Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amy Grant - Better Than A Hallelujah (41st Annual GMA Dove Award)

You can read the words on the slide show.

Today for Wednesday's Walk I thought I would share my love for Amy Grant.
She has gone through some hard times in her career and in her personal life. Haven't we all had trials and disappointments in our lives too? I don't believe in divorce and yet I ended up getting one after 9 years of marriage. At the time I wasn't living for the Lord...but I had been raised in church, and I knew it hurts God when we break our vows of commitment. Amy struggled with the same thing. But praise our merciful Lord that He didn't give up on us!

This second marriage of mine has lasted for nearly 35 years (this July), and now that we are both Christians we know that it is until death we do part! (:>) Amy and Vince Gill have been married for about 11 years now, and I wish them a long and happy life!

It is so easy to judge others when we haven't walked in their shoes isn't it? God doesn't throw us away when we sin. When we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

When we are humble and broken before the Lord, He forgives and forgets. It all depends on our hearts. Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. I think that's what this song is all about!!!

I love Amy Grant! I love this song! How about you?


Deanna said...

Blessings to you!
Hi Linda. May you have a sweet day.

I haven't heard this song by Amy Grant. I'm so not with it.

I heard that Hallelujah is one word that translates as hallelujah world this.
All languages it's the same.

It's been years since I went to Mardels in Tulsa when I lived there to listen to Amy sing. I think this was during the time her marriage was breaking up and it affected her singing. She's human and kept forgetting the words.

Still it was enjoyable to hear her in person, because I like her music.

Today, I have to rest....was out and about all day yesterday and my body feels it!

God bless.

Kristin said...

That is so true, Momma! I do love that song. We always sing along to it when it comes on the radio. My Mom really loved Vince Gill too.

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Yes, I love that fact the whole cd is great to fall asleep to. I think I played it on the sleep timer for about a week straight. Her voice is so soothing and the words are just great. Christians seem to always try to put a brave happy face on everything, but it must melt God's heart when we cry out to him for help & comfort! Love you...Lisa

Caroline said...

I have always loved Amy Grant. I love that song too. Thanx for sharing this. Hope your having a great Wednesday !!!

Love ya

Jenilee said...

I love hearing this part of your testimony and how someone like Amy Grant has been a blessing to you! thank you for sharing with us through your posts. Hugs! :)

Renee Ann said...

Thank God for His forgiveness and second chances! Where would any of us be without them? Loved reading your testimony here. I'm visiting with Wednesday Walk. Blessings!

Karin said...

What a beautiful post - thanks Linda for sharing so openly! God bless!

Stacey said...

Nice post! I'm not an Amy Grant fan per say... just don't really get into her music for some reason! But I do like her Better Than a Hallelujah one on Klove.

xiaohu110129 said...
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Janet Rose said...

I love Better Than A Hallelujah! and even more I love that my Tim sings it out so sweetly when it comes on the radio. Nothing like a child to melt your heart singing a song such as this!
Your words are blessing others struggling with similar circumstances, I'm sure! Thanks for opening your heart up to sharing how God's worked in your own life.

HappyascanB said...

I absolutely love Better than a Hallelujah! I have sung it many times to Molly since she was born! Especially the beginning: "God loves a mother's cries in the dead of night better than a hallelujah sometimes."

Anonymous said...

I remember when Amy Grant came on the seen back in the early 1980s. She is a fantastic singer and I wish her the best.

Family Man said...

Thank you for sharing your passion and insight about the forgiveness of our heavenly father. I know many who have judged Amy and what she went through and how this was not the kind of thing that a Christian singer should go through. But you are so right. We all go through things. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Amy has sinned, we have sinned. God is a loving, forgiving father and just as my children at times disappoint me, we disappoint our heavenly Father, but the great thing is that just like we still love our children, He still loves us.


Ashley DeLen said...

Hello Linda!

Yes Family Man is my oldest brother. That picture of his family I took :O)...

I hope that you are well. I have been slowing down on my blogging. It has been so pretty outside and that keeps us busy! And I love it. However today is COLD so we are cathing up on house work and all kinds of inside activities!

My mom was talking about when we went to see Amy Grant at Mardels in Tulsa. I was a Senior in High School and she called me in "sick" that day so that her and I and my middle brother could all go hear her sing! It was a really neat setting. I didn't understand everything that she was going through at the time but a do a bit more now!

Hugs to you my dear friend!!

Anonymous said...

i also love Amy Grant :) her oldies are my favs becuz she was my first foray into christian music after i got saved. she will always be special to me for that reason.