Saturday, January 8, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Walking Makes Me Feel Better...Yay!

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~Sarah~ said...

Yes! I've got two planned today. One, at the gym, set at a brutal incline. The other, strolling around my neighborhood with my plucky little dog.

Hope you have a good walk today!

Deanna said...

Cheering you on!!!
Great 6 words.

Linda, Hope you are feeling much better. Thinking of you and lifted you up in prayer right now!

Blessings to you and yours,

Donna said...

Very motivational and good for you! Sending thoughts and prayers your direction.

I, too, am a big fan of Leslie Sansone and as a former ACE certified personal trainer, can attest to the benefits of walking and Leslie's enthusiasm.

Yours is contagious!

Karin said...

Great words!

Kristin said...

I'm so glad it's making you feel better! I need to get back to my treadmill this week :)

Becca said...

Walking is so nice! I prefer it with a friend or my dog :)

Jenilee said...

I'm so glad!!! :) great news!

kathew said...

walking is lovely with a friend!

Janet Rose said...

I walked at the Y today...and just getting inside was a long walk, too, because of all the people in the parking lot. :) Cheers for walking!!!

Caroline said...

I love walking , I walk two miles almost everyday !! Great post !!

Janet said...

I totally agree. Monday thru Friday it is on the treadmill at 5 am for me for 30 minutes. When it is nice we walk the dog. I have found I miss it when I don't do it. I have so much more energy.

Have a good week!
Blessings & Hugs

Michelle said...

I agree!

I love my Leslie Sansone indoor walking DVD's.