Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Blog Award...and Six Word Saturday

Valencia Gave Me A Blog Award!...

These are my six words for "Six Word Saturday".

Valencia is such a lovely Christian wife and mother. Click on her name and visit her blog and you will be encouraged and blessed. I want to thank her for reading my blog and for always leaving nice comments on my posts...and for passing this award on to me.

She received this award, then shared several things in her life that make her happy...and then she listed some of her favorite blogs and passed the award on to us. I will attempt to do the here goes.

Things that make me happy:

(1) My Husband does so many wonderful things for me, and I don't know what I would do without him. Being his wife makes me happy!

(2)Being a mother to my three beautiful daughters has always made me happy.

(3)Being a grandma to my 11 grandkids and also the 3 in heaven makes me happy.

(4)Being a daughter of the King makes me thankful and happy. I don't deserve such a wonderful Lord...but He loves me, and His mercies are new every morning.

(5)My friends make me happy. And being a friend to them makes me happy.

(6)My home makes me happy. It is such a cozy place for me and my husband to live.

(7)Watching good movies makes me happy. Especially Hallmark movies!

(8)Reading a good book makes me happy.

(9)Going to the library makes me happy.

(10)Listening to beautiful music makes me happy.

(11)Watching the ocean makes me happy.

(12)Watching a sunrise and a sunset makes me happy.

(13)Writing poems makes me happy.

(14)Reading blogs makes me happy, and sharing joys and sorrows with my blog friends.

(15)Praying for others makes me happy...and seeing how God answers prayers.

Some of my favorite blogs that make me happy and deserve this award are: (Click on their names)






Visit them when you get a chance. I would like these 5 blogs and any of my other blog friends to accept this award if they would like...because as I all make me happy!!!!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Six Word Saturday..."Follow Me I Know The Way!"

Follow Me I Know The Way!

My Granddaughter, Abigail... over @ Rear Window...
has this saying at the top of her blog. She said it in regards to blog followers.

I thought it was a cute saying and it also reminds me of the verse that says:

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me. John 14:6

Abigail knows the way, she loves Jesus and follows Him, and so do I. Do you know Jesus?... He Is..The Way, The Truth, And The Life...Are you following Him? I hope so.

Have a good Saturday! And if you'd like to add your Six Word Saturday post...just click on the button below and add your post to the link!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Memory Lane...and Friday Photo Flashback

I was a chubby little toddler in this picture!

When I was a child photographers came into our neighborhood with a pony and they would sell you pictures of you sitting on that pony. This day my mom had them take a picture of me and also of my baby brother Danny. I can remember it, so I think I had just turned five, and it was the summer just before I started Kindergarten. My brother was just over two.

Friday Photo Flashback
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Memory Lane
The older I get, the more I find myself wandering down “Memory Lane”. It’s a pleasant place to visit and I enjoy my time there. The memories are vivid, and the stories that play out in my mind bring warm fuzzy feelings and happy remembrances.

It seems as though it was just yesterday, instead of decades ago, when I lived these scenarios, and I see them as clearly in my mind as though I were truly there today. This is so strange, because there are so many things in my life today that I don’t remember from one day to the next, and yes, I have the episodes like most Seniors do, when I can’t find my glasses or my keys, or other things I have misplaced around the house. But in-spite of the “Senior Moments”, my memories of my youth are embedded in my mind and I shall treasure them always.

This morning as I awoke I realized I had been dreaming of the ocean and in my dream I was a child walking along the sand looking for shells. I could feel the warmth of the hot sand beneath my feet in my dream, so I quickly went to the water’s edge and let it bubble over my feet to cool them down. As the water receded I could see little shells and tiny creatures in the silty sand and I would reach down and scoop up a hand full to see what treasures I could find. In my childhood I never tired of this, and my visits to the seashore are among my happiest memories.

As I awoke and remembered parts of my dream I lay there in bed with feelings of contentment. I arose and slipped on my house shoes and came in here to my front bedroom where I am sitting in my wingback chair typing this out on my laptop computer so I can carry on with these feelings of contentment, and relive my childhood memories once again.

A few days ago my husband pulled up a map on the internet of the area where I grew up. It was fun to show him on that map, all of the places around my home where these memories played out when I was young. As I pointed on the map and said things like…“the Elementary school was here, and the Junior High here, and the High School further down this street…oh and several blocks up this way was the park where my brother played baseball and my friends and I would walk down to watch him play. Across the street from the Elementary School were a barber shop, and a gas station where we would put our quarters in and pull out a big frosty bottle of pop from the icy cold water in the pop machine. Next to the gas station was the Post Office, and across the street was the little neighborhood market called Cliff and Maudie’s and the Dime Store was next to that! Both of those little stores had small houses behind them where the owners lived. I always thought it would be so cool to own a store and live behind it like that.”

