Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jared Kraft Composed Music for "Luiseno"

Proud Grandma moment...please forgive boasting. 
These are my six words this Saturday

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Our composer grandson Jared Kraft, attended the Premiere of the new film "Luiseno", last night in Beverly Hills.  (Jared composed all the music for the film.)  He was accompanied by his artist sister, Abigail Kraft.
Click below for info on the film, "Luiseno"

Our oldest grandson Jared is looking so handsome in his Tuxedo!  (Proud Grandma)

Jared and his artist sister Abigail have always been close.  They are like twins born nearly 3 years apart!  Ha! 

Quirky, beautiful, and talented Abigail enjoyed her evening out, and loved attending the Premiere with her older brother Jared.

God has greatly blessed these young adults with many talents, and we look forward to seeing how the Lord will use them to serve others as they put their talents to good use!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Six Word Saturday...99 Cent Find at the Goodwill

I found this adorable little basket at the Goodwill the other day for just 99 cents!  So my Six Words for today are:

99 Cent Find at the Goodwill

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It has a lovely cloth liner and a plastic protector
It looks lovely sitting on my clock shelf! is a miniature Longaberger collectible!
So tiny and cute!
It is a miniature Peony Basket

Don't you just love it when you find a bargain?
I know I do!
Have a great Saturday!