Monday, January 3, 2011

I Am Loved

For Wednesday's Walk today I decided to just post my poem I wrote yesterday! (:>)
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I Am Loved

I am loved with a love everlasting…
That’s what the Bible tells me
Oh what a constant assurance…
This promise is my guarantee!

I am loved and forgiven each moment…
For the things that I too often do
Those things that bring Him dishonor…
Lack of faith, distrust, and pride too

He knew that I was a sinner
Yet He still chose to die for my sin
I am loved although I’m unworthy
Now and forever secure in Him

I could not earn His forgiveness
There was nothing that I could have done
God saw that I needed a Savior
And He gave me His much beloved Son

This sacrifice is so very humbling
How could He love me that much?
I deserved death and destruction
But He gave me His own gentle touch

I am loved more than I can yet fathom
Much more than I can understand
But by faith I accept His sweet pardon
Through the babe who grew to die as a man

Now I’m loved… and I’ve entered His family
Adopted, forgiven, and cleansed
Embraced, nurtured and cared for
With blessings that still have no end

Fruit is there for the taking
As He is the unending vine
And now as one of His branches
I am pruned by His Spirit divine

With pruning the fruit is much sweeter
Than if I tried to produce on my own
And the Spirit is there to guide me
So I don’t have to do things alone

I am loved and I am so thankful
My heart rejoices and sings
I am loved by the Master Creator
Such contentment and peace this love brings!

I am loved!

By Linda Hogeland...January...2011


Karin said...

Precious thoughts! Amazing Love - how can it be!!

Maryellen said...

Just beautiful Linda.
What a wonderful reminder and the perfect was to being a new year !

Deanna said...

Linda, Lovely poem!

May you have a super new year.
Still stunned it's here. Eventually it will soak's the 3rd already!

God bless,

Caroline said...

Very Very lovely and Yes you are loved very much.

Amy said...


Amy @ Missional Mama

Janet Rose said...

Beautiful words, Linda. I really am moved by the part about pruning. Blessings to you in the New Year!

Christina said...

Love that I am loved! Thanks, visting from Wednesday's Walk!

Karen said...

This is so beautiful Linda! Thanks so much for sharing with us!


Michelle said...

Such an awesome poem.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Yes, `we` are loved.
For that I am grateful!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Very sweet and so true. AMEN! And Praise God!

Your poems sometimes remind me of Fanny Crosby hymns.

Love you.