Saturday, June 28, 2014

Six Word Saturday...After a Two Month Absence!

Hello...I'm Linda.  I know some of you may not know me...and some may have forgotten me since I rarely blog these days! 

Where does time go?  It has been over two months since I have done a blog-post.  I have always enjoyed Six Word Saturday...and I am glad to see that Cate is still hosting it!  Thanks Cate.  :)

Well let's see...I guess my "Six Words" would be:
I Know God's Timing Is Best!

Why is it that we humans get so impatient?  We always want things to happen lickety-split...and we dislike having to wait!  A couple of months ago when we were listing our house I had the misguided assumption that our house would sell quickly and that we could be moving soon.  This was my plan anyway...But God's timing is always perfect...and I do know it is way better than ours.

Price is... $289,900.

There must be a reason...or maybe many reasons why the house has not sold yet.  Perhaps the house we need to buy isn't even on the market yet.  Perhaps the people meant to live in our house haven't been able to sell theirs yet?  Who knows???  Our last house took nearly 9 months to sell...but everything worked out fine.  I just need to learn to rest in Him!  God has never failed me.  He has always been there for me in all situations...and He has gotten me through every time.  Even the death of three of our grand-children...and many other serious situations.  I know He will not fail me now!

We are wanting to move so that we can help our recently divorced daughter who is raising 4 teenagers on her own.  She has to work full time and there are times that the kids need to go to appointments or activities during her working hours.  There are times when one of the boys needs rides to work and back...and other times when emergencies happen...and we are about 30 miles away, so it is hard to get up there in traffic.  We feel that we should just move up that way and be close enough to help out when needed.  And it would be a joy to be close to our daughter and the kids anyway because we love them all so much!  The kids are all growing up so quickly.

Only God knows what the delay is...and why.  As a human I wonder...and sometimes worry, but as a Christian I know that I should just leave it to God's timing, which is always the best!  Pray for me that I will trust in the Lord and wait patiently on Him.

I find little joys each day of my life to be thankful for...and BIG JOYS too!  There is always a blessing around the corner!  God has been so very good!

I will post a link with our listing in case you know of anyone wanting to buy a house on a golf course in Derby, the Middle of America!  :)  We built it 7 years ago and have enjoyed living here so much.  Our town has been on several lists...and one of them was "Family Circle's (magazine) 10 Best Towns to Raise a Family!"  It really is an awesome place...close to Wichita...and  yet it has a small town feel.  We have lived in Derby for 35 years now.  Moving will be an adventure too...and I am sure we will meet new people and make new friends.  I know that I can make a home anywhere that God calls us to move.  I have been blessed to be a homemaker for most of our marriage...and it is something I enjoy.  We have had 14 grandchildren over the years.  It has been my pleasure to be a part of their lives.  Three of them have passed on to heaven...and we know we will join them one day.  But for now we are loving life and counting each blessing.

Click to view our listing:
Our Home

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