Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time With Some Of The Grandkids~~~Wednesday's Walk

Son-in-law... Pastor "Cowboy" Brad... getting ready to take a pie in the face at VBS

He was glad it was just whipped cream!

13 yr. old Caleb...all smiles! He cooked the bacon on Saturday...and it was perfect!

Lunch at Pizza Johns

Adelynn, Bailey, and Julia before the softball game

Grandma Linda in the car...do I look tired?

Grandpa John always has a toothpick in his mouth!

The girls having fun in the pool

Adelynn behind the sign at VBS

Julia and Adelynn behind the Saddle Ridge Ranch sign...They love to help me make fruit smoothies...and sandwiches.

Last week we were blessed to have two of our youngest granddaughters with us. They spent the week going to Vacation Bible School at our oldest daughter's church. It was a cowboy theme and on the last day they got to ride horses.

Several days we also had our oldest grandaughter Bailey here too, as she was working in VBS, and likes to spend time with her cousins.

We took them out to lunch or dinner a lot...but I did cook a lot too. We went to the movies twice, and took them swimming several times. And then mid week we also had one of our grandsons, Caleb here too, and he also helped at VBS. He gave us a scare of Friday when a horse stepped on his foot and broke his little toe and bruised his foot. He is doing ok now though. (:>)

Sunday they did the VBS program and gave out some awards, and they showed us a video of everything that went on all week...and also told us of the 26 kids that accepted Jesus into their hearts during the week. Our granddaughters were among that group, and we were so excited to find that out!

What a joy to see Christ at work, drawing children to Himself. We are so thankful for VBS and for all of the workers who played a part in their professions of faith.

The weather has been hot and humid, so they really enjoyed the time they spent in the pool and also in the cool movie theater. A couple of times they even laid down and rested and watched TV.

But the girls did have to suffer through the heat as they played softball two evenings. But they did a good job none the less. And we enjoyed watching them play. Ironically, the name of their team is..."HEAT".

I am posting some pictures of our week with the kids. This post will help us remember the fun times we had with them. They are really growing up and before we know it they will be too old to go to VBS. But hopefully they will still like to come and stay at Grandma's.

Since we were making memories last week, I am using this post for my Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane today. If you would like to join in the fun with your special memories just click the button and link up with Jenilee. She will tell you how to do it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

There Is Peace

There is Peace

There is peace in the center of my soul this very day
As I sit here in the silence and bow my head to pray

It is more than just a feeling and a happy place to be
It’s a very real contentment and assurance just for me

Assurance that the Master left His throne and came to earth
Gave His life for my transgressions… took my failings… gave me worth

There is peace… past understanding…yet I claim it just the same
He gave me kinship… and a family… through adoption… and His name

Now I wear the name of Christian… and I pray… I wear it well
May those seeking this contentment find my Lord and avoid Hell

May they have this peaceful “Filling of His Spirit” in their soul
May their life be so rewarding… now that Heaven is their goal

There is peace in serving Jesus… loving Him… and living right
You no longer have to worry ‘bout the devil and his fright!

You have victory and courage… fighting battles through His power
If you’ll first spend some alone time in his Word for ‘bout an hour

Time in prayer for spirit renewal… and to pray for others too
There is peace in this agenda… I enjoy it… how ‘bout you?

“Oh what peace we often forfeit… oh what pain we often bear
All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer”

Even songs can lift our spirit and bring peace into our heart
There is peace …and there is plenty…won’t you reach out for your part?

What He’s done so well for others he will also do for you
It’s a gift… free for the taking…nothing that you have to do

Oh we struggle… and we falter… and we try so very hard
To achieve such high endeavors and get good marks on our card

But all we need to do is “be still” and know that He is God…
There is peace within this stillness… wait on Him…you will be Awed!

Linda Hogeland June 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Sleeping Off A Migraine Headache Today!

Hope all of you are having a better Saturday than I am.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Hopeful Heart~~~Wednesday's Walk

Instead of a memory today for Wednesday's Walk I wrote a poem.
Years ago I gave my heart to Jesus...and I would love for everyone who doesn't know Him to give their hearts to the Lord too. A heart that holds Jesus is a "Hopeful Heart". If you'd like to join in with Jenilee and share a memory, just click on the button at the bottom and link up.

