Sunday, July 17, 2011

Church time!

Off to church with love in my heart!

I hope y'all will have a lovely Lord's Day too.

I love you!



Good to be a Queen said...

My lovely friend you are a wonderful ray of sunshine...May this Lord's day bless you as well!!!

Kristin said...

Hope you have a beautiful day today! :)

Deanna said...

Sweet Summer Blessings to you and a blessed Lord's Day to you also!

Wish I was going to church with you....have been sick coughing. Hope to kick this soon.

Linda, Have a restful day,

Maryellen said...

Hope you had a blessed Lord's Day.
We did - enjoying the children at VBS this month.

Hope your able to catch Winne The Pooh too!

Blessings <><

Rebecca said...

Beautiful Lord's day indeed. Almost over now.

Just so you know...I might have fallen and banged up my legs and hip, but the WASP is DEAD!

I win!

xoRebecca :)