Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Little Bit Of Christmas Decorating...and Quiet Reflection!

This morning I got up before daylight...and I went around taking some pictures of the decorating I have done so far.  Nothing real fancy or complicated...just some of the stuff I put out each year.

It was so peaceful and quiet as I snapped pictures and thought about that first Christmas morning when the Christ Child arrived! 

Quiet reflection is good for our souls sometimes.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's Saturday Again...So that means Six Word Saturday!

Once Upon A Time... I Blogged! 

I never blog anymore...never...ever...EXCEPT for Six Word Saturday occasionally!  Tee hee  I never intended to stop just happened.  It is kind of like just happens! 

I kind of like the idea of dropping in on occasion...when I want to...and not having to feel obligated to do a regular post.  It is like my Six Word Saturday Friends are just so easy, and they still accept me even if I haven't hung out with them for awhile!  :)  And I like to drop by now and again and read their posts and catch up with what is going on "in their neck of the woods!"  They are a varied group who live all over the world.  I like to see the pictures they post from their trips or their tours...and like to hear about their lives.  I guess I also like to tell them my problems once in awhile too, so they can give me a pep talk and some encouragement!  :)  Like right about now I could use some...because our silly house still hasn't sold, and it has been on the market since May 6th.  It kinda brings me down sometimes...because even though it is a wonderful home, and we love it...we feel like we NEED to sell it for several reasons.  But since fall has arrived and that means winter is just around the corner...we may have to give up for awhile and list it again next spring.  (sigh)

People seem to make their plans and take steps to make things happen...but sometimes...for whatever reason...things do not always go "as planned"....(sigh)  Ya know what I mean?  I am not a pessimist....I usually am more of an optimist...and I do have faith in God...and in His plans for me...I really, really do!  BUT, I am also human, and I grow weary at times.  My husband is the same way....we try to be there for each other to encourage the other when one is "down in the dumps" they say.  Today we are both feeling a little bit there is nobody to pull us up from the pit!  (sigh) 

Maybe we should play today...and go out for a ride in the country to look at all of the beautiful trees that are changing color.  Maybe we should splurge and go out to lunch...or browse an antique store or two....what do ya think?  :)  Last weekend we took a quick trip to Kansas City to visit our middle daughter and her family and that was fun....and while we were gone our realtor held an Open House.  We had about 6 families browse through our home, and she was encouraged, but it brought no call backs this whole week, so our hopes have been dashed...once again.  (sigh)

What's that you say?...  Stop complaining...and (sighing)...and leave it to the Lord?'re right!  Thanks....I will try!  :)  He is always faithful...and has never let us down before.  We have an abundance of blessings in our lives to be thankful for!!!

So, hey...this blogging thing has made me feel better today!

I am hoping you all will have a good Saturday...and a great week ahead!

Thanks for listening SWS friends!  :) 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Six Word Saturday...Still Waiting For House To Sell


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My six words for today:
Still Waiting For House To Sell!

Here is a link to our home:

Hello friends,

Life has been a tiny bit stressful since May 7th when we listed our home.  Yes... five months of house showings makes one weary!  Really the hard part is that everyday we tidy the house just "in case" someone wants to come and view it...and so many days nobody calls for a showing.  Ugh! 

We have had several people view it over these 5 months, but not nearly as many as we thought.  The market has been slow for re-sale homes in our area.  We seem to get the most people through it when our realtor holds an open house, and we have had 4 of those so far.  At our first open house we had 6 families come through, then the next time we had 14 families, then 6, and at the last one we had 8 families.  We have 2 more open houses planned for October.  (Our realtor is an absolute angel and she works hard for us.) 

We have had a couple of serious lookers, and they really liked our house, one couple came back a couple of times, but then they decided to build one in our area instead.  In fact there is a surge of new homes going up in our area....,so that seems to be our issue.  If someone is in our price range, they think they can build and have everything just the way they want it.  But I don't think that is true, because as we found out, it does cost a lot to add a sprinkler system, and landscaping bricks, edging, rock, mulch, and trees etc. (trees are costly and ours are 7 years old so they have some maturity now)...and then there are window coverings (also very costly for custom), and people don't think about all of the expenses "after" all of the building is done!  And they may not be considering the fact that the building process takes about six months.

