Saturday, September 29, 2012

Here It Is Saturday Again Already!

Here it is Saturday again already!

The week has just zoomed by for me. How about you? (:>)

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So what will you all be doing on your Saturday?

Maybe you will go out for a bicycle ride...and pick up some flowers from the local farmers market, along with some fresh fruit and vegetables to make a nice salad for supper.

Maybe you will take a walk around the neighborhood and stop to say hello to people who are out in their yards.

Maybe it is grocery shopping day...or time to do the bills and get them mailed off.

And maybe you have chores that need to be done, that you have been putting off all week.

I am tackling a few things myself today.

Actually...I am cleaning out some cupboards, and closets, and drawers, and throwing away some clutter, and keeping some things for a garage sale. It always amazes me how much stuff accumulates in my cupboards, closets and drawers! Ugh! I am going to have that garage sale on October 25th...and so now my problem is where to put all of this stuff until then! Yikes! (I hope it will be a nice day for a sale towards the end of October. That was the only time we could do it.

Somehow it sure feels good to sort through these things and to de-clutter. We have lived in this house for only 5 and 1/2 you wouldn't think I would need to get rid of too many things! But like I just seems to accumulate.

Today there is an Air Show at the near by Air Base. The Thunderbirds have been flying over the house really low, and all my windows are vibrating! The sound is really loud! I went to the back deck to look up in the sky...and there they were...zooming past with amazing speed! Lots of people like to go to the air show. Me...not so much. I don't care for the loud noise...or the way my heart skips around from all of the excitement, as they do their stunt flying.

The weather is beautiful today. A nice day for people to be out and about.

I love it that Autumn is here...and people can get outside enjoying the cooler temperatures. It is a pleasant 70 degrees right now.

Well I am done with my little apple crisp break! I had better get back to organizing!

Enjoy your Saturday...whatever you end up doing!

And remember...Everyday is a new beginning!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Six Word Saturday!

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My six words:

Today's The First Day Of Fall

Here it is Saturday again! How are all of my "Six Word Saturday Friends" today?
I hope you are all enjoying the weekend so far! I am loving the pleasant temperatures. Fall is my favorite season.

Looking forward to the changing colors of the trees! Wanting to plan a trip to see some of the beauty during this Autumn season! How about you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Grandson Jared KyleTurns 22!!!

22 years ago today, John and I became grandparents! Jared's birth was such an exciting occasion for our whole family! And through the years he has enriched our lives and has been such a blessing to each of us.

We all enjoy his piano playing. He is a composer too, and he has many fine compositions on his list of accomplishments.

God has given him so many talents and gifts. But he also has been blessed with such a humble spirit. He is gentle, and kind, and caring, and treats everyone with respect and love. He has his crazy and fun side too....and he gets that from his parents I'm sure. He is quite a bit like his grandma too...if I may say so myself! (:>)

This is his dignified pose!

Here he is having fun with part of his fun loving family!

You know all artists have their times of being "cool!" Well Jared is no exception!

He loves his sister Abigail...and his Grandpa John!

Jared loves all of his siblings and cousins!

He of course loves his parents too...and they also have an amazing friendship and respect for each other!

His Aunts and Uncles love him too.

And of course his Grandma Linda adores him!

He is all of this and more! One of the best things is...He loves Jesus! What a guy!

Happy 22nd Birthday Jared Kyle!

Our Grandson Jared Kyle Turns 22!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Party Fun at The Alley!

The "littles" and the "bigs' loved the go carts!

We had another family birthday party on Saturday, and it was a lot of fun!
My husband thought that the three boys who were having birthdays, would love the game room and go carts at The Alley! And that the rest of the gang would enjoy it too. And he was right.

We rented the party room, and had pizza and pop...and they give you some free tokens and tickets with that, and then we brought desserts.

There were 21 of us and we ranged in ages from 5 to 66. And there was something fun for everyone. We were there for nearly 4 we think Grandpa got his monies worth! (:>) We were celebrating Grandma's birthday too...and I loved seeing all of my kiddos having fun!

We took a lot of pictures too. So much going on, so some of them are not all that clear. I am so blessed with all of these kids and grandkids. Thank you Jesus!

Will works at a Pizza place and he had to come over in between working. But we were glad he did get to have some fun with us. It was his 17th birthday!

There are benefits to parties like cooking, no cleaning! We just need Grandpa and his wallet! (:>)

Thanks Gramps!!!!!

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