I went on and on and I showed my husband the streets on the map that we took when we drove to the beach and the bay areas, which were only 7 miles away. When we were little we went to Newport Beach and Newport Bay, and further on down to Balboa Island and Balboa Bay. Balboa Island had an arcade area and an amusement park , and there was so much excitement and a lot of fun activities going on as we walked along the boardwalk. There were flashing lights and bells and music from the machines, and food areas where you could buy corn dogs, and snow cones, and cotton candy…and just about anything you could ever want to eat! There were boat docks and big beautiful sailboats out on the water, and you could also rent boats, or pay and go out on cruisers with large groups of people. I only remember doing that once or twice…but it was a fun adventure for me.

At the beach there were so many seagulls soaring around and landing everywhere, and you would see them walking and even running on the sand. They would even dip down and snatch up a fish now and then as they flew low over the water. Balboa always had a lot of activity going on, but if we just wanted to lay on the beach and tan, or go for a swim, we preferred Newport Bay. It was a much quieter place and it even had a little floating dock that you could swim out to and climb onto and then dive off or jump off of.

As we lay on our blankets relaxing in the warm California sun, with our little transistor radios playing Elvis or Ricky Nelson, or some Frankie Avalon songs, we would often hear the chimes from the ice cream truck as he pulled up into the parking lot. Ice cream never tasted as good as when we ate it at the beach. As a matter of fact, for some reason we always got really hungry when we would spend a day at the beach. Usually we would take a picnic lunch along too, but by the time we got home for dinner we were ready to barbeque some hot dogs or hamburgers and some corn on the cob, or bite into some juicy, ice cold, watermelon!

I lived in that same house until I was married, so there are a lot of memories from that house and that neighborhood. And lots of memories from our little white steepled church where I attended as a child. In my mind it seemed like it was several miles away from where we lived but John showed me on the map that it was only about 3 miles away. On my last visit to California I didn’t go by that little church. I wonder if it is even still standing today. It was pretty old when I was a child, so it may have been torn down by now. Buildings may come and go, but as I said, my memories will remain forever.

I find it fun to write my memories down and leave them here in my computer, or to put them in my blog posts. I enjoy my strolls down Memory Lane, and I hope you do too. When you walk along with me you may hear a repeat now and then...but I think you will also pick up new nuggets along the way on each walk.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Six Word Saturday: Yippee!..George Strait and Reba Concert!

I got an early Valentine gift honey bought us tickets to see George Strait and Reba! The concert is on Feb. 19th here in Wichita at our new Intrust Arena. I am excited, and it is a good pick-me-up today for me since I have been sick for a week now. I am not a concert goer and I had no idea it would cost him $200.00...but as I said, it will be our Valentine to each other. ((smile))

I have always liked Reba and I recently read her book. I do have a few of Reba's CD's, and for Christmas my youngest daughter gave be a collection of George Strait CD's called "Strait Out of the Box", and today my hubby and I have been listening to them. Before my husband was a Christian all he listened to was Country, so he knows a lot of these songs. There was a book in the set of CD's and it tells of how George got started, and then tells about the first 15 years of his career. Since that book was written he has another 15 years under his belt. He is a well respected artist and in the book it said he is like the nice guys from days gone by, like Roy Rogers or the Lone Ranger, or Gene Autry...riding in to save the day. He's the... "Good Cowboy in the White Hat".

I think we will enjoy the concert and it will be an experience I can blog about. Everything is "blog material" when you blog! Just a way to share your life.

So I am doing Six Word Saturday today and once again... my 6 words are: Yippee! George Strait and Reba Concert!
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Monday, January 11, 2010

How God Gave Me the Title For My Blog!

My kids had been telling me that I needed to write down all of my childhood memories so that the grand kids could have them and know what my life was like back then. They said that I should write a book full of my stories.

Well, I do love to write, and I do have a lot of one day while I was in the shower I was thinking about it, and wondering if I could really write enough to fill a book...and thinking if I did...what would the title be?

Then all of a sudden it came to me that I would call it "Truthful Tidbits". I imagined a cover for the book with an ocean view and some palm trees and a bunch of pineapples sitting around with some of them sliced open, and a pretty bowl full of pineapple "tidbits" on the table with other delicious looking foods.

I thought of those "Front Porch Tales" books and I thought my book could be like one of those with various stories from my childhood when I was growing up. And just everyday stories from adulthood too, that might encourage someone. My mind was racing with excitement.

Well I finished my shower and proceeded to tell my husband about my idea...and guess what? He didn't really like my title very much. So I kind of put it on a back burner.