We have lowered the price a couple of times and now it is lower than we paid for it 7 years ago when it was new!  If it weren't for the fact that we feel led to move to the town that our youngest daughter lives in, to help her with her 4 teenagers that she is raising alone, we might feel like giving up and just taking it off of the market.  We do feel like we need to be closer to them to help, so we will continue to hang in there!

Who knows...maybe today will be the day that someone who can appreciate this lovely home will call for an appointment!  After all...we do want someone to live here that will love it as much as we have.
We just need to quit worrying, and keep on trusting in God's perfect plan for us!  We have been in this position before, (seven years ago) when we built this house and had our other house listed for 8 months before it sold.  It worked out fine in the end though, six months to build and then we only had double house payments for two that wasn't too bad, and it allowed us those two months to move into our new house at our own pace!  (Which was really kind of nice!) Now we are 68 and 64 and moving at our leisure would be even nicer! 

We have loved our beautiful home...and we have thoroughly enjoyed living in our town for 35 years now, and we wouldn't be moving if it weren't important to us to help our daughter and the grandkids.  There is a time for every purpose under heaven!  It is just that we humans don't like to wait!  Ha!  But God has to teach us patience, (it is a virtue), and we must remember that good will come from this!  God has never let us down.  He always provides for our needs.  We have abundant blessings and we are so thankful for God's provision.

Today we are having a family gathering at lunch time, and we are excited to just relax and be together with all of our kids and grandkids.  It is such a blessing when we can all be together to count our blessings, and to share in each others lives.  Things are just things, and even houses are nothing compared to the love of family and friends.

Well, this is my post for this Saturday.  I trust you will all enjoy your weekend!

I feel better after sharing my concerns!  Thanks for listening friends!  (Everyone needs to get things off their chests once in awhile!)    :)  Prayers appreciated! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's that time again! Time for Six Word Saturday! Birthday time!

Here are my Six Words:

Another Birthday Has Come And Gone!

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We went to Kansas City on my 64th birthday, August 19th, to celebrate with our middle daughter Lynnette and her husband Kyle, and their 6 kids whose ages are nearly 24, down to age 7.  The 7 year old...(the baby of the family), Harrison, (blue shirt) turned 7 in July, so we also celebrated his birthday, and our grandson Jonas, (orange shirt) turns 11 tomorrow so we did his too.  It was fun to spend this special time together!

 We had fun playing games together!
 Abigail  (21) She isn't in these pictures, so I added one of her.  She is such a sweetheart!

 Jared 24 (on Sept. 12th) and his sweet momma Lynnette!

We used to get our whole family together for almost every birthday so we could celebrate together, but since this daughter and family have moved three hours away, we aren't able to do that very much these days.  Our oldest daughter Lisa, and her husband Brad, and daughter Bailey were on their way home from their vacation in Estes Park Colorado.  We went there with them last year and it was so much fun!  

These are the vacationers who couldn't be with us!  Lisa, Brad and Bailey...and below are Brad and Bailey, (21) on their trail ride in Estes Park.

Our youngest daughter Lonna (picture below), was working so she couldn't join us either.  Her oldest son, William was headed to Colorado with some friends, (first road trip in his new '07 Impala.)  And the other three kids, Julia, (16) Adelynn, (15 in Sept.) and Caleb (17) had school and work since it was during the week.  We missed each of them.

Will took his '07 Impala on his first road trip to Colorado to a Red Rocks Concert

Jonas singing Happy Birthday to Grandma!  Lynnette made me an eggless, gluten-free cheesecake and it was so good!

This was our first road trip in my husband John's '08 Cadillac!  He just got it so we wanted to take it...and it rode really nice!  (He has driven a mini-van for so many years, so I was happy that he could get something that he likes.

