Saturday, March 12, 2011

Changes...Six Word Saturday!

My six words for the day are:

We All Have To Change Sometime

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Do any of you feel like me when change comes into your life? Does it take you awhile to adjust? I mean I am one that even hates it when they change the grocery stores around. It takes me more time to shop when they do that, because I can't find anything.

I don't like it when they change the time of a favorite TV program, or when they cancel the show or change the host. Or when they have a sequel to a favorite movie come out and they have changed to a different actor in the lead role...that drives me nuts! ha!

Changes on facebook,or blogger get to me too. But I finally figure things out. (:>)

Just about the time I finally start liking the changes in styles...they change again. I never thought I would adjust to wearing smaller glasses and then when I do, the frames get bigger! (Not that I am fad~ish, but I do have to wear glasses and don't want to be the only one wearing an out of date style!)

Technology keeps changing too...and I don't even claim to understand most of it. It is hard enough for me to figure out the process that is involved with simply playing a DVD! Ha! I know...I'm pitiful! In fact most of my movie library is still on VHS!

My youngest grandson is 3yr. old and he figures out how to play games on his mom's phone, and he can even get himself to the games without help! It took me years to even touch a computer! And when I did, it would say Fatal Error...and it scared me to death! (:>)

I never dreamed that I would be on a computer everyday checking email and facebook , and posting blogs...Nope...never dreamed I could do it! I hate certain things about the internet..but love other things. And I am glad I didn't miss out on the good things, by being afraid of the bad parts.

I usually the changes in life. But sometimes it takes the nudging, and prodding and the encouragement of the younger people in my life, to get me there. I mean, last night I even ventured out to join in a "chum chat" from my daughters blog. I enjoyed reading some of the funny remarks...but it did feel like everyone was talking at the same time, and it was hard for me to make sense of it! So after a few minutes I said my good-byes and toddled off to bed.

I turned 60 last August and I can honestly say that this year has been the hardest one of my entire life to accept. I mean I am glad to be alive and I appreciate my life...but I have been feeling so old. Maybe by this coming August I will be over it. Maybe I will see that I made it through the first year of being in my 60's and I will let go of the stigma attached to it.

Some people freak out when they hit 30, or 40, or 50...but I never did. Nope I waited until 60 to freak out. But maybe I am getting over it. Maybe!

Just thinking of these things inspired me to write a little poem this morning. Maybe you can relate.


Changes are a fact of life… they happen everyday
They keep us on our toes, and send us on our merry way

I balk against them, fuss and fight…
And resist the change with all my might

But it’s a fact…we will survive
Yes, changes make us grow and thrive!

Yet it takes awhile to change…
I don’t like to re-arrange

I fit nicely in my rut…
But change…it socks me in the gut

And knocks the wind out of my sails
It hardly listens to my wails!!!!

How about you? Do you like change?
Do you think that I’m just strange?

Maybe you are flexible…and don’t mind the twist and turn….
I guess I’m stiff, and sore and old, and find it hard to learn

But none-the-less…the changes come and I must tow the line
And in the end the truth-be-known…I will be just fine!

This old dog can learn new tricks, though it might take awhile
But in the end I will adjust…and may even crack a smile

Change is good…that’s what “they” say, so I guess that it is true
Just bear with me and I will change…along with each of you!

Written by Linda Hogeland
March 2011


Caroline said...

Oh I love this so much. I like a little change but if it's BIG I have problems. What a beautiful poem.

Love ya xxoo

Sarah Robbins said...

I am with you, I don't love change. In the end, it usually ends up being okay but I fight it so much along the way!!

How about your husband? Mike doesn't mind change, so that helps me out some because he sees the positives.

Karin said...

Loved your poem - thoughts like that have been floating through my mind too! Change is one thing of which I can be sure! I'm energized by change and have thrived well on it. I love change - BUT, and it's a big BUT - the change needs to be for improvement and not just for change's sake. Hubby is the one who needs most things to stay the same and maybe that's why I've learned to embrace any changes we've had to make - as one of us needs to be willing and the point person in the change.

Enjoyed this post - like all your others! Thanks for sharing!

Jeanie said...

You expressed so much of what goes on in my head in this post, and you expressed it much better than I could have. I am in my 3rd year of adjusting to being in my 60s. It is all good, but it is still a shock sometimes.

LC said...

Found you through Mimi's Mini Tales. Yep, you are on target about change. I had that year at 45 when on my birlthday, part of a tooth crumbled off. I waited all day anxiously during birthday #46, wondering what body part was going to fall off. Nothing did and I was fine until 63. Nothing major, just physical changes that I find annoying. Sounds like you have that persevering spirit that captures all the good times, even when things are "perfect"! Have a great weekend!

Kristin said...

That was such a cute poem! I'm glad you did learn how to get on the computer so we could meet :)

Kathe W. said...

great poem! Change is good!

Holly said...

I like good changes! Not so good ones I could do w/o

JTS said...

What a delightful post! Closing in on 60 really fast, I too feel very old some days, especially among all the young people at work! I love change when I am the one making the changes, or the choice to change, but like you I fear change and try to postpone the inevitable when the changes in life are being handed to me without my consent. As your poem says though, change makes us grow, and in the end we often love what has transpired! Great post!

I Am Not Superwoman said...

Love the poem. Change is inevitable. You just have to go with the flow and make the best of it (although that doesn't mean you can kick and scream while doing it!). Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend!

Dianne said...

I don't like changes either, and I have produced four kids just like that.
Sixty is not bad, Linda! I will be 64 in June! I'll lead the way, you follow!

Maryellen said...

Great poem! I am not a fan of change. I am a fan of "control" and change & control don't go so well together hah

But I'll take your advice and roll with the changes . . .

Fi said...

Six Word Saturday is an amazing way to link us all together. Linda, change is good because it reminds us we're alive.
Thanks for dropping by my blog

Cheers, Fi

The Brown Recluse said...

What a perfect post!

I am usually not too happy with change, though there are some changes I made that I'm glad I did.

I didn't freak at 30 or 40, and I hope I don't at 50, either. I only have a few more years, so we'll know soon enough.

Kathy said...

Linda, I love this post (and Poem)! I, too, have a hard time with any kind of change! I feel like I'm getting left behind sometimes because things are changing so rapidly. Thanks for the encouragement! If you can do it, so can I :)

Kylie said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on change. Myself - sometimes I thrive on it and other times I resist and don't cope well at all. Great 6WS post!

Aurie said...

What a great poem - and I can totally relate to thoughts on change!

Call Me Cate said...

You know, I did great with 30 but I'm finding myself very uncomfortable with 33. It definitely takes me a bit to adjust to change, but a lot of it is for good so it's worth the learning curve.

Thanks for playing!

Heather said...

I've never like changes very much. But, I'm learning that changes, often bring wonderful blessings into one's life. :)

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Verna said...

First let me say " Love you"
Love reading your posts and poems!
Changes....they are all around us. We can all adapt if given enough time or we ask enough questions from others.

But One change I always detest is when the grocery store you use all the time ---MOVES ---where they stock things. You can never find what you are looking for. Is it because they know you wouldn't go down that isle if you knew it didn't have the item you wanted.
Do they do this so we do impulse buying? I've often wondered why they change things. (Perhaps it is just to confuse us older people) :) smiling.

Kasi said...

WOW...that was a very moving post. I don't care for change either but God must do somethings so we are the people He needs us to be, right?! haha Hope you have a great day!