Before too long my oldest daughter Lisa, told me that I needed to start blogging as an outlet for my writings. At that time she wasn't blogging yet, but she did enjoy reading several blogs. So, I started entertaining that idea. Then my middle daughter Lynnette, and her daughter Abigail, persuaded me to start a blog, and they even set it all up for me. Lynnette liked my title and said for a sub title I should add...Bits and pieces of my Life.

So that's what they did when they set up my blog for me. They called it:
Truthful Tidbits...Bits and Pieces of My Life. I really feel like it was all meant to be. And I enjoy blogging so much. I have been doing it for over a year now and I simply... LOVE IT! I don't know if the book will ever become a reality, but blogging is an avenue to save my writings for my kids and grand kids.

Along the way Abigail started a monthly poetry post and I joined in. That's when I discovered that I love to write poems too. It has become a favorite past-time for me. I wake up in the mornings early with poems in my head. So, I get up and get on the computer and write down what I am thinking. Some people don't get into poetry, but I is a good way for me to write down what I am feeling in my heart.

On this year long journey I have met so many nice people and I have added so many of you to my prayer list. I especially love to pray for my "Blog Babies" as I call them. There are so many with health issues, and I feel they need our prayers.

I have kind of adopted a couple of special young mothers as my daughters, as my heart is full of love for them. I have also met several nice ladies who know the joys of being a grandma and we have bonded too.

Some of you are so funny and you give me my daily chuckles when I read your posts. Others of you more mature Christians have challenged me and blessed me with your writings. When I am sick and haven't posted for awhile several of you contact me to see if I am ok. And when we travel it is always fun to post about our trips and to share pictures from our travels and from our family gatherings. And because of your posts and pictures I feel like I am getting to know you all so much better.

I wondered if anyone would become a follower of my blog and to my delight...they did! A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who do follow me and take the time to read my stories and my poems. I am very fond of you all. Another joy is to visit your blogs and to read what you are posting and to leave comments to encourage you. I feel like it is a ministry that God gave me.

Yes...all of this has been a great blessing to my life in the last year and I thank God for leading me to blog land! It is a place where I can share...Truthful Tidbits...and Bits and Pieces of My Life.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Enjoy the Beauty God Gave Us!: Six Word Saturday

I did this post a couple of days ago and then I saw that the title of my poem had six words! I want to really see the wonders of the Lord in 2010 and to "Enjoy the Beauty God Gave Us"...So these are my six words on this Saturday! If you would like to join in the fun and add your "six words" post, just click on the button above and find out what to do.

Enjoy the Beauty God Gave Us!

God gave us so much beauty on this earth to behold
My eyes can see it everywhere…it’s a story to be told

The bees upon the flowers…the butterflies on the branch
The snow covered mountains that deserve a second glance

The creatures in the ocean that wash up and grace the sands
They are dazzling little treasures we gather in our hands

The starfish and the seashells… and the sand dollars too
They give us so much pleasure when they come into our view

The trees in blazing autumn turn from green to orange and gold
The red ones are my favorites…they’re so vivid and so bold

The glistening brooks and rivers…they refresh…and make us new
As we gaze upon their beauty… or a waterfall or two

The variety of flowers as they stand so straight and tall
Or the ones that like to ramble…climbing up against the wall

Those flowers show the pallet that the Lord held in His hand
As He joyfully created all the colors of the land

The birds with all their feathers stretching out on bended wing
Soaring through the air so graceful…landing in the trees to sing

As they chirp they sound so joyful… as though they have no care
His eye is on the sparrow…when they fall... He is aware

Yes…The beauty of this earth… is daily on display
From the setting of the sun to the dawning of each day

As the rays of golden sunshine…stretch through clouds…we think of God
The rainbows arch the heavens… We trace their pattern and applaud

If you see a little green frog…or a bluebird in a tree…
Or a peacock strutting proudly with her tail for all to see

Then you’re seeing God’s creation and the beauty of this earth
Let it touch you…let it move you…and enjoy for all it’s worth!

Linda~~~ January 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Are We Following His Lead?

I have loved the Lord since I was a little girl. My biggest mentor was my mom. She loved the Lord so much, and I always wanted to love Him the way she did. She always took me to church and to Vacation Bible School, and everyday we read the Bible and prayed together.

Mom listened to Christian radio everyday too, and I would pick up bits of truth as I passed through the room, or as I sat eating,...or when I was doing homework at the dining room table, and I could hear the preaching on those radio programs.

Also when I was in the car with mama, Christian radio was always on with good music and good teachings. Her faith was affecting me as a child, because she was living it in front of me, and she was always discussing with me, the goodness of the Lord.