These are the pretty flowers John bought me for my birthday!  I love flowers!  Aren't they pretty?  (He let me pick them out!)

All-in-all,  I would say it was a wonderful birthday this year...and it made turning 64 not so bad after all!!!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Six Word Saturday! Anniversary Time Again!

Wow...Saturday is here again already!
These are my six words.  :)

Another Anniversary Has Come And Gone!

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It seems like every day goes faster and faster at my age!

Yesterday was our Anniversary again.  The years seem to be flying by quickly too!
Seems like it was just yesterday that it was 1976!

Me and my Afro Hairstylin' Man!  Back when we got married.  I look way different these days too.  But the love we share is stronger all the time...and just keeps changing with the decades!  :)

 And this is how we look today in 2014.  (Well, basically...  this picture was taken a while back!)
Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before!  :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Six Word Saturday...A beautiful performance!

Six Word Saturday!  :)

This performance really touched my heart!  

Those are my six words for today.

Click here... to hear something so beautiful!  A 16 year old Autistic girl singing the National Anthem with all of her heart and soul!

Have a blessed Saturday!

Love, Linda

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Six Word Saturday...July 12th

My Friend Is Visiting From Arizona

Those are my Six Words for this Saturday!

This is a picture of Toni and her family from many years ago.

Toni and I at a memorial service for Max.

Our friendship has lasted 35 years!  I count it such a blessing to have such a great friend in Toni.  She was raised here in Derby, Kansas where I live...but she moved to Arizona over 25 years ago.  Even though we live so far away from each other, our friendship has remained strong.
She visits here regularly to see her sister, and so we have been able to see each other a lot over the years that we have been apart...and we have also taken vacations together over the years.  Occasionally we go to Arizona and visit with her also.  And of course these days we have email, and facebook to keep us up to date on each others lives.

I feel like our friendship has been a gift from God.  Toni was the first friend I made when I moved here from Colorado 35 years ago.  She was so warm and friendly...and was always ready with a listening ear and a cup of tea when I was in need of a caring friend.

We care about each others family too.  She has two daughters who we are very close with...and now they are grown, married women and each of them has a child.  We were there for their weddings...and like-wise Toni has attended our daughter's weddings also.

Toni's husband Max was our very dear friend too...but he has moved on to heaven.  John and I always did things with Max and Toni...and as I said, we even took vacations together.  It has been such a blessed relationship over the years.

As I am typing this and counting my blessings when it comes to Toni, she is sleeping in the guest room.  We stayed up late visiting and catching up.  We have a week, so I am sure we will do a lot of that.

Anyway, today for Six Word Saturday I just wanted to share my excitement of having my long-time friend here with me!

I hope you all will be having a great Saturday too.  One that is filled with many blessings!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Six Word Saturday...After a Two Month Absence!

Hello...I'm Linda.  I know some of you may not know me...and some may have forgotten me since I rarely blog these days! 

Where does time go?  It has been over two months since I have done a blog-post.  I have always enjoyed Six Word Saturday...and I am glad to see that Cate is still hosting it!  Thanks Cate.  :)

Well let's see...I guess my "Six Words" would be:
I Know God's Timing Is Best!

Why is it that we humans get so impatient?  We always want things to happen lickety-split...and we dislike having to wait!  A couple of months ago when we were listing our house I had the misguided assumption that our house would sell quickly and that we could be moving soon.  This was my plan anyway...But God's timing is always perfect...and I do know it is way better than ours.

Price is... $289,900.

There must be a reason...or maybe many reasons why the house has not sold yet.  Perhaps the house we need to buy isn't even on the market yet.  Perhaps the people meant to live in our house haven't been able to sell theirs yet?  Who knows???  Our last house took nearly 9 months to sell...but everything worked out fine.  I just need to learn to rest in Him!  God has never failed me.  He has always been there for me in all situations...and He has gotten me through every time.  Even the death of three of our grand-children...and many other serious situations.  I know He will not fail me now!

