Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Cecily! Anna's Sister And Best Friend!

Cecily was Anna's best friend and playmate. They did everything together. She will have her own story to tell someday as she matures and grows in the Lord. All of our hearts went out to Cecily Kate when she lost her little sister. She perhaps lost more and felt more than her young age would allow her to put into words. Yet she ministered to her mom and dad daily by trying to encourage them, and always hugging them, and asking them how they were doing?,.. and by reminding them that she was still there to love them. She would say with a smile,..."You still have me!" I think she felt like she needed to do something to help,...and that was her way.

She hung close to mama after Anna went to be with Jesus. She would stay home with her instead of going on errands with her daddy and the rest of the family. She didn 't even want to come and spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa for a long time. I think she felt like her mama needed her.

And indeed she did! She has become such a good helper with her three younger brothers,...but especially with Harrison, the one year old. She can be trusted and relied upon to watch after him while mama is busy. She loves to hold him and carry him and play with him. He is an outlet for her affection.

I would never leave Cecily out on purpose,...she is such an important member of the family. She is a lovebug. She is always smiling. She is warm and friendly and has an innocence that blesses us all.

I know she will never forget Anna. Everyday she continues to be in her heart and in her memory and in her conversations. She will have her best friend back someday when she greets her in heaven.

We all look forward to the day when we see Anna again,...but I think Cecily longs for this as much or more than we do.

Sweey Cecily, are a blessing to us all!

Four Years Ago Today My 6 Year Old Granddaughter Went To Heaven

(A Note To My Daughter)
My very brave,and beautiful daughter, Thank you for this wonderful pictorial reminder of the joy- filled times with Anna Gabriel. This must have been hard for you to post, but bittersweet might be a better word. You wouldn't have the pain if you hadn't had these wonderful times, ...and the memories remain and that is a gift!. I am so glad we had Anna for 6 precious years. It was such a privilege to be her grandma. I know that you feel totally blessed to be her mommy.

On this anniversary of her home-going we should all thank God for her affect on our lives. We know it was all in God's plan from the beginning of her life, and He sent this lovely little person to touch the hearts of many. On this official release day for your book, I can't help but wonder just how many more people He will touch,...and even change, through the story. His timing is amazing.

Your book involves more than Anna's time with you, and I can see how God was preparing you from the very beginning of your life with Kyle, to reach this point. I can't help but feel that this is God's book. A book he will use over and over again through the years to bring glory to Himself , and grace and hope to others. Aren't you excited to see the fruits of His labor, and of yours? You and your Savior are a very good team Lynnette. And then there is the fact that right in your own family these trials have formed and fashioned Jared and Abigail's lives and now they are His instruments of grace too. And who knows how it will domino down to touch Cecily, Silas, Jonas and Harrison,...and any little unborn Kraft children also. Your story lives on, and on, and on. Praise God!

Not to mention that you had a very strong companion on this journey, in your wonderful husband Kyle Eugene. He is a HUGE part of your story. And in fact, there would be no story without him. As a husband and father he has willingly walked in the paths that God has led him down. He has been a stronghold for you, your children and the rest of us. And even for those who stood on the sidelines and watched you pass by on this journey. This mother-in-law will never forget his strength,...strength that came from being totally yielded to the leading of The Holy Spirit. He was an instument of His love to all those around him, and a bold witness of God's amazing power. Yes, it was God working His will through him. God continues to use you both, and I think it is great how you help each other. I have seen your love for each other grow, as your love of God has grown throughout these 20 years together. Ok, I have to add this part. If God can use an 18 year old girl and a wanna be rock star who met by chance while driving down the street,... and grow them up to be what they are today to accomplish His purpose,...He can use anybody, anywhere, I right? (:>) To God be all the glory, power, and honor, and praise!!! Amen? Amen!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Am The Bride Of Christ

Looking at some wedding pictures on facebook today I was reminded of the joy a wedding can bring. A wedding day is filled with happiness and hope. The couple unite and the bride leaves her family name behind and takes on her husband's name, as he slides a ring upon her finger and vows to never leave her or forsake her. She puts her faith in her groom and her life in his hands. The newlyweds look forward to their new life together and have visions of what lies ahead.

