Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Things

Well, here's a post of random things.

Yesterday was our 35th Anniversary, and I was sick with a migraine, so we didn't celebrate yet. It also would have been our sweet granddaughter Anna's 13th birthday here on earth....but instead she is celebrating in heaven with Jesus! We will see her again and that brings us comfort and joy!

This is a card our friend had made for us.

My hubby bought me two dozen roses, aren't they pretty? I love roses! What are your favorite flowers?

Right now all ten of my fingernails are the same length! And I did a manicure without messing them up! That doesn't happen very often. Usually I spend all of that time doing them and then I do something awkward and mess them up and ruin them.

Yay!!! I can't believe I haven't broken them yet!

But they are almost too long and I will probably cut them shorter soon.

This is my sweet honey. He is so good to me and to our kids and grandkids!

We recently got to spend some time with the four youngest Kraft grandkids...Cecily, Silas, Jonas, and Harrison.

We do a lot of family parties, but don't often get to have them to ourselves.

Their older siblings, Jared and Abigail were out of town, and their mom and dad went on a date.

So Grandpa went to get Pizza and we had fun laughing around the table with them, and then we took them to the movies to see The Zookeeper.

Then back home for some snacks and some time watching the boys wrestle and play together. And before too long their folks came to get them. It was a special evening.

Oh, and please click here to read about an infertility fundraiser for my friend Megan.

Then come back here and listen to this song by Christy Nockels.
By Our Love


Deb said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my dilemma with Blogger!!! HOPEfully, it's gonna be better since I switched to Firefox!! Your nails look gorgeous...I've NEVER been able to have nice nails, for whatever reason!!! I'm your newest follower, Ms. Linda!!! HOPE you have a great day!!!

Deb said...

P.S....Happy Belated Anniversary!!!

Janet said...

Happy Anniversary. We just had our 32nd.
I hope you are feeling better weird thing is I have a slight miagrane today so I stayed home from work.
Looks like you had a great time with the grands. They are such a blessing.
I love your nails. I bite mine so they are never very pretty. I know it is a nasty habit, Most times I don't even know I am doing it.

Have a blessed day!

Kristin said...

Hope you're feeling better today :) Those roses are so beautiful and so is your manicure! My nails would never grow that long....yours are so pretty!

Michelle said...

Totally jealous of your nails! My split and break all the time:( My favorite flower is the peony. I plan on planting some in the spring:)

Happy Anniversary!

Deanna said...

Wonderful remembrance. The roses are gorgeous and I really like them. So pretty. I don't have a favorite flower...like so many!

You are an inspiration to me. With all that you have been through in the past you have a wonderful husband that loves you! A lovely home.

Migraines are awful. I have fewer these days, but know how horrible they are. May you get to feeling so much better. No more migraines.

One of these days Linda, I'd like to go out for coffee with you and tell stories!!! Girl Talk!!!

Time with the Grands is grand. Sweet kids.
God bless,

Deanna said...


Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary!! Congrats on so many years! Migraines are terrible! No fun when one of those comes on! Hoping your feeling better today!

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Happy Anniversary! It's always a blessing to hear about marriage anniversaries!!
Your nails looks gorgeous! & I'm glad you were able to spend some time with the grandkids. How was the Zookeeper? I'm sure I'd laugh like crazy since I'm told I have a strange sense of humor! :D

-Many Smiles!!

Karin said...

Happy Anniversary and many more wonderful years together and new adventures with the Lord!

You did a beautiful job on your nails! Time with grands - so much fun!

Caroline said...

Nice nails , I just can't grow them.

Praying your feeling better.

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple.

BARBIE said...

Happy anniversary to you! I am sorry you were sick though. And I agree. Your nails are gorgeous and I love the color. Looks like you had a great time wtih the grandkids.

Jenilee said...

Happy Anniversary!!! those roses are so beautiful!

Bethe77 said...

Sorry to hear you were under the weatehr on your anniversary. Hope you are feeling better.
Happy belated wonderful anniversary to you.
Pretty hands!
So much fun with the grands.
Makes me want to plan another trip to see mine right away.
you are surely blessed

Malena said...

Just read this. Enjoyed the pictures. Happy belated anniversary! We were married in '68, divorced in '81, remarried in '83! God is Faithful! Roses are still my favorite;I grew up in a little shack, but we had a two lots full of gorgeous roses of every hue & variety that my grandfather grew. Sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. It can't be long before you'll see her! Until then, keep writing!:)

Lynnette Kraft said...

Ah, sweet post. I'm sorry you had a migraine on your anniversary. Bummer!

Thank you for loving your daughters, sons-in-laws and grandchildren so much. We feel truly blessed by you and Dad. So wonderful you both are - loving, caring, giving - and most importantly... faithful servants of Jesus Christ. What a beautiful example you set for all that are watching... and we are. :) We all love both of you so much too.


Renee said...

What a sweet post, Linda! Your grandkids are beautiful. Love your blog. Thanks for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!

Becca said...

Happy 35th Anniversary and Happy 13th to your sweet Anna too! I cannot believe how long your nails are! I am so jealous, mine are paper thin and on their best days they will reach a bit above my skin. HA!

Sounds like you two had a great time with your grandkids! Y'all are some awesome grandparents!

Lyn said...

Belated Happy Anniversary and I'm so sorry to hear you had to spend it having a migraine. Being a migraine sufferer myself, my heart goes out to you.
Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving a comment. Your nails are awesome. Being a cleaner it is a waste of time even trying to have nice nails

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Looks like you had a lovely anniversary. What a beautiful testimony...thirty-five years! Love your gorgeous nails, too!

Even though I'm just getting over to visit, I thought of sweet Anna on her birthday. Such a beautiful little pumpkin. I always love seeing her smile in the pics you and Lynnette post. Can't wait to see that smile in person one day in heaven's glory.

Love to you...