Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Am The Bride Of Christ

Looking at some wedding pictures on facebook today I was reminded of the joy a wedding can bring. A wedding day is filled with happiness and hope. The couple unite and the bride leaves her family name behind and takes on her husband's name, as he slides a ring upon her finger and vows to never leave her or forsake her. She puts her faith in her groom and her life in his hands. The newlyweds look forward to their new life together and have visions of what lies ahead.

Each day is an adventure as they learn more about each other and grow through trial and error when they try to settle into a daily routine of living together and serving each other.Sometimes self will get in the way, and pride can't always say the words,...'I'm sorry", yet those words are needed to build a bridge over the troubled waters, and to help them find the way back to the hope they had at the beginning.

Each anniversary they will look back to the years they have shared and sometimes they will be bittersweet, but hopefully they will still have their visions of what lies ahead for them.

When we become Christians we become the Bride of Christ, and we experience the new joys that come from knowing Him. We place our hope in Him, and our trust, just like any new bride does. At times we fail and have to ask for forgiveness, but He tells us sweetly that He forgives us and that He will never leave us or forsake us. We know that we can rest and leave our burdens at His feet. He is strong, He will carry them for us.

And as a groom that carries his bride over the threshold, our Savior carries us and leaves only His footprints in the sand. How safe we feel in His presence, and how secure as He holds our hands.

He promises to be with us for all eternity! He works everyday to meet our every need What more could we ask for?

Don't you love weddings? I do! Especially when I am the bride,....The Bride Of Christ !

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