Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kari Jobe: You Are For Me... and Beautiful

I love how these songs speak what's in my heart today!

I wish that I could sing like this to the Lord...because the words are so meaningful and so real in my heart. But I can't sing like Kari Jobe...not even close! *smile*
But I can play them for Him and tell Him it's how I feel too!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lisa Rinna's Hairstyle/Top 2 Tuesday

Why is it that we always want what we don't have? I wish I could wear this shaggy hairstyle..but not sure if my natural wavy /curly hair would do this. I am going to ask my hairstylist...but it probably ain't gonna happen! (:<) I know it will have to grow longer before it would be this length...but I am liking her sassy, shaggy layered look. Don't you think it is cute?

I also like this hairstyle but would want a shorter version. I love the color weave here too.

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I have never used a flat iron straightener. Have you? I'm not sure if I would like it or not?????

I'm kinda tired of my bob hairstyle.....

This picture is when my hair was more layered...but wavy. I don't know why, but my hair just hasn't been working for me lately. And I am wanting something easy to do.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Six Words Saturday: Let's Give The Lord A Handclap!

Today for Six Words Saturday I am posting the words...
Let's Give The Lord A Handclap!

My sister simply loved the beauty of creation. When she would see something like a beautiful tree, or the vast ocean, or a snow topped mountain, she would say..."Let's give the Lord a handclap!" And then we would clap our hands and praise the Lord.

Yesterday as my husband and I were driving through town we saw so many beautiful Bradford Pear trees in bloom, and some of them were just breath I said..."Let's Give The Lord A Handclap!"...and we did. We gave praise to the Lord in memory of my sister who went to heaven two years ago.

She left me a gift... her legacy of loving and praising the Lord by appreciating His creation! Now she sees the beauty and glory of heaven and I am sure she is praising the God she loves!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amy Grant - Better Than A Hallelujah (41st Annual GMA Dove Award)

You can read the words on the slide show.

Today for Wednesday's Walk I thought I would share my love for Amy Grant.
She has gone through some hard times in her career and in her personal life. Haven't we all had trials and disappointments in our lives too? I don't believe in divorce and yet I ended up getting one after 9 years of marriage. At the time I wasn't living for the Lord...but I had been raised in church, and I knew it hurts God when we break our vows of commitment. Amy struggled with the same thing. But praise our merciful Lord that He didn't give up on us!

This second marriage of mine has lasted for nearly 35 years (this July), and now that we are both Christians we know that it is until death we do part! (:>) Amy and Vince Gill have been married for about 11 years now, and I wish them a long and happy life!

It is so easy to judge others when we haven't walked in their shoes isn't it? God doesn't throw us away when we sin. When we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

When we are humble and broken before the Lord, He forgives and forgets. It all depends on our hearts. Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. I think that's what this song is all about!!!

I love Amy Grant! I love this song! How about you?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday: The Old Geezer Blog

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

For Miscellany Monday I decided to share The Old Geezer blog with you. Click the button above to link your posts and to join in the Monday fun, after reading Ron's post today.

Meet Ron...The Old Geezer

(He had this little saying on his blog and I thought it was so cute...cuz I too feel like several of my friends live in the computer too!)

I follow this blog called...The Old Geezer...and today's post was so good I thought I would link you up to it. Ron is a Christian and he always has something encouraging to share. Please click over to Ron's blog for a visit. It will touch your heart today.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The "Soul Surfer" Movie Preview

Six Words:

Soul Surfer Movie
click here

Last night my husband and I, and some other family members and friends were blessed to pre~screen the PG rated Soul Surfer movie here in Wichita, Kansas. It was the true story of Bethany Hamilton...the teenage girl who lost her arm in a shark attack in Hawaii while surfing.

Although this is not actually a "Christian" movie, the story shows her close knit family, and also her circle of close friends who helped her through the tragedy. And her strong faith in Jesus Christ is her true strength. And this is evidenced as they quote scripture, pray together, and live out their faith before others.

After the tragedy her father is sitting in her hospital room reading the Bible and she asks him if she will surf again, and he says he knows she "can do all things through Him who gives her strength." Philippians 4:13 The real Bethany and her family insisted that the scriptures be in the movie. They are a family of faith and this is a big part of this movie.

Annasophia Robb plays Bethany. Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt play Bethany's parents, and Carrie Underwood plays her church, youth leader.

The scenery is outstanding; as are the surfing scenes. I thought of the power of God with each pounding wave!

This movie encourages us to cling to our faith in God during our trials, and to try again each time we fail...until our faith brings the victory, as God strengthens us.

April 8th is when Soul Surfer opens, and I hope you will all go and see it. You will be so touched by her story.

I could relate to the loss of her arm in a personal way, because my own mother lost her right arm in an auto accident as a young wife and mother of one small child. She went on to raise 4 children, having to learn to do everything with one arm. The words that I use to describe my mother are Fortitude, and Faith. And these are words that could also describe Bethany Hamilton.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Changes...Six Word Saturday!

