Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Walk~~My Friend The "Shop Keeper"

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Over thirty years ago when we moved here from Colorado, I felt lost and lonely. But slowly I started to meet people and make friends. One of the special people I first met was a lady named Myrna who ran a consignment shop. I had taken some items in to see if she would be interested in buying them, or taking them in on consignment. She did indeed pay me for my bag of clothing...(since back then she dealt in re-sale clothing, but has since moved on to collectibles).

I would visit that shop many times and our friendship began to grow. Since then she has had her shop in several different locations and she even moved out of town to another town that was a couple of hours away, and had three shops in her new town...but our friendship remained solid. We shared many common values as we were both Christians...and I loved her family and she loved mine. We kept in touch those years that she was gone, and had many phone calls, e-mails and get-togethers. And eventually they moved back to town when her husband became ill.

When I began having grandkids she thought I was such a silly grandma as I would go on and on about the joys of being a grandma. Not having experienced that yet, she just couldn't quite understand the reason why I was so wrapped up in everything about them. That is until one day when she too became a grandma... (She has five grandkids of her own now and one of them is a newborn and she is just eight days old) Now this is just one more thing we can share together. She prays for my girls and their families everyday, and I pray for hers. We are really more like family than simply friends.

Four years ago on May 1st, Myrna lost her husband Lonie to Pancreatic Cancer. However she would be the first to tell you that she didn't "lose" him...because she knows exactly where he is... He is in Heaven with our Lord! Just about the same time she also experienced her dad's "home-going".

During the loss of many of my loved ones my friend Myrna was there for me with prayers, encouragement and loving kindness. These four years since her husband's passing I have tried to be there for her too. Friendship is a give and take thing...and we have experienced both. We have both been in the position where we had to learn to be "gracious receivers", and accept help.

After Myrna's husband went to be with Jesus she closed her last shop here in town, and for the last few years she hasn't had a shop. She has been going to grief group and re-thinking her life. But recently she opened one again. She is a "shop keeper"...and I think it is just in her blood. It is her mission field. She is a caring person and very friendly, so people are drawn to her. I always say she is a "people magnet"! She shares her faith with the people she meets and through the years she has made many friends through her shops. It gives her a place to go everyday and a place where she can be a part of her community. I like to stop in and join in on the fun as I did just yesterday and we had several good giggles and laughs with the people who came in. I usually find something to purchase while I am there too. I have recently purchased two turquoise pendants, a silver chain and a silver and turquoise ring.

Her current shop is called Keepsakes and Treasures. I know this is because of the merchandise inside her shop...but I think it best describes the friends she makes in her shop. And I know for a fact that the friendship I found in her shop over 30 years ago is indeed a Keepsake and a Treasure to me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Six Words Saturday/ Enjoying Time With Family In Nebraska

Six Words Saturday:

Enjoying Time With Family In Nebraska!!!!

It has been awhile since we have been here to see our family. The last visit was when we closed on our mom's house several months ago. And before that there were several trips here to settle the estate. It is only about a 5 hour drive, but everyone's life is so busy and we do good to come every once in awhile.

This weekend we are celebrating our brother-in-law's 60th birthday and also a niece's who is turning 20. Each stage of life is important...and all of life is worth celebrating. When you lose people that you love you really understand how important it is to love the people in your life....And to let them know it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Walk ~~~Transistor Radios

Today for Wednesday's Walk down memory lane I thought I would go back to my childhood and share some memories that I have concerning transistor radios. To many of you people in today's world this sounds odd, because today's kids listen to ipods and MP3 players etc. But when I was a youth and a teen we had little transistor radios.

I remember carrying that little radio with me everywhere. I took it with me when I went on walks, and took it into my room so I could listen to it while I did my homework. I laid it on the blanket with me out in the back yard while I was sunbathing...and I also took it with me to the beach when we would go, or to the park, and I even took it in the car so I could listen to it in the backseat when my mom was driving us somewhere.

When I would go to bed I would put it under my pillow so that my mom wouldn't know that I was still listening to it. She was always telling me to turn it off. I guess she thought Elvis Presley, and Ricky Nelson, and Dion, or the Beach Boys were not good role models or good influences on a young girl???? This was back in the late 50's and 60's.

