love so that they won't feel on the spot or embarrassed, and I think it is ok. But there was just something so moving to see the Holy Spirit of God working in people's hearts and drawing them into worship so openly. To see them bow before the King! My heart opened up in praise to God and I felt a stirring in my soul, and so did my husband. It wasn't our usual practice, but it was a picture of God at work, and I loved it.

Well I just want to say that by the end of the service both my husband and I found ourselves on our knees at the front of the church with our heads and hearts bowed reverently to God... and my tears of joy from a happy heart were like a medicine or an elixir to me...and it did me so much good. I felt God's love as I knelt before Him and spoke openly as I prayed quietly from my heart to my Lord, in confession, prayer and praise.

My husband and I went for ice cream afterward and we shared our feelings on the evening's service and what we thought about the leading of the Lord. We were so very glad we had attended. God had led me to our friend's facebook message telling about the revival and I am so glad that I saw it, and had then asked my hubby if we could go. We may have been a little bit out of our comfort zone...but we were right where God wanted us to be! Do things like that ever happen in your lives, where you didn't plan for things to happen like that, but you are glad they did?

The speaker was Danny Ledbetter and he was a very good preacher as he presented God's word and many challenges to us. He raised his voice to drive home his message...but that was ok, because he kept our attention and there was no missing his point!

He said that America is slowly having our freedoms taken from us, and a lot of us Christians are just standing by letting them tell us we can't pray publicly at graduations, or we can't use God's name in speeches, but yet people on tv and in movies take the Lord's name in vain and in disrespect and that is allowed and we hardly notice. Or if we do notice we let it go by. He said we should cry out to God and say we are sorry for becoming complacent to that, and to all of the other peversions we are exposed to everyday. Sin should bother us.

Abortion is murder and millions of innocent babies are being killed in America...the nation that is under God! Christians should be broken hearted over the crimes and perversions that are all around us. And we need to stand up against the evil and be praying for our nation. But so often we just become immune to it all...because there is so much evil going on everywhere these days. In years gone by most Americans were against such things, but now nobody does much about it anymore. I think it makes God sad! I think some of the things that Christians are allowing just breaks His heart.

Danny Ledbetter and his wife and family are very musically talented. His wife plays keyboard and sings, and his 16 and 18 year old sons both sang and played guitars and bass, and they have written some of the songs. They are a full time travelling evangelistic team, and if you ever get the opportunity to hear them I am sure you would be blessed by their ministry. You can look them up online by searching Danny Ledbetter.

I think all of us should re-kindle the fires that burned so warmly when we first came to Christ. If the world sees no difference in our lives, then why would anyone even want to become a Christ follower? A joyful countenance is much more appealing than a cold and indifferent attitude. We all need revival...each and every Christian needs revival!

A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like A Medicine.
Have you had your medicine today? Unleash your love for the Lord and let loose and praise Him, publicly, or privately... and It will make your heart glad!

God Loves You!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

P.S. I took my girlfriend back the next night and there was a beautiful warmth and spirit of love working there. People were saved, set free and revived again! Hallelujah!

Today I am singing in my heart to the Lord

I Love You Lord
And I lift my voice
To Worship You Oh my soul rejoice
Take joy My King...In what You hear
May it be a sweet sweet sound in Your ear!!!!

What Worship and Praise song are you singing today? Megan is hosting today, so just click on the link and add your post, and tell us which one is your favorite, and how God is working in your life today.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to America~~~Poem

Happy Birthday to America

Happy Birthday to America… the land of the brave and free
One nation under God above where I can worship thee

I’m free to worship and to praise
I’m free the flag to proudly raise

I lay my hand over my heart and pledge allegiance true
Oh America I do adore the purple mountain’s view

The golden grain that bends and waves as the breezes gently blow
We have the deserts and the plains, the oceans, and the snow

The eagle soars in skies of blue, and lands atop a tree
Where he can rest his wings awhile… a symbol of the free

This is a land of hope and peace, and freedom here for all
Our freedoms came at a high price…many a soldier’s fall

And once a year we pause and thank the good Lord up above
For giving us this land of grace…this token of His love

Happy Birthday to America… and for all who dwell inside…
May we never stop loving you and viewing you with pride

How blessed we are to live here, and to raise our families free
In this land of awesome beauty as far as the eye can see

The bombs bursting in air… are now fireworks fair… as they glisten, and twinkle and fade
There’s celebration and noise, and we view them with poise and the meaning is hard to evade

It’s the birthday of our nation and the land that we all love
So Happy Birthday to America…and thanks to God above!

By Linda Hogeland…July 2010