Each day is an adventure as they learn more about each other and grow through trial and error when they try to settle into a daily routine of living together and serving each other.Sometimes self will get in the way, and pride can't always say the words,...'I'm sorry", yet those words are needed to build a bridge over the troubled waters, and to help them find the way back to the hope they had at the beginning.

Each anniversary they will look back to the years they have shared and sometimes they will be bittersweet, but hopefully they will still have their visions of what lies ahead for them.

When we become Christians we become the Bride of Christ, and we experience the new joys that come from knowing Him. We place our hope in Him, and our trust, just like any new bride does. At times we fail and have to ask for forgiveness, but He tells us sweetly that He forgives us and that He will never leave us or forsake us. We know that we can rest and leave our burdens at His feet. He is strong, He will carry them for us.

And as a groom that carries his bride over the threshold, our Savior carries us and leaves only His footprints in the sand. How safe we feel in His presence, and how secure as He holds our hands.

He promises to be with us for all eternity! He works everyday to meet our every need What more could we ask for?

Don't you love weddings? I do! Especially when I am the bride,....The Bride Of Christ !

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm A PollyAnna,...You Can Be One Too! (:>)

Have you ever played "the glad game"? In the Pollyanna movie there was a little orphan girl who's missionary parents had died, so she had to go to live with her rich Aunt Polly who had lots of money but no joy in her life. So, little Pollyanna soon tries to brighten up her solemn aunt and the household staff,...and even the entire town, by telling them to play the glad game,...which is nothing more than finding something to be glad about in every situation. (:>)I love this movie. I love the glad game. And I think more of us should play it.!!!!!!! I guess that makes me a Pollyanna! But I don't care,....I think it's a good thing.In the Bible we are told to think on things that are,... true, honest, just, pure, lovely, or of a good report,...things of virtue, and praiseworthy things. Philip. 4:8 This process brings peace to our lives.I challenge you to play "the glad game" today! Be a Pollyanna!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm The Wife Of A Prince

Today is my husband John's birthday. I have been asking him what he wants for his birthday and each time he just says he wants me to feel better. I have been down with a virus and it has been a month since I have felt good. He got sick first and then he gave it to me,...but I got it much worse than he did and it really zapped all of my strength. I guess that just proves that I am truly the "weaker vessel".

During this down time for me, my prince did daily house chores, shopping and errands, and he made sure I had food, and lots of juices and water, and he took such good care of me. He also led daily devotions with me to try to keep his weakling wife spiritually fed too, since I was missing church and really feeling the need for God's word. I so much appreciate him and the efforts he makes to be the spiritual leader in our home. This is something that I longed for and prayed for, and wanted foryears and years.

After I had given my heart to the Lord, I wanted my husband to be a believer too, and I prayed for him to become a Christian for 15 years. So you can see why I thank the Lord for the miracles he did in John's life,...and in mine. (If some of you wives are praying for your husbands to be saved,...don't give up, just keep loving them and keep praying for them, because miracles do happen!)John often talks of his "Spiritual Birthday", which happened in Dec. nearly 14 years ago now. He shares his story and his love for the Lord all the time. And each time I witness that, I rejoice in my heart and count my many blessings!

All of us are just sinners saved by grace, and I know that each conversion to Christ is a gift from God, and truly a miracle. I have so many faults,...and my prince even has some too. We fall short often, and don't always please our Savior. But that is the blessing,...He loves us anyway! I thank God that I am feeling better, and I want to spend the day catering to my husband. I think it is his turn to be cared for and looked after. And besides,'s the Prince's birthday!!!!!