And now in 2010, I am always looking at my grandkids with those earphones hanging from their ears and I find myself thinking they should turn that music off and visit with me...or join in the conversation when the family is together. And it suddenly dawns on me that I was the same way with my little transistor radio. At first I didn't have any earphones with it...but later on they made those, so I was no different than my grandkids....imagine that! I didn't get very good reception sometimes and I would have to pull up my little antenna...but today with technology the kids don't have that problem.

I had to chuckle at myself when this memory popped into my mind...and I thought that the more things change,...the more they stay the same. (:>) Kids in every generation are going to enjoy music.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Momentous Monday...Letters To God

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On Thursday my husband and I went to see the movie..."Letters To God". It was a beautiful story of a sick child's faith in God, and what he taught all those around him by living his faith before them, and by encouraging them to write letters to God.

His letters were like prayers. He simply shared with God what was on his heart. So simple,... so sincere! Yet we adults make it so hard sometimes.

In this day and age we don't see too many movies come out that teach us spiritual truths, but this one did just that.

It was a tear jerker, and yet it brought smiles, and humor, and happiness to my heart. We walked out of that theater wishing everyone could see that movie. So, if you get a chance, go see it. You will be challenged to be a better who cares about others,...and one that loves God with all of your heart.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Momentous Monday~~~Happy Birthday Cecily~~~Six Word Saturday~~~


I posted this on Saturday for "Six Word Saturday", but I also thought it would make a good "Momentous Monday" post, so I am linking it up to tell about some special times with our grandkids from last week. Tiffany over at A Moment Cherished blog would love for you to think back to the previous week and tell us of some momentous moments that you experienced.
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First of all I want to wish sweet Cecily Kate, a very Happy Birthday today (Saturday). She is now 14 years old!!! She came to grandma's house on Thursday, along with her sister Abigail and two of her little brothers, Silas and Jonas. They spent the night, and so did their cousin Bailey Elisabeth.

Cecily Kate

Bailey Elisabeth

Abigail Grace

Silas John


Jonas Quinn


The girls and I had fun shopping, and Grandpa had fun with the boys and he took them to tour the Fire Station, where they met the Fire Chief and got to sit in the Fire Trucks. They thought that was really cool.

These kids are a joy to be around. The older ones helped out with the little guys, and we all had a great time together. Thursday night we took them out for Pizza and then to the park to use up some of their energy. And then we came home for movies, Guitar Hero, yo-yo fun, craziness... and eventually a sleepover.

Friday we had a family party planned and so while Grandpa had Bailey and the boys fishing...the two other girls and I decided to make a visit to Starbucks, do a little shopping and go to see "Last Song", so we picked up Bailey from the fishing pond and she went with us. The movie was good and we all enjoyed it. Then we girls came home and started fixing the food for our birthday party.

The three granddaughters were such a help and a blessing to me. They all chipped in and helped prepare the food and set the tables. And they were willing to do anything I needed done.

A good time was had by all. Our party started at 6PM and the last of them left around 11PM. We were missing a couple of grandsons and a son-in-law, but one of the younger granddaughters brought a friend, so we had 16 all together, and the sounds of laughter filled the house. What a wonderful blessing it is to have all of our grandkids close by. I know that isn't the case in some people's lives.

As I get older I appreciate even more, all of the blessings God has given us through our three wonderful daughters. These girls have given us a total of 14 grandchildren. Although 3 of the grandchildren reside in heaven now we never forget them, and always thank God for giving these 3 precious blessings to us. We know that we will see them again someday when we join them in heaven.

In this crazy world people sometimes complain about teenagers and youth and say how disrespectful they are...or that they just don't care about anyone but themselves. They say they don't listen to their parents and grandparents. Well I would just like to say I am so very thankful for our grandkids who all care about each other, and their parents, and yes...even their aging grandparents, and who like to spend time with us. Yes,... "we're thankful for grandkids that care"! These are my six words for Saturday.

Pictures from some past happy times with our grandkids:

Branson Trip

Family Wedding in Nebraska

Recent trip to the zoo

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane/ Building Our Home

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Today I am remembering all of the excitement that I experienced 3 years ago when we moved into our new house. Actually the excitement began the day we decided to build the house...and that will be 4 years ago this June. It took 8 months for the house to be built, because here in Kansas they can't do too much work when the weather is freezing cold or when it is sleeting or snowing, or raining, or extremely windy.

Almost everyday of those 8 months we drove by to see the progress on our home. It was exciting to get out and walk around the freshly dug basement, or to later walk through the framed rooms and imagine our lives here. Then as the finishing details all started to come to life we grew even more excited.