My mom would use object lessons in life to make God's love and power more real to me. Things like watching the flower bulbs that we'd planted when they started poking up through the ground. I would marvel as I watched them grow and bloom and mom would say it was an example of God's life giving power.

She would tell me about the power of the Lord as we'd watch the ocean move back and forth, and she would draw to my attention the fact that God kept it within it's bounds. She would always be telling me these kinds of things, and so I learned from a young age that God was in control of everything! Mom would bring to my attention the miracle of birth as I held my new little niece in my arms. She brought God into view with these life lessons that she taught me. She was always following His lead!

I in turn have tried to pass these thoughts on to my daughters and granddaughters,...and my grandsons too, as we observe life together, and view it's many miracles. We have had many wonderful discussions over the years about the majesty of God.

The Lord has brought many people across my path through the years that needed encouragement and I have been able to share my faith with them. There have been a few younger women who were going through trials and I have been blessed to have been able to share encouragement with them from an older woman's perspective. I have been able by God's grace, to offer other means of help and care to them as God provided opportunity and means.

Women have been willing to listen to me sometimes because of the trials I have gone through, because they knew that God was with me during those trials, and that I had found the victory through the Lord. I have given the glory to God for the ways that He has comforted me and helped me through the struggles of my life. I am so thankful that God's love is available to each of us in every situation.

I feel led to also help people who need it by offering my daughter's book to those who are facing life and death situations. Situations like the loss of babies and children. The book tells them of God's faithfulness to her during the loss of three of her children. It is called, "In Faithfulness He Afflicted Me", by Lynnette Kraft, and it is available through Actually it is an encouraging book and can be a blessing to whoever reads it.

I feel led to pray for women who have unsaved husbands, because my husband was unsaved for many years of our marriage. I prayed for him for 15 years before he became a Christian. Women find hope when they hear the story of my husband's salvation and it helps them to know that there is always the hope that their husbands will be saved too.

I think all of life can bring opportunities to witness, and to mentor people. But sometimes we don't take advantage of those opportunities. When we don't open our hearts to care, and our mouths to share, I think we grieve the Holy Spirit by not following His lead. I haven't always heeded His prompting, and I always feel guilty when I know I have missed an opportunity.

We need to be sensitive to His promptings and step out in faith to follow His lead, and to live our faith in front of others. We need to reach out and help others as the Holy Spirit leads us.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

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My six words are: Starting My Second Year Of Blogging!

Starting my second year of blogging...I can't believe it. I love it! I NEVER thought I would enjoy blogging, and my girls had to talk me into doing it. I am so glad they did. Thanks girls! I love how blogging allows me to just write down what's on my heart...whether it is silly or serious.

Today I was thinking about phrases and sayings that help me get through my life.
For many years now when I am feeling overwhelmed I have reminded myself that..."God Is God!" These 3 words have helped me many times to put things in perspective. I might feel inadequate to cope with a situation...but it helps me to remind myself that "God Is God!"...and He can do all things, and He is in Control!

Our Pastor and our church people always say..."God is good...all the time!", and it is so true. Even during the blackest times in my life when someone I loved has died, I KNOW that even that is something that God will work together for good...because He says in His word that "All things work together for good to them that love them who are the called according to His purpose"!

Elisabeth Elliot, the missionary/speaker/author, always said..."Do the next thing!", and that has helped me so many times when I am feeling overwhelmed by housework or chores. I simply do the next thing and cross it off my list, instead of looking at the entire project and feeling like I will never get it all completed.

My mother used to say..."It can wait until tomorrow...and if there is no tomorrow,...then it didn't matter anyway". I used to laugh when she'd say that, but it is true. My mother was easy going and taught me to enjoy the moment.

A dear missionary friend who's husband got cancer said she felt so scared and overwhelmed when they first got the diagnosis. But then God spoke to her heart and told her that..."In acceptance lieth peace"! She coped by understanding that God allowed it for a reason and she would accept it and trust in Him. The peace came...and also a healing! Her husband has been cancer free for many years now, and still flies across the world with his deaf ministry starting deaf churches. I have been reminded of her saying many times and acceptance has also brought me peace.

And on a final note: As I am getting older...(Sixty this year in August), I am realizing that..."I Ain't All That"! When I was younger I used to think I was pretty hot stuff! Ha! But as I draw closer to God I feel how BIG my God is and I am beginning to see how small I really am compared to Him. Like John the Baptist said..."He must increase and I must decrease"! I feel like this too. I am like a grain of sand and He is like the Massive Ocean! Yet He loves me, and I matter to Him...what a great blessing that is!

Happy New Year to all of my blogging buddies. May God have Preeminence in all of our lives in 2010.