Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Cecily! Anna's Sister And Best Friend!

Cecily was Anna's best friend and playmate. They did everything together. She will have her own story to tell someday as she matures and grows in the Lord. All of our hearts went out to Cecily Kate when she lost her little sister. She perhaps lost more and felt more than her young age would allow her to put into words. Yet she ministered to her mom and dad daily by trying to encourage them, and always hugging them, and asking them how they were doing?,.. and by reminding them that she was still there to love them. She would say with a smile,..."You still have me!" I think she felt like she needed to do something to help,...and that was her way.

She hung close to mama after Anna went to be with Jesus. She would stay home with her instead of going on errands with her daddy and the rest of the family. She didn 't even want to come and spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa for a long time. I think she felt like her mama needed her.

And indeed she did! She has become such a good helper with her three younger brothers,...but especially with Harrison, the one year old. She can be trusted and relied upon to watch after him while mama is busy. She loves to hold him and carry him and play with him. He is an outlet for her affection.

I would never leave Cecily out on purpose,...she is such an important member of the family. She is a lovebug. She is always smiling. She is warm and friendly and has an innocence that blesses us all.

I know she will never forget Anna. Everyday she continues to be in her heart and in her memory and in her conversations. She will have her best friend back someday when she greets her in heaven.

We all look forward to the day when we see Anna again,...but I think Cecily longs for this as much or more than we do.

Sweey Cecily, are a blessing to us all!

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