Saturday, September 27, 2014

Six Word Saturday...Still Waiting For House To Sell


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My six words for today:
Still Waiting For House To Sell!

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Hello friends,

Life has been a tiny bit stressful since May 7th when we listed our home.  Yes... five months of house showings makes one weary!  Really the hard part is that everyday we tidy the house just "in case" someone wants to come and view it...and so many days nobody calls for a showing.  Ugh! 

We have had several people view it over these 5 months, but not nearly as many as we thought.  The market has been slow for re-sale homes in our area.  We seem to get the most people through it when our realtor holds an open house, and we have had 4 of those so far.  At our first open house we had 6 families come through, then the next time we had 14 families, then 6, and at the last one we had 8 families.  We have 2 more open houses planned for October.  (Our realtor is an absolute angel and she works hard for us.) 

We have had a couple of serious lookers, and they really liked our house, one couple came back a couple of times, but then they decided to build one in our area instead.  In fact there is a surge of new homes going up in our area....,so that seems to be our issue.  If someone is in our price range, they think they can build and have everything just the way they want it.  But I don't think that is true, because as we found out, it does cost a lot to add a sprinkler system, and landscaping bricks, edging, rock, mulch, and trees etc. (trees are costly and ours are 7 years old so they have some maturity now)...and then there are window coverings (also very costly for custom), and people don't think about all of the expenses "after" all of the building is done!  And they may not be considering the fact that the building process takes about six months.

We have lowered the price a couple of times and now it is lower than we paid for it 7 years ago when it was new!  If it weren't for the fact that we feel led to move to the town that our youngest daughter lives in, to help her with her 4 teenagers that she is raising alone, we might feel like giving up and just taking it off of the market.  We do feel like we need to be closer to them to help, so we will continue to hang in there!

Who knows...maybe today will be the day that someone who can appreciate this lovely home will call for an appointment!  After all...we do want someone to live here that will love it as much as we have.
We just need to quit worrying, and keep on trusting in God's perfect plan for us!  We have been in this position before, (seven years ago) when we built this house and had our other house listed for 8 months before it sold.  It worked out fine in the end though, six months to build and then we only had double house payments for two that wasn't too bad, and it allowed us those two months to move into our new house at our own pace!  (Which was really kind of nice!) Now we are 68 and 64 and moving at our leisure would be even nicer! 

We have loved our beautiful home...and we have thoroughly enjoyed living in our town for 35 years now, and we wouldn't be moving if it weren't important to us to help our daughter and the grandkids.  There is a time for every purpose under heaven!  It is just that we humans don't like to wait!  Ha!  But God has to teach us patience, (it is a virtue), and we must remember that good will come from this!  God has never let us down.  He always provides for our needs.  We have abundant blessings and we are so thankful for God's provision.

Today we are having a family gathering at lunch time, and we are excited to just relax and be together with all of our kids and grandkids.  It is such a blessing when we can all be together to count our blessings, and to share in each others lives.  Things are just things, and even houses are nothing compared to the love of family and friends.

Well, this is my post for this Saturday.  I trust you will all enjoy your weekend!

I feel better after sharing my concerns!  Thanks for listening friends!  (Everyone needs to get things off their chests once in awhile!)    :)  Prayers appreciated!