Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Four Years Ago Today My 6 Year Old Granddaughter Went To Heaven

(A Note To My Daughter)
My very brave,and beautiful daughter, Thank you for this wonderful pictorial reminder of the joy- filled times with Anna Gabriel. This must have been hard for you to post, but bittersweet might be a better word. You wouldn't have the pain if you hadn't had these wonderful times, ...and the memories remain and that is a gift!. I am so glad we had Anna for 6 precious years. It was such a privilege to be her grandma. I know that you feel totally blessed to be her mommy.

On this anniversary of her home-going we should all thank God for her affect on our lives. We know it was all in God's plan from the beginning of her life, and He sent this lovely little person to touch the hearts of many. On this official release day for your book, I can't help but wonder just how many more people He will touch,...and even change, through the story. His timing is amazing.

Your book involves more than Anna's time with you, and I can see how God was preparing you from the very beginning of your life with Kyle, to reach this point. I can't help but feel that this is God's book. A book he will use over and over again through the years to bring glory to Himself , and grace and hope to others. Aren't you excited to see the fruits of His labor, and of yours? You and your Savior are a very good team Lynnette. And then there is the fact that right in your own family these trials have formed and fashioned Jared and Abigail's lives and now they are His instruments of grace too. And who knows how it will domino down to touch Cecily, Silas, Jonas and Harrison,...and any little unborn Kraft children also. Your story lives on, and on, and on. Praise God!

Not to mention that you had a very strong companion on this journey, in your wonderful husband Kyle Eugene. He is a HUGE part of your story. And in fact, there would be no story without him. As a husband and father he has willingly walked in the paths that God has led him down. He has been a stronghold for you, your children and the rest of us. And even for those who stood on the sidelines and watched you pass by on this journey. This mother-in-law will never forget his strength,...strength that came from being totally yielded to the leading of The Holy Spirit. He was an instument of His love to all those around him, and a bold witness of God's amazing power. Yes, it was God working His will through him. God continues to use you both, and I think it is great how you help each other. I have seen your love for each other grow, as your love of God has grown throughout these 20 years together. Ok, I have to add this part. If God can use an 18 year old girl and a wanna be rock star who met by chance while driving down the street,... and grow them up to be what they are today to accomplish His purpose,...He can use anybody, anywhere, I right? (:>) To God be all the glory, power, and honor, and praise!!! Amen? Amen!

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