Thursday, December 2, 2010

In The Stillness of The Morning

Just some peaceful pictures to go along with my poem. I love the beauty of God's creation...don't you?

This is a giant wisteria in Japan...isn't it awesome?

Table Rock Lake in peaceful.

I took a picture of this bird in a tree outside our condo in Branson. I just love God's wonderful creations!

In The Stillness of the Morning ~~~ Written by Linda Hogeland~~~ December 2010

In the stillness of the morning as I sit here in the quiet
I wonder why the world is always in a crazy riot?

It is so very nice to sit here in this quiet, peace
And meditate on Jesus as He gives me sweet release

When was the last time that you sought this kind of solitude?
You really should embrace it…it improves your attitude

I know that life is busy… but then, it is just what we make it
Slow down, breathe in, breathe out, and then remember not to fake it

Sincerely meet your Savior in the morning with a prayer
And wait on His direction as you sit there in your chair

Read a little tidbit in the Proverbs or the Psalms
And wait awhile till Jesus brings that blessed, peaceful calm

The stillness of the morning is indeed a precious gift
I really do enjoy it and it gives my heart a lift

I want to share this secret so that you can have peace too
So get up a little early and find out what this can do

I know that you will like it, as you make it your routine
Sweet communion with the Savior offers much for you to glean

As the world slowly awakens and the rat race does begin
You will now be more prepared to face the day and even win

Win that battle over worry, and the very hurried pace
As you wake up a little early to meet Jesus face to face

I love the morning stillness, no phones, no noise, no cares
To interrupt the sweetness as I greet Him with my prayers

After all, the Bible tells us…“be still and know that I am God.”
Yet we don’t often listen…and I find that a bit odd

Why is it we reject Him…and don’t listen to His call?
We have everything to gain and nothing to lose at all

So greet the morning stillness…and sit there for awhile
You will feel His calming presence…as your face begins to smile


Verna said...

How True! Linda, I love reading your poems! It is so true that we should all take time out of our days to reflect on God and what he has and is doing in our lives.

I know I loved the week I had alone in South Dakota where the pace was so much slower then here at home.

Please tell me what is the first photo? It so beautiful!

Good to be a Queen said...

Beautiful Poem!!! Just what the Father ordered....
Thank you so much for the encouraging words about my daughter and son-in-law...We have waited 10 years for this and pray that everything will work out for both..

Cherry Lynn said...

You're a very talented writer, Linda. I enjoyed reading this, and look forward to reading more.

Cherry @ On This Journey

Kristin said...

Your poems are such treasures and full of wisdom! I love your pictures!

Tonya said...

This poem is beautiful, and I needed to read it today! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for praying for my family, especially Matthew. When I read that you AND your husband prayed for us this morning, it touched my heart more than you will know. Love and blessings to you!

Veronica said...

Beautiful poem, Momma! I really wish I could spend more time with the Lord in the mornings but I just don't. I get up early with Lyss for school and then the race begins. I love how you said here to pray and then wait for him to give you direction for your day. I need to start doing that!

croleyc69 said...

Beautiful poem and beautiful pictures. You write so well and I enjoy reading them so much.