Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogging Break

Taking a little blogging break to enjoy our company from Arizona.
I'll be back soon!

See you soon my bloggy friends.

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Lisa's Birthday!!!!

Today is my beautiful daughter Lisa's birthday! I thank God for her!

We all love her so much! She is a gift to our lives!

We are going to the movie in the afternoon to celebrate...and then will do a real party in a few days when we celebrate with my granddaughter Abigail who has a birthday on June 4th..

Lisa has beautiful eyes...the window to her beautiful soul.

We did a 50's party once, and I told Lisa she looked like Lucille Ball! But that's not Desi kissing her! That's her husband Brad!

And this is Lisa and Brad with their daughter Bailey. Such a sweet family!

Happy Birthday Lisa!
Momma loves the moon and back!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


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My six words are:
My Childhood Was A Wonderful Adventure


Once upon a time…when I was very small
I ventured out… all on my own and taught myself to crawl

And then I learned to stand alone…and take a step or two
Falling down…then getting up and starting life anew

I was brave when I was small…and went from walk to run
And then I learned to skip and play in the California sun

I also liked the drizzly skies when it began to rain
I’d splash in all the puddles…and sing a sweet refrain

I loved my little swing set… where I would swing each day
I’d climb upon the monkey bars and hang, and spin, and sway

The backyard was my haven…where I felt safe from fear
And this was my adventure land where magic would appear

My brother was there with me and we were quite a pair
We’d lull away the hours without a single care

Mom would spread a blanket upon the thick, green grass
And bring out yummy sandwiches, and milk in a tall glass

Sometimes we’d take a little nap…when our lunch was done
And turn a golden color as we lay there in the sun

We’d see a roly-poly bug all rolled up in a ball
Or try to catch a butterfly as it landed on the wall

I also liked the lady bugs and I’d hold them in my hands
And brother made a wooden gun to shoot his rubber bands

Sometimes we’d let our neighbor friends join in our special play
And we’d play games like chase, and tag, and hide and seek all day

We’d come inside for supper, take a bath, and off to bed
Where deep sleep quickly claimed us… and dreams danced in our heads

Summer time was very special, but we liked our school days too
And day by day the years slipped by and suddenly we grew

Now I find I’m 60, re-living...once upon a time
And loving every minute of it... in my aging mind

Written by Linda Hogeland
May 2011

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Come And See...Our Daily Bread

Have you ever heard the expression..."Actions speak louder than words?"
I think we can talk until we are blue in the face when we are trying to lead someone to the Lord...but unless our actions line up with our words, people are not going to be interested in what we are saying.

And if we are not excited about our own Spiritual journey, then why in the world would anyone want what we have?

Today in the devotional Our Daily Bread... it just remined me that it is better to walk alongside someone and show them the way to the Lord, instead of just telling them about Him.

I truly have a desire to help people find Jesus...and I know His Word is necessary...but I just think they won't even want to listen to the talk if we are not walking the walk. And they also will be more apt to listen if we learn how to speak the truth in love!


Ephesians 4:15 NLT

..."We will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of his body, the church".

This devotional blessed me and refreshed me...and I hope it will do the same for you!

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Our Daily Bread

Also...will you please be in prayer today for my grandson William? He will be 16 in 3 months and he got into some trouble last summer with some of his friends doing pranks, and has a court interview tomorrow morning (WEDNESDAY)...and then he will go back in June to hear what they decide. Please pray for my daughter as she goes with him. Please pray for grace...and for God's will to be done. And please pray for grandma too...that I can trust in God and rest in Him....cuz I love my boy so much! Thank you.

Prayer changes things!


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Friday, May 6, 2011

Love Beth Moore Study...The Patriarchs

Have you ever done a Beth Moore Bible Study? if so...which one has been your favorite? This is my first one...and I am loving it! She is so funny! And she keeps your attention the whole time she is speaking.

Thursday nights I go to my good friend Myrna's home... along with several other women, and we do a Bible Study together. Our friend Cheri leads us, and we open in prayer and then she explains what she has learned from the study preparation, and then we watch the DVD. It is so enjoyable, and yet it is deep and gives us lots of things to ponder and take to heart. Myrna gives us a treat and then we go home. How easy is that?!!!

We did an Answers In Genesis session with Ken Ham and that was a wonderful study. And we have also done a David Jeremiah study, and now we are doing a Beth Moore Study called The Patriarchs....and we are just about to finish it. It has been a wonderful DVD series and all of us have learned so much! Week after next we will start another one of her studies...and I can't wait!

If you have ever wanted to hold a study in your home, I would recommend getting one of Beth Moore's DVD Studies. She has really been a blessing to our group of ladies.

Our group is about 10 or 11 of us at times. Sometimes less. I am thankful for my friend Myrna who opens up her home...and also for Cheri who leads us...and I am thankful to God for Beth Moore who has learned so much through her trials over the years, and from her study of God's word. She shares her love of the Lord with us, and she inspires us to study on our own and to draw close to the Lord everyday.

Because it is such a casual meeting, we have some ladies that come, who do not go to church. So it has been a ministry outreach to some who would never have heard these truths. Over the years I have attended many studies...but they were mostly in a church setting. But I have to admit that this casual atmosphere has been very comfortable and I have loved it. I am doing this post to encourage you ladies out there in blogland to consider starting your own "in home" studies with a group of friends or neighbors. I know you would be blessed.

My Six Word Saturday:

Love Beth Moore Study...The Patriarchs

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marie Osmond Re-Marries Her First Husband

I always loved watching the Donny and Marie Show! I just thought they were both so cute and so sweet. Over the years I have continued to enjoy them.

When Marie's son died last year I felt so sad for her...and so I am glad to see that she is happy again, and has found love again with her first love.

She wore the same dress nearly 30 years later! It had a simple elegance...(like Kate's) She is still so pretty. I wish them well.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Today for Miscellany Monday I thought I would share some things that have been happening. If you want to link up, just click on the button above.

1. My girls are graduating! Abigail is on the left and Bailey is on the right. My two oldest granddaughters. I love them both so much!

Abigail had her open house on Saturday, and a good time was had by all. She played two beautiful pieces on her violin at the party, and she was accompanied by her brother Jared on the piano. It was fantastic!

2. I met Courtney Becker at Abigail's party. He is the 911 operator/dispatcher who took the call the morning our 6 year old granddaughter Anna passed away. His life was forever changed from that morning on. Courtney has told his story, and my daughter Lynnette has written it all in a book, called "He Heard Hannah!"... adding his story to her story of how God has brought her through the loss of her daughter, and how He used Anna's death to save this 911 dispatcher. Being Published by Comfort Books...coming soon!

This is a picture of Lynnette and Kyle, and of Courtney and his daughter Hannah, who is holding a picture of our precious Anna who went to be with Jesus. God has brought blessings from our time of sorrow.

3. Our Grandson Caleb is driving! Well he is learning. He just got his learner's permit. I cannot grasp this and you can be sure that Grandma will be praying! (:>)

4. Branson Landing Floods! Here is Caleb again sitting on a bench at Branson Landing in Missouri. We went there last year right after school got out, and took our daughter Lonna and her four kids. We love that area, and saw a great Dancing Waters Light Show along the lake, Well that area is flooded right now. I am hoping the waters will recede and that they can repair the damage. Branson Landing is a nice area with Hotels, Restaurants, and Shopping and Entertainment for families. Near by homes were also flooded.

5. The Royal Wedding was something to behold. I loved Kate's dress...and I thought they looked so sweet together. I hope they will live happily ever after!