Saturday, July 26, 2014

Six Word Saturday! Anniversary Time Again!

Wow...Saturday is here again already!
These are my six words.  :)

Another Anniversary Has Come And Gone!

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It seems like every day goes faster and faster at my age!

Yesterday was our Anniversary again.  The years seem to be flying by quickly too!
Seems like it was just yesterday that it was 1976!

Me and my Afro Hairstylin' Man!  Back when we got married.  I look way different these days too.  But the love we share is stronger all the time...and just keeps changing with the decades!  :)

 And this is how we look today in 2014.  (Well, basically...  this picture was taken a while back!)
Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before!  :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Six Word Saturday...A beautiful performance!

Six Word Saturday!  :)

This performance really touched my heart!  

Those are my six words for today.

Click here... to hear something so beautiful!  A 16 year old Autistic girl singing the National Anthem with all of her heart and soul!

Have a blessed Saturday!

Love, Linda

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Six Word Saturday...July 12th

My Friend Is Visiting From Arizona

Those are my Six Words for this Saturday!

This is a picture of Toni and her family from many years ago.

Toni and I at a memorial service for Max.

Our friendship has lasted 35 years!  I count it such a blessing to have such a great friend in Toni.  She was raised here in Derby, Kansas where I live...but she moved to Arizona over 25 years ago.  Even though we live so far away from each other, our friendship has remained strong.
She visits here regularly to see her sister, and so we have been able to see each other a lot over the years that we have been apart...and we have also taken vacations together over the years.  Occasionally we go to Arizona and visit with her also.  And of course these days we have email, and facebook to keep us up to date on each others lives.

I feel like our friendship has been a gift from God.  Toni was the first friend I made when I moved here from Colorado 35 years ago.  She was so warm and friendly...and was always ready with a listening ear and a cup of tea when I was in need of a caring friend.

We care about each others family too.  She has two daughters who we are very close with...and now they are grown, married women and each of them has a child.  We were there for their weddings...and like-wise Toni has attended our daughter's weddings also.

Toni's husband Max was our very dear friend too...but he has moved on to heaven.  John and I always did things with Max and Toni...and as I said, we even took vacations together.  It has been such a blessed relationship over the years.

As I am typing this and counting my blessings when it comes to Toni, she is sleeping in the guest room.  We stayed up late visiting and catching up.  We have a week, so I am sure we will do a lot of that.

Anyway, today for Six Word Saturday I just wanted to share my excitement of having my long-time friend here with me!

I hope you all will be having a great Saturday too.  One that is filled with many blessings!

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