My six words for the day are:

We All Have To Change Sometime

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Do any of you feel like me when change comes into your life? Does it take you awhile to adjust? I mean I am one that even hates it when they change the grocery stores around. It takes me more time to shop when they do that, because I can't find anything.

I don't like it when they change the time of a favorite TV program, or when they cancel the show or change the host. Or when they have a sequel to a favorite movie come out and they have changed to a different actor in the lead role...that drives me nuts! ha!

Changes on facebook,or blogger get to me too. But I finally figure things out. (:>)

Just about the time I finally start liking the changes in styles...they change again. I never thought I would adjust to wearing smaller glasses and then when I do, the frames get bigger! (Not that I am fad~ish, but I do have to wear glasses and don't want to be the only one wearing an out of date style!)

Technology keeps changing too...and I don't even claim to understand most of it. It is hard enough for me to figure out the process that is involved with simply playing a DVD! Ha! I know...I'm pitiful! In fact most of my movie library is still on VHS!

My youngest grandson is 3yr. old and he figures out how to play games on his mom's phone, and he can even get himself to the games without help! It took me years to even touch a computer! And when I did, it would say Fatal Error...and it scared me to death! (:>)

I never dreamed that I would be on a computer everyday checking email and facebook , and posting blogs...Nope...never dreamed I could do it! I hate certain things about the internet..but love other things. And I am glad I didn't miss out on the good things, by being afraid of the bad parts.

I usually the changes in life. But sometimes it takes the nudging, and prodding and the encouragement of the younger people in my life, to get me there. I mean, last night I even ventured out to join in a "chum chat" from my daughters blog. I enjoyed reading some of the funny remarks...but it did feel like everyone was talking at the same time, and it was hard for me to make sense of it! So after a few minutes I said my good-byes and toddled off to bed.

I turned 60 last August and I can honestly say that this year has been the hardest one of my entire life to accept. I mean I am glad to be alive and I appreciate my life...but I have been feeling so old. Maybe by this coming August I will be over it. Maybe I will see that I made it through the first year of being in my 60's and I will let go of the stigma attached to it.

Some people freak out when they hit 30, or 40, or 50...but I never did. Nope I waited until 60 to freak out. But maybe I am getting over it. Maybe!

Just thinking of these things inspired me to write a little poem this morning. Maybe you can relate.


Changes are a fact of life… they happen everyday
They keep us on our toes, and send us on our merry way

I balk against them, fuss and fight…
And resist the change with all my might

But it’s a fact…we will survive
Yes, changes make us grow and thrive!

Yet it takes awhile to change…
I don’t like to re-arrange

I fit nicely in my rut…
But change…it socks me in the gut

And knocks the wind out of my sails
It hardly listens to my wails!!!!

How about you? Do you like change?
Do you think that I’m just strange?

Maybe you are flexible…and don’t mind the twist and turn….
I guess I’m stiff, and sore and old, and find it hard to learn

But none-the-less…the changes come and I must tow the line
And in the end the truth-be-known…I will be just fine!

This old dog can learn new tricks, though it might take awhile
But in the end I will adjust…and may even crack a smile

Change is good…that’s what “they” say, so I guess that it is true
Just bear with me and I will change…along with each of you!

Written by Linda Hogeland
March 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Know What I Like

I Know What I Like Written by Linda Hogeland February 2011

I like the sound I hear when I bite into a crisp apple
Especially if it is very fresh and juicy…and I can’t help but think of God with each tasty bite!

And not all apples are alike…I don’t care for the Red Delicious.
I prefer Gala, or Jonathan, Golden or other sweet varieties. I only like the sour apples like Granny Smith when eating them in a pie, warm, and topped with a scoop of natural vanilla ice cream. And sometimes my heart yearns for an apple crisp fresh from the oven with a little bit of cold milk poured over it in a bowl.

On a cold winter morning I like a steaming bowl of oatmeal with a dab of real butter and a couple of teaspoons of dark brown sugar. Mmmmm… it just warms me from the inside out…and stays with me throughout the day, making me feel content.

Contentment also comes from comfort foods like beef and noodles, mashed potatoes, or homemade macaroni and cheddar cheese. Or for me, a piece of shortbread with a cup of English breakfast tea with added milk and sugar.

I know what I like….

I like a freshly made bed with the toss pillows not tossed at all, but carefully placed in just the right positions to enhance the smoothed out comforter, and to give an inviting look as you enter the bedroom.

And the room isn’t quite right unless the curtains are pulled back to let in the natural light that warms the room and casts a happy glow into each corner.

And speaking of light…God said, “Let there be light…and there was light… and it was good”.

I like accent lights in every room to create a cozy feeling, and the light of a fire inside the fireplace. I can totally understand why Thomas Kinkade paints each window in his paintings as though every light were lit. It gives the impression that the home is lived in and filled with love….warmed with happiness.

I like a home filled with family…from young to old…gathered together around a table enjoying a meal, or lounging in a room filled with laughter, conversation, and wit.