We are wanting to move so that we can help our recently divorced daughter who is raising 4 teenagers on her own.  She has to work full time and there are times that the kids need to go to appointments or activities during her working hours.  There are times when one of the boys needs rides to work and back...and other times when emergencies happen...and we are about 30 miles away, so it is hard to get up there in traffic.  We feel that we should just move up that way and be close enough to help out when needed.  And it would be a joy to be close to our daughter and the kids anyway because we love them all so much!  The kids are all growing up so quickly.

Only God knows what the delay is...and why.  As a human I wonder...and sometimes worry, but as a Christian I know that I should just leave it to God's timing, which is always the best!  Pray for me that I will trust in the Lord and wait patiently on Him.

I find little joys each day of my life to be thankful for...and BIG JOYS too!  There is always a blessing around the corner!  God has been so very good!

I will post a link with our listing in case you know of anyone wanting to buy a house on a golf course in Derby, the Middle of America!  :)  We built it 7 years ago and have enjoyed living here so much.  Our town has been on several lists...and one of them was "Family Circle's (magazine) 10 Best Towns to Raise a Family!"  It really is an awesome place...close to Wichita...and  yet it has a small town feel.  We have lived in Derby for 35 years now.  Moving will be an adventure too...and I am sure we will meet new people and make new friends.  I know that I can make a home anywhere that God calls us to move.  I have been blessed to be a homemaker for most of our marriage...and it is something I enjoy.  We have had 14 grandchildren over the years.  It has been my pleasure to be a part of their lives.  Three of them have passed on to heaven...and we know we will join them one day.  But for now we are loving life and counting each blessing.

Click to view our listing:
Our Home

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Six Word Saturday...Looking Forward to Good Things Ahead!

It is Six Word Saturday time again!

My six words are:  Looking Forward to Good Things Ahead!

Life is good...and we are thankful for all that the Lord provides in our lives.  He has never forgotten us, or forsaken us.  We have always had food and raiment and provisions....and so many blessings we could never count them all..  We have 3 daughters who are grown and we have had 14 grandchildren.  Three of those 14 grandkids now live in heaven...but we are thankful for each and everyone...and for the truth and the fact that we will see those three again when we reach heaven!

The 11 grandkids that still live with us on earth are the joy of our lives...and we love them all so very much.  They range in age from 6 to 23.  There is nothing we wouldn't do for them if it is within our ability.  And of course we lift all of their needs before the Lord in prayer each day.  We want them all to have good lives...lives that are blessed by God!

There are always uncertainties in our lives and we have to simply look to God and trust Him to guide us through the daily pathways.  But we are embarking on a new adventure very shortly.  We will be listing our house and if it sells for the price we need, we will be moving to a different town to be available to help one of  our daughters more.  She has 4 teenagers and is going through a divorce.  Life is hard sometimes...and we all need help at one time or another.  We just want to help where we can....and we have felt that God is prompting us to move that way.  We shall soon see if this is indeed the path we should take.

If it is in God's plan for us...then we are..."Looking Forward to Good Things Ahead!"  If not then we will trust Him to help us find other ways to help.

Happy Saturday everyone.  :)

Love, Linda

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Each Day is a New Beginning

Each Day is a New Beginning

The darkness fades and the dawn appears
A brand new day is here for you

Yesterday’s mistakes are laid to rest
And the Lord’s mercies are fresh and new

Yes, mercy and grace, sufficient for each day
Thank the Lord, bow your head, and humbly begin to pray

Count those blessings, and ask Him for strength
He’ll lead you to still waters where you can freely drink

He is the Living Water so why do we refuse
To drink Him in and be refreshed, and have new tools to use

He supplies our every need, gives us above and beyond all we can ask or even think
Yet some of us are stubborn and refuse to take a drink

He fills us with His Spirit, our comforter and friend
Someone who is with us until the very end

So do not be discouraged…each day is a new beginning
We can bury all those failures and get on the road to winning

He does give us the victory when we run the race with Him
Say good-bye to yesterday and let the new day begin

Because each day is a new beginning!

Written by Linda Hogeland
March 2014