A Hopeful Heart

Do you have a hopeful heart...or is it filled with fear?
Will you stretch your hand in faith…and shed that humbled tear?

Will you reach out to the Lord… and let Him take your hand?
Or do you dread what others say each time you take a stand?

Hope is there within your grasp…don’t let it get away
Hope can lead you to your knees…and help you when you pray

But hope deferred… isn’t hope at all…and faith not used is dead
You toss and turn and struggle so…when you take your fears to bed

A Christian’s hope is in the Lord…and without Him there is none
Won’t you take that step of faith…before you come undone?

I’d rather have a hopeful heart… than one that’s cold as stone
One that’s warmed with God’s pure love when He claims us as His own

Christ in you is the hope of glory…A hopeful heart made glad
When you turn from sin, and take hold of Him you’ll make the Devil mad

For Satan hates a hopeful heart and would rather see it die
I hope you’ll turn your face away and not believe his lie

Our hearts should hope in God above…who made heavens and the earth
So trust Him now with a hopeful heart…and experience new birth

Love Him with a hopeful heart and He’ll fill it soon with joy
For now His Spirit lives within…your talents to employ

Saved to serve…with a hopeful heart…to spread His love abroad
Sharing faith, and living life, to the honor and praise of God!

By Linda Hogeland June 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Life According To Linda~~Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday
"I Like To Write Story Poems"

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Life According To Linda

I have been called “Late Linda”… a time… or maybe two
Last minute things …get in the way… and alter my skid~do

“Looky Lou Linda”… for years at a time
When I searched for a house I’d like better than mine!

“Lazy Linda”… while reading a book
And ignoring the duties …refusing to cook!

“Long-winded Linda”… when telling a story
Can’t end it without receiving the glory

“Linda who’s lavish”….extravagant too
Over the top with the things that I do

“Loving ‘em Linda”…when it comes to my kids
Wouldn’t trade them for nothin’… So don’t offer bids!

“Linda who longs…to be loving and kind”
But so often failing…when I speak my mind!

“Linda who’s learning”…but has a long way to go
The older I get…seems the less that I know

“Lucky Linda?”…no I call it blessed
Each morning His mercies…are simply the best!

“Linda who likes writing stories… in rhyme”
They may not be good but they fill up my time

“Life according to Linda”… may not appeal to you
But I thank God for each new day…and start my list anew!

By Linda Hogeland June 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday's Walk ~~~Laughter is Good Medicine!

Do you love to laugh? I know I do. It releases stress and just gives you a happy and content feeling. I'm talking about really letting loose and belting out a good one!

When our family gets together for birthday parties and other occassions we all get so silly. I mean you should hear our rendition of Happy Birthday when we sing it. I think we are all trying to see how bad we can sing! We sound like a pack of howling dogs! But for some silly reason it is fun and we all laugh at ourselves.

I love to laugh at myself when my kids make fun of me. At our last party I said "Oh that's a nice card"...before my granddaughter had even read it, and everyone (especially my daughter Lynnette), teased me and said I sounded like a little old lady! So then they kept repeating it in an old lady voice...and I was laughing until I cried.

Oh that's the best kind of laugh...laughing until big ole tears start rolling down your face! As I said before it is just such a release.

I think the Lord wants us to laugh...since it says in the Bible that ...there is a time to laugh...Ecc. 3:4

Christian Women Online

And He turns our mourning into laughter!

When my girls were younger we used to have "laughing contests"...to see how crazy we could laugh, and if we could make others laugh by doing it. Those are fun memories for me...and guess what?...We still do it on occassions. (Like our family get-togethers.)

Have you had your dose of medicine today? Why not try it! It'll make you feel soooo good.

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Have a Joy-filled Wednesday everyone!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank You Abigail, for my new blog design!

I was so excited to discover today that my sweet, and very talented granddaughter Abigail, over at:

....had given me a new look!

Thank you so much Abigail!!! I love it!!!

If you would like to check out some of her designs and see her reasonable prices, just click on her site and have a look around! She is taking a break for now, but I think she will be doing it again in the future, so keep her in mind if you need a new look.