Steaming cups of coffee held with both hands to warm the body and the soul, as the sisters catch up, or the guys talk of movies, sports…or nothing at all as they catch a nap in the recliner, or on the couch, in a room buzzing with chatter.

Yes, I know what I like…

I like babies on my lap, or lying asleep in my arms, as I plant kisses on the tops of their heads, or caress their chubby cheeks.

I like the sound of a toddler, asking Grandma to tell him a story… or the feel of his little arms hugging my neck.

I like the sound of a piano in full movement as my adult grandson’s fingers dance across the keys, sending forth beautiful music into my ears…but also into my heart and soul.
With my granddaughter accompanying him on her violin with the bow sliding gracefully, and the violin tucked neatly under her chin next to her slender neck. Oh what joy this music brings me.

I know what I like.

I like that my oldest granddaughter likes to drive over and visit us, because she says she misses us when too much time passes. She brings warms hugs with her as she comes through the door. I love having grandkids.

And along those lines, I like the click of the pool balls rolling across the large green table as the little guys amuse themselves. Or the older kids challenge each other. Or the loud, loud clatter as grandpa shows them how to break properly, and several colorful stripes or solids find their way to the pockets! He is such a show off…but I like that he is good at playing pool. He is good at so many things. But he is the best at figuring out math in his head, and he showed off those abilities when he worked in finance all of those years before he retired.

What else do I like? The big screen TV with a movie playing, lights low, and volume loud, as friends or family gather around. Popcorn popping in the microwave. Salty, buttery, bowls of popcorn passed to each viewer…crunching, munching…togetherness!

Or shopping…yes, I know what I like.
Browsing…hunting for that little treasure that will bring delight. A happy feeling when I find a new little item for the curio cabinet, or that kitchen gadget to make my life easier. That scarf, those earrings, that little something to complete the look!

I like the feeling I get upon returning home from a vacation. That sense of peace I feel when I open the door to my haven.

A warm bath is a true delight. And soaking in a tub is so relaxing. The terry cloth robe I grab after my bath wraps me up, and then brings me to my closet full of clothes. What shall I wear? I like to put outfits together, always trying to come up with different combinations.

I like lipstick, blush and mascara, and hairspray…but better yet, the little tube of concealer to erase the dark circles that my allergies bring. These are all necessities…but none-the-less, things that I like. They bring life and color to my face, and put a little spring in my step. I feel better when I look good don’t you?

I like to see my youngest granddaughters on their pretend hotel stays in my guest rooms. Hats, purses, lacy shawls…they order room service and I bring trays of goodies…and cups of tea. They tip me and I return to the hotel kitchen until the next time they ring their bells. Good times…happy memories. They are getting to the age they soon won’t want to play this anymore.

But I also love watching my “babies” grow up into lovely young ladies and handsome men. I love to think of their futures and I love to pray blessings upon all of them everyday. I love them so.

Trips to the ocean are a rare treat, but I never cease to wonder at the power of the moving waves as they crash to the shore. I stop to pray…not with closed eyes, but eyes wide open as I look to God and thank Him for the beauty I’m beholding.

Simple things in life bring joy…like eating an artichoke, peeling each leaf and dipping it in melted butter, scraping off the tasty treats at the end of the leaves….and then lastly getting to the heart, the real reward.
I know what I like.

Large flowing fountains, and Tuscan Villas…Italian countryside with towering trees, vineyards and olive orchards. I may never see these things with my eyes or touch my feet on Italian ground, but I enjoy reading about them, and seeing them in the movies. A girl can dream can’t she?

Cd’s playing in my car as I take a drive alone outside of town, listening to the music, talking to God, praying out loud as if He is in the passenger seat there beside me. He is! I feel His presence…I know he is there.

I know what I like….times with my Savior.

Hugs from my husband, my hand in his, or times I feel his gentle kiss on my neck as I stand in the kitchen cooking. I love the feel of his arm around my shoulders, as we sit in church together. And I like seeing his face, smiling at me from the other side of a table. His voice reading the Bible to me, or his head bowed as we pray together. The knowing looks we share when our hearts are one. The times when we are, “in tune” knowing what the other is thinking…demonstrated when we finish each others sentences.

I know what I like.

I like writing down my thoughts in poems and stories…and I like writing notes and letters to those I love. Sharing my heart…reaching out to touch yours…finding common ground, and staying there awhile…having a nice little visit!

I love the verse for the day:
He who is of a merry heart has a continual feast.
(Proverbs 15:15b)

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Six Word Saturday

My Six Words Today:
Youth Symphony Tonight...Abigail Plays Violin

Our 17 yr. old granddaughter Abigail has so many talents. She is an artist, and she designs websites and blogs, she plays the violin beautifully...and she can pretty much do anything she sets her mind to do! She practices violin all of the time, so she works hard at her craft, and I am so proud of her.

Tonight at Century II she is playing in the Youth Symphony. I love to go and see her up there playing her little heart out. I love symphony concerts....but I especially love them when my granddaughter is on the stage. (:>)

Abigail is the dark haired beauty! (:>)