Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our Daughter Wrote A Great Book!

Our Daughter Wrote A Great Book! 

These are my six words!

Good Morning...I wanted to do a post about our daughter Lynnette's new book called,  "Ingrid".  It was a family effort because her adult composer son, Jared made a companion CD for the book, and her adult artist daughter, Abigail did all of the artwork.  They are involved in a Kickstarter Campaign to get their funds to publish the book and cd.  They only have 11 more days to raise the remaining 9,000.00

Perhaps you would like to pledge a little to this worthwhile project!  For just 35.00 you will receive a beautiful hardback book and the wonderful music cd that was composed to go along with the book.  Larger pledges receive larger rewards, which are listed on the site.  I am including the website with all of the information.  Please help if you can!  Thanks so much!

Click on the link below to view the Kickstarter page and to read all about this project.  There is also a video on there where my daughter and grandkids tell the story of the creative journey they have taken!


Please help them realize their dream if you can.