Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Grandson Jared KyleTurns 22!!!

22 years ago today, John and I became grandparents! Jared's birth was such an exciting occasion for our whole family! And through the years he has enriched our lives and has been such a blessing to each of us.

We all enjoy his piano playing. He is a composer too, and he has many fine compositions on his list of accomplishments.

God has given him so many talents and gifts. But he also has been blessed with such a humble spirit. He is gentle, and kind, and caring, and treats everyone with respect and love. He has his crazy and fun side too....and he gets that from his parents I'm sure. He is quite a bit like his grandma too...if I may say so myself! (:>)

This is his dignified pose!

Here he is having fun with part of his fun loving family!

You know all artists have their times of being "cool!" Well Jared is no exception!

He loves his sister Abigail...and his Grandpa John!

Jared loves all of his siblings and cousins!

He of course loves his parents too...and they also have an amazing friendship and respect for each other!

His Aunts and Uncles love him too.

And of course his Grandma Linda adores him!

He is all of this and more! One of the best things is...He loves Jesus! What a guy!

Happy 22nd Birthday Jared Kyle!

Our Grandson Jared Kyle Turns 22!

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Deanna said...

May he have a terrific birthday!
You are a blessed Grandma!!!

Anonymous said...

Made me feel all love sappy sick!

I love him soo much!!! (said Raising Arizona style!)

He has a great Grandma too!
Love you Momma.

Jeanie said...

My oldest grandson is also named Jared-he will be 12 next month. I hope he will be as fine a young man as your Jared in 10 years (I think he will).
Happy birthday to your Jared.

Maryellen said...

He is so handsome.
Oh I think of the blessed young lady who will be his bride one day.

How this world needs more Godly young men just like him.

Kathryn said...

What a wonderful, blessed day for you and all your family. :)

You are, indeed, blessed.

McGuffy Ann said...

What a beautiful post...and family. Hugs!

restlessjo said...

He looks like a nice boy, Linda. We have a son the same age.

retired not tired said...

Congratulations! It is also my grandson's 6 th birthday.

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday Jared Kyle!!
Here's My Six Words

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jared. What a blessed Grandma you are.

Kristin said...

What a beautiful post! Hope he had a terrific birthday!!

Jenilee said...

yes! happy birthday! you have a wonderful family to celebrate!

Kathe W. said...

He certainly has his dad's smile! Thanks for sharing your family with us! You must be so proud!

Andrea said...

You and your family set a fine expample for the rest of the world to see. This is how a family should be ... full of love and respect for each other ... full of fun and sometimes silliness. I admire what you have. Your Jared is a handsome, talented young man and deserves your admiration. Thank you for this lovely post.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Becca said...

Another birthday!! Your family just never stops celebrating!!

Sounds like you have one amazing grandson! There are many guys that could easily learn a thing or two from him! :)