Thursday, December 30, 2010

Share Christmas With Your Chums

Lynnette @ Dancing Barefoot is having a blog hop where you can share Christmas with your chums. Just click on the button and join in the fun! But hurry up because the party is almost over!

Our Christmas with the Kids and Grandkids was a week before Christmas. We had beef and noodles, cheese bread and trifle to make it easy. And my girls all brought munchies.

There were 20 of us and we all had at least 4 it took quite awhile opening gifts. It gets kinda loud and crazy, but we all have fun.

Before the chaos began, John read the Christmas story and gave a short devotion. It is good to reflect on the true meaning of our celebration.

We started at noon, and most of the crew was gone by suppertime, but then our oldest daughter and her family who live here in town stayed longer, and then we went to see the Christmas lights in Wichita. It was a good way to end the evening.

So, the week before Christmas John and I just had quiet time together, and on Christmas Eve we went to a Candlelight Christmas Eve Service. It was beautiful.

Here are some pictures of the fun with the family, and some of our decorations.

I hope you had a joy-filled Christmas...and that you will have a very Blessed New Year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Lord Will Light My Candle~Re-post

Today for Wednesday's Lazy Walk Down Memory Lane I am re-posting a blog from 2008.

Just click here: The Lord Will Light My Candle

It was a post I wrote after attending a wonderful Christmas Eve service two years ago. In just a couple of days we will be attending another one at the same church. I am really looking forward to the blessings we will receive this year as we worship the Lord and celebrate His birth once again.

Join in the fun and link up with Jenilee by clicking on the button below.

Lazy Wednesday's Walk

Thursday, December 16, 2010


You might know some of these gals...and some you might not recognize. That's ok...I'm just searching for hairstyles for medium hair lengths and some of these came up. I think I prefer bangs...yet there weren't too many with bangs in the pictures that I looked at. And then again...not a one of them is old, chubby or wearing glasses! Tee Hee Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a glamor girl...just trying to do the best with what I have! (:>)

I usually wear my hair really short, but a year ago I started growing it out...just because I wanted a different look. But it takes so long to get it long enough to do much with it, and so I have been tempted to just cut it short again.

I think it is really feminine to have longer hair. But on the other hand it takes so much longer to dry it and style it.

I look at these styles and think I like them...but of course they wouldn't look the same on a mature woman like me. I have been pulling it up and using clips and just curling the bangs and the stray tendrils... and that's pretty easy.

But if I just want to wear it down and casual it just never looks like I want it to look.

I used to have thick hair and if that were still the case I would LOVE to wear it like this! (And I like the color of the weaving here too.)

Do you all ever just wish you could do your hair different? I am so much wanting to either find a style that works for me...or I know I am going to cave and just get it cut off again. And that seems silly after going through more than a year with the growing out process only to cut it off! Ugh!

One friend says I should do it dark again...but I was getting so much gray I didn't want to have to color it once a month so I just got a lighter weave to blend in the gray. See all the gray in my dark hair?

And here it is really short! Like I have worn it for so many years.

This is me today as I head out to do my final Christmas shopping. See, nothing special...just kind of blah! (:>) I keep thinking I should just keep growing it a few more inches and then get some layers put in it. But then comes the question of color. Darker? (I have always heard that when you get older you shouldn't go darker because it can make you look harsh) Or more highlights? (But is going lighter much different than just letting it go gray naturally?)'s hard to be a girl! Ha (That is funny....a 60 year old calling herself a girl!)

I'm not really sure what I will do...and even when I do try something different it never looks like the pictures. Ha! Does this happen to you too?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Just Me!

I need to tell myself..."Don't be proud as a peacock!"
Cuz in reality..."I ain't all that!"

I’m Just Me

I’m just me...that’s all that I can say
I can’t be like you…or all the rest, cuz I’m just made this way!

I don’t like to watch football…it makes me feel nervous and undone
I just don’t really understand it, and in the end I don’t care who’s won

That doesn’t make me better, or any worse than you
I’m sure that there is something that you don’t get into

I’m just me…that’s all that I can say
I can’t be like you…or all the rest, cuz I’m just made this way!

I love spring and autumn, much better than the freezing cold or the burning heat
But hey, if you like winter and summer, that’s fine with me; I’m not trying to compete

To each their own… in tastes and desires... I don’t really want you to change
I’m just saying that I know what I like… and I’m not planning to rearrange!

I’m just me…that’s all that I can say
I can’t be like you…or all the rest, cuz I’m just made this way!

