Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Things

Well, here's a post of random things.

Yesterday was our 35th Anniversary, and I was sick with a migraine, so we didn't celebrate yet. It also would have been our sweet granddaughter Anna's 13th birthday here on earth....but instead she is celebrating in heaven with Jesus! We will see her again and that brings us comfort and joy!

This is a card our friend had made for us.

My hubby bought me two dozen roses, aren't they pretty? I love roses! What are your favorite flowers?

Right now all ten of my fingernails are the same length! And I did a manicure without messing them up! That doesn't happen very often. Usually I spend all of that time doing them and then I do something awkward and mess them up and ruin them.

Yay!!! I can't believe I haven't broken them yet!

But they are almost too long and I will probably cut them shorter soon.

This is my sweet honey. He is so good to me and to our kids and grandkids!

We recently got to spend some time with the four youngest Kraft grandkids...Cecily, Silas, Jonas, and Harrison.

We do a lot of family parties, but don't often get to have them to ourselves.

Their older siblings, Jared and Abigail were out of town, and their mom and dad went on a date.

So Grandpa went to get Pizza and we had fun laughing around the table with them, and then we took them to the movies to see The Zookeeper.

Then back home for some snacks and some time watching the boys wrestle and play together. And before too long their folks came to get them. It was a special evening.

Oh, and please click here to read about an infertility fundraiser for my friend Megan.

Then come back here and listen to this song by Christy Nockels.
By Our Love

Friday, July 22, 2011

Megan's Prayer! ~A Poem~ by Linda Hogeland

Megan’s Prayer

There is a yearning in my heart Lord that just never goes away
I come before your throne of grace and bow my knees to pray

I know you see my longing Lord and you hear my constant cry
But Lord this empty feeling makes me feel so barren and so dry

I want to be a mother Lord and hold babies in my arms
To gaze into their faces and be won by all their charms

I need to feel their chubby cheeks as I brush them with my kisses
Oh Lord please hear my prayers to you and grant these heart felt wishes

I feel like Hannah of long ago who begged you for a son
She laid it all before you Lord, and you gave her more than one

She dedicated him to you…and I will do this too
For every blessing from above is sent to us from you

I know you have a plan for me…and may I be content
Not my will but thine oh Lord…I yield, humble and spent

Perhaps there is a child out there who needs me like no other
I am willing Lord to raise that child, and hear him call me mother

Whatever you decide dear Lord, I trust your perfect will
I just need grace from day to day to climb this rocky hill

For 8 long years we’ve waited Lord and looked to you for grace
We’ve prayed to see a miracle from the One who hung the stars in space

May I be a faithful witness Lord and share your love with others
Especially with those who just like me are longing to be mothers

No matter what, you are the King, deserving of our praise
So I will raise my arms to you throughout the coming days

You tell us to delight in you… and these things will come to be
Oh Lord I do delight in you…and may you be pleased with me

This is my Psalm, a song to you, my heart’s desire and my prayer
I know your peace will come to me, and I can find rest there!

Written for Megan by Linda Hogeland…July 2011

Please Meet My Beautiful Friend Megan! She Has The Most Beautiful Eyes...The Window To Her Beautiful Soul!

I have a sweet Christian friend named Megan, and she and her husband Kyle have been trying to conceive for 8 long years. My prayers are going up on their behalf...and I hope they will be able to become a family one day soon through conception or adoption.

A very nice lady named,Jen Young...who sells Thirty-One Gifts, has decided to do a fundraiser for Kyle and Megan, and it will go on until August 13th. (Thirty-One Gifts is a faith based company based off Proverbs 31. They offer stylish and affordable totes, purses, and accessories to help make every day life easier.)

You can win this purse! You will be entered into a drawing if you make a purchase!

I am so excited to join in and help, by making a purchase, and also by posting about it here on my blog, and on Facebook.

I would appreciate it so much if you would click on the link and read their story, and see if you are led to help out. And if you cannot make a purchase...please pray for them to be able to conceive or to adopt...and that God will provide the finances that will be needed.

Prayer is important...and prayer changes things! God wants us to bear one anothers burdens, and to pray for other people and for their needs. It would be wonderful help if you could share her link, or her Blog Button on your blog and/or on facebook. And would you please leave her a comment of encouragement and a promise to pray for her!

Thank You...And May God Bless You!

Click here to read Megan's story:

Megan's blog

And here is how you can participate:

* Click here: www.mythirtyone.com/JenYoung/
* Go to: "My Events" (Under her Picture on the top right)
* Look for: Megan Carlson's Fundraiser
* Select: "Shop Now"

My Six Words:

Please Help Megan And Kyle Carlson!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Church time!

Off to church with love in my heart!

I hope y'all will have a lovely Lord's Day too.

