Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm The Wife Of A Prince

Today is my husband John's birthday. I have been asking him what he wants for his birthday and each time he just says he wants me to feel better. I have been down with a virus and it has been a month since I have felt good. He got sick first and then he gave it to me,...but I got it much worse than he did and it really zapped all of my strength. I guess that just proves that I am truly the "weaker vessel".

During this down time for me, my prince did daily house chores, shopping and errands, and he made sure I had food, and lots of juices and water, and he took such good care of me. He also led daily devotions with me to try to keep his weakling wife spiritually fed too, since I was missing church and really feeling the need for God's word. I so much appreciate him and the efforts he makes to be the spiritual leader in our home. This is something that I longed for and prayed for, and wanted foryears and years.

After I had given my heart to the Lord, I wanted my husband to be a believer too, and I prayed for him to become a Christian for 15 years. So you can see why I thank the Lord for the miracles he did in John's life,...and in mine. (If some of you wives are praying for your husbands to be saved,...don't give up, just keep loving them and keep praying for them, because miracles do happen!)John often talks of his "Spiritual Birthday", which happened in Dec. nearly 14 years ago now. He shares his story and his love for the Lord all the time. And each time I witness that, I rejoice in my heart and count my many blessings!

All of us are just sinners saved by grace, and I know that each conversion to Christ is a gift from God, and truly a miracle. I have so many faults,...and my prince even has some too. We fall short often, and don't always please our Savior. But that is the blessing,...He loves us anyway! I thank God that I am feeling better, and I want to spend the day catering to my husband. I think it is his turn to be cared for and looked after. And besides,....it's the Prince's birthday!!!!!

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