During those months we had to choose every item that would become our home. So many things to pick out. It was a long process and yet it was all exciting to us. And it was amazing that we agreed on almost everything. (Or I should say that it didn't take too much to persuade my hubby to go along with what I liked!) Ha! He is so very good to me.

He was more concerned with the "bones" of the house, and that it was wired for sound in the basement where he was going to put his big screen tv, or that the garage doors were high enough and wide enough for the vehicles. And he wanted the covered deck and enough outlets everywhere etc.

I on the other hand was concerned with colors and carpets and floorings and countertops and cabinet colors and decorative details. Yes we are opposites, yet we work well together. And even though we are retired and not newlyweds, we often felt like our life was just beginning. Life together in our new home, to enjoy in these Autumn years of our lives.

During the months when it was being built,I pictured where the furniture would go and what items I had that wouldn't work in the new house, and I also planned for the furniture pieces we would need to buy to fit into the new place and make it comfortable. There were nights I couldn't sleep because of all of these things running through my mind. I was like a child anticipating Christmas.

We went shopping together and had fun picking out new pictures and bedding and curtains as well as brick and stone colors and paint colors. And as I said, it was a long process.

During that time we had the added stress of keeping our house that we were selling clean and ready to show at a moments notice. We always loved that house and had no doubts that it would sell quickly. However it took almost nine months for that to happen and it was a time filled with a little anxiety, as we really didn't want to have two house payments, or have to move twice if it sold too quickly.

But it all worked out fine and in God's perfect timing. We did have to pay double payments, but only for two months, and that two months allowed us to close on the new house and take our time moving in a little bit at a time, so it was totally worth it. When you do reach a certain age like we have, you don't move as quickly as you did when you were young...and we found that out. It took me longer to pack and unpack things, but when it was all said and done it was wonderful to look at the finished projects....and to call our new place HOME.

We took pictures all through the process, but I don't have them scanned into this computer, so I will just add a few of our house that I do have in here.

I am so thankful every morning when I wake up in our new home. We thank God for it all of the time. We are really enjoying it and count it a blessing that God has allowed us to have it.

We lived in our last home for nearly 20 years and it wasn't new when we moved in, so there were things about it that were harder to take care of. One of those things was a large yard that required lots of hard work and a lot of time to water.
We chose a small yard this time and had a sprinkler system put in so that we don't have to move the hose like we did at the other place when we watered the lawn. And that house had an upper lever with many stairs, as well as stairs to the basement. This house does have stairs to the basement, but we are still managing them ok. My hubby spends more time down there than I do, because he is a collector of antique memorabilia and the whole finished basement is his display place! (I am thankful that he does the vacumning and dusting there since it is his domain).

The grandkids were sad when we told them we were moving, because it was the only house we owned since all of them were born. So the oldest grandson Jared who is 19 had many memories that were made there, and on down the line each grandchild held special memories. But we are hoping they will one day feel the same way about this home, and that we will make new and happy memories here with each one of them.

After all, it is the love in a home that matters...and how we share the love with all who enter.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Six Word Saturday...Up From The Grave He Arose

Here's some great news...Jesus Loves You...and Jesus Loves Me!
He loved us enough to die for us.

I have been reading a great book by Max Lucado called:
There are parts that have moved me to tears as I think about the pain my dear Savior suffered for me.
From this book:

A wine-soaked sponge.
A sign.
Two crosses beside Christ.

The diadem of pain
which sliced your gentle face,
three spikes piercing flesh and wood
to hold you in your place.

The need for blood I understand.
Your sacrifice I embrace.
But the bitter sponge, the cutting spear,
the spit upon your face?
Did it have to be a cross?

Did not a kinder death exist
than six hours hanging between life and death,
all spurred by a betrayers kiss?

"Oh Father", you pose,
heart-stilled at what could be,
"I'm sorry to ask, but long to know,
did you do this for me?

Dare we pray such a prayer? Dare we think such thoughts? Could it be that the hill of the cross is rich with God's gifts? Let's examine them shall we? Let's unwrap these gifts of grace as if___ or perhaps,___indeed___for the first time. And as you touch them___as you feel the timber of the cross and trace the braid of the crown and finger the point of the spike___pause and listen. Perchance you will hear him whisper: "I did it just for you"

So, today for Six Word Saturday, I want to remind you...He did it just for you!...He did it just for me!

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