I love you!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rise and Shine Poem

Rise and Shine ...By Linda Hogeland…July 2011

This morning when I got out of bed
I looked out the window and saw a big ball of red

It was the sun rising in the sky
Yet great drops of water were falling from on high

I thought to myself how can this be?
Sunshine and rain simultaneously!

We need the rain, so I won’t complain
But sunshine and rain were just messin’ with my brain

The rain usually falls on a cloudy day
When the clouds hide the sun till the rain goes away

But this morning none of that was true
The rain fell from a sky of blue

Do we shine for Jesus in that same way…
Are we rays of sunshine on a dreary day?

Can people see Jesus living in us…
When the rest of the world seems to argue and fuss?

Are we a bright ray of light when people are sad
Or a calming balm when someone is mad?

We can be rainbows after a storm
Or even in the midst, if our love is warm

We can be shelter, a place for people to run
When all of life seems to be coming undone

We can be an umbrella held out to a friend
A covering of mercy, a shield from the wind

What better time will there ever be
To offer help... than when people need me?

So as I poured my coffee I gave it some thought
And decided to try all that Jesus has taught

He showed us examples time after time
And He expects us each morning… to rise and to shine!

I'm linking up with Wednesday's walk today. Why not link your posts and tell your story!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Fun... and Six Word Saturday

A Fun Friday Planned By Hubby!
These are my six words today for Six Word Saturday!

I haven't done a lot lately because of the heat. It was a bit cooler yesterday and my hubby asked me if I wanted to go out and play? And then he planned our day. All things that I like to do. (smile)
What a guy!...he is so sweet to me.

First we stopped by to see my friend at her collectibles shop. I found this little metal container, and he bought it for me.

We went to another antique mall in Park City, and then we headed off to Cracker Barrel for lunch!

I had a gift card from my daughter Lynnette and her family, so I used it to buy this cute top! Hubby helped me pick it out. I was going to use it to pay for our lunch but he wouldn't let me.

I didn't eat chicken, because I am allergic...but this is the kind of food that they have there...down home cookin'!

Then he took me to see a movie at the Warren. We saw Larry Crowne and it was cute.

They had a Mater tow truck look alike from the movie Cars 2 out in the parking lot. I thought it was cute so I took a couple of pictures. We saw that movie when we took our Silas and most of his family on his 10th birthday on June 27th.

After the movie we went to World Market...cuz I love that place. I bought a six pack of my favorite Blood Orange Italian Soda that I love, and some English Breakfast Tea.

When we got back to our town we went to Kohl's and bought a few things on sale with a coupon, and a gift card...and then ate tacos at Taco Bell. I took a picture of us just for fun. John always thinks it is weird, but he was a good sport!

At this point he was probably ready to go home, but instead we took a little drive...and then finally we went back home. It was a lovely evening and I asked him if he wanted to take a little walk around the neighborhood...but he said NO! Can you believe it? I'm only kidding, I know I had tuckered him out...after a day of running around doing all of my favorite things! (smile) I am so blessed!

What did you do on your Friday, or Saturday? Why not link your post and fill us in.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Fun!

We had a great fourth of July! First my hubby grilled steaks for 19 of us on his new grill... bless his heart! I fixed oven roasted potatoes, and cheese bread, and tossed together a green salad. I also made a whipped strawberry salad, and cut up some watermelon, and daughter Lisa fixed some wonderful baked beans and brought them. For deserts I made shortbread, and a chocolate cake and my daughter Lynnette brought a fruit crisp. So we had lots to eat!!! And lemonade, iced tea, and water to drink.

After dinner Lynnette and some of the kids ran down the street to Starbucks to get coffee! (Well they actually took a vehicle...but it is close enough to walk to if ya wanted some exercise!)

We also celebrated a couple of birthdays while we were all together....Grandson Silas turned 10 and Granddaughter Julia turned 13.

Before dark, Grandpa let the kids shoot off the firecrackers and the parachutes and other things that popped! Then after dark they shot off all of the pretty fireworks, and did the sparklers. Oh my goodness the whole neighborhood did fireworks...they were all around us.

I think pretty much everyone got into the act lighting them and enjoying them! Except me...cuz Grandma Linda doesn't like the booms! But I watched from the house, and also from the deck. And a couple of times I did try to go outside for awhile...but it's just not my thing. My heart jumps too much if I don't plug my ears! (One year I actually bought ear plugs and that helped...but I still "felt" the booms!) Ha!

Lynnette took all of these pictures as the fun was going on. I intended to take some pictures too...but my camera wasn't charged. So thank you Lynnette for capturing the memories! Those of you who follow her blog have already seen these pictures that I borrowed from her. (:>)

I hope that each of you enjoyed your July 4th celebrations and family times! God bless all of you bloggy friends...and God Bless America!

Outside fun!

Inside fun!


I think we were all tuckered out...but it was worth it...and we enjoyed every minute!

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