Thursday, December 30, 2010

Share Christmas With Your Chums

Lynnette @ Dancing Barefoot is having a blog hop where you can share Christmas with your chums. Just click on the button and join in the fun! But hurry up because the party is almost over!

Our Christmas with the Kids and Grandkids was a week before Christmas. We had beef and noodles, cheese bread and trifle to make it easy. And my girls all brought munchies.

There were 20 of us and we all had at least 4 it took quite awhile opening gifts. It gets kinda loud and crazy, but we all have fun.

Before the chaos began, John read the Christmas story and gave a short devotion. It is good to reflect on the true meaning of our celebration.

We started at noon, and most of the crew was gone by suppertime, but then our oldest daughter and her family who live here in town stayed longer, and then we went to see the Christmas lights in Wichita. It was a good way to end the evening.

So, the week before Christmas John and I just had quiet time together, and on Christmas Eve we went to a Candlelight Christmas Eve Service. It was beautiful.

Here are some pictures of the fun with the family, and some of our decorations.

I hope you had a joy-filled Christmas...and that you will have a very Blessed New Year.


4 Blessings said...

It looks like your family had a wonderful Christmas! God's blessings to you in the new year.

Karin said...

No photos of our Christmas family gathering this year - so there's nothing much to share. Our son just moved back home from his studies in the US and everything was helter skelter. We had great family time - but no one was in the mood for photos!

Your Christmas photos look great and I'm glad you had a wonderful time! Be blessed in the New Year!

Veronica said...

Your Christmas sounded like fun! We had a ton of family over too for Christmas morning and it was a little crazy but a lot of fun!

Love how John read the story of Christmas to everyone. I agree that it's special and important to remember the real reason for Christmas!

Hope you have a Happy New Year! Can you believe I only have one week until my blog get together with Stephanie and Amanda? I'm getting so excited!

Kristin said...

Looks like a beautiful Christmas! Your decorations were all so beautiful too! I bet it's a lot of fun to be in your family :)

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Looks like a wonderful, blessed Christmas with your family! I love the lights and other gorgeous decorations. Just lovely!

Coby said...

What a fun day! As wonderful as our quiet Christmas was, I also love the chaos that a whole group of family brings!

Janet said...

Loved the pictures. It looked like you had so much fun with all your blessings!

Have a Safe, Healthy, Happy New Year!

Blessings & Hugs

Becca said...

Your Christmas sounded so wonderful! I think it is so great to make sure to reflect back on the true meaning of Christmas and there really is no better way of doing that by reading the story. We read it to the girls as their bedtime story on Christmas Eve. The pictures show a ton of fun!

Thank you for the Christmas card and the picture as well! That was very sweet of you!

I hope you and your family all have a wonderful and Happy New Year!!

Lynnette Kraft said...

It was a lovely Christmas, Momma. Thank you for the beef and noodles (YUM!), and all of the wonderful gifts! You picked such nice things for all of us.

You and Dad are so special and we are so glad you love us all so much. We love you to pieces.

Fun pictures. :)


Deanna said...

Linda, What a merry Christmas you had with so many loved ones. Looks like a lot of fun and laughter.

Precious friend, may you have a sweet new year,