I like peace and quiet… and I like for things to be calm
But if you like wild and crazy, that’s just fine…I don’t have a qualm

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round
So let’s just… live and let live… and not bring trouble into this town

I’m just me…that’s all I can say
I can’t be like you…or all the rest, cuz I’m just made this way!

We’re told to love our neighbors and also our enemies too
Some people only love themselves and don’t care what others do

Yet others want to put you down because you’re not like them
I say that that just isn’t right…to beat them down… just on a whim

What happened to the freedoms that America was founded on?
The way things look out there today, I’d say they’re pretty much gone!

I’m just me…that’s all that I can say
I can’t be like you…or all the rest, cuz I’m just made this way!

I wish that we would be like God and love everyone the same
Instead of hating others just because they won’t play our game

There is freedom in Christ Jesus… but not freedom to offend, or to cause someone to fall
I say it’s time to stop and ask if I’ve done that at all?

Cuz if I have… then I’m ashamed and the Lord will be my judge
And if you see others doing the same just give them a friendly nudge

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me
For dying to self is an on-going task, but it sets the prisoner free

Free to start esteeming others… far above yourself
Reaching out to others in Christ’s love… being happy to share His wealth

If we’d all just put down the boxing gloves and lay them at Jesus’ feet
I think we’d all be better off…and life could be oh so sweet

So next time I put my wall up…I hope the Lord helps me knock it to the ground
And if you’re up on the pedestal too, I hope that you’ll climb down

It doesn’t hurt us to be gentle, or to try to listen to our foes
We should just ask Jesus to help us, and to keep us on our toes

“Speak the truth in love”… sounds easy… but why do I so often fail?
“I’m just me”… gets in the way… and self too often prevails

We think that we’re not guilty and that what we do is alright
But even when we think we aren’t pious…our actions can cause a big fight

It’s ok to have things we like to do, but let’s give them all to the Lord
“He remembers that we are but dust”…yet He wants us to live in one accord

“I’m just me” is a cop out…cuz I’m nobody without YOU on my side
From now on “it’s just you… Lord”…and help me to let go of my pride

Written by Linda Hogeland
December 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Mother's Heart.......Poem

A picture of me at 14 with my two nieces and my mom, Margie at age 49.

A picture of my mom shortly before her death at age 71.

A picture of my husband's mom, Edith with her 7 children...she was a mother to me for 32 years and we became so very close.

A picture of my sister Judy at age 14. She was 8 years older than me and she mothered me all of my life until her death two years ago. I loved her so much.

I did this post a few days ago but today in memory of my Mother I am linking it up to Wednesday's Lazy Walk ...down memory lane. You see today is the anniversary of my mother's home-going. She has been gone for 24 years...and yet I remember her everyday. She was a wonderful mother to me and I loved her very much. She had a loving..."Mother's Heart", and she taught me how to be a mother by her example.

I love you Mom...and I will see you again when I get to heaven! I will love introducing you to your Grandsons-in-law..and all of your great-grandchildren that you never met...when they join us there one day. Some of those great-grandchildren have gone on before us, and you already know them, and you are loving them for us until we can join you all there and spend eternity with Jesus together!

Lazy Wednesday's Walk

A Mother’s Heart

A mother’s heart is tender, and a mother’s heart is kind
Always caring for her children…as they’re always on her mind

She may find it hard to discipline when they give her… that sad look
But a mother does it anyway if she’s living by The Book

She wants to give them everything, but knows that she just can’t
No matter if they beg, or cry, or continually rant

She seems to know what’s good for them… and also what is not
She cares for them continually and loves them all a lot

She’ll sacrifice things for her kids… and that comes naturally
Her needs are gladly laid aside… so all their needs won’t be

She hears their cries during the night and swiftly goes to them
And when they’re sick she is a nurse and softly sings a hymn

Calling on her Lord above she asks Him for His care
And with a heart so full of love she lays her children there

There before the Father she places her dear child
And asks Him for His healing touch so gentle and so mild

The Lord made her a mother and gave her a loving heart
And that is so apparent from the moment her love starts

The mother’s heart starts loving…with that baby’s first heartbeat
And it grows deeper each second as they sit there at her feet

As she sees them from the window when they are hard at play
A mother’s heart keeps praying for that child throughout the day

And when that child is older…and goes out there on his own
A mother’s heart keeps praying even when that child is grown

Even when that child gets married…and has children of his own
That mother’s heart goes daily to put their needs before His throne

A mother’s heart is happy and it is full of joy
She would gladly lay her life down for that precious girl or boy

She is like the loving shepherd gathering sheep into the fold
I thank God for a mother’s heart…it’s a wonder to behold

Written by Linda Hogeland
December 2010