Saturday, January 22, 2011

Six Word Saturday~~~Poem

My Six Words Today: Life is Full of Changes...Poem
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Life is Full of Changes

Life is full of changes…right from the very start
A baby grows so quickly…and each stage captures your heart

At first they are so helpless…depending entirely on you
To feed them and to change them…and to watch all that they do

They love all the attention…and we try hard not to spoil
But guidance and correction…shows them that our hearts are loyal

Loyal… because we vow to raise them up, and keep them well
Pray for them, and teach them… about heaven… also hell

Leading them to Jesus…is the best thing we can do
Helping them to see that He can make their life brand new

Then along comes some more changes… as they find their way in life
Then one day they meet the woman… who will soon become their wife

Or that handsome fella… that will take her hand in his
And pledge always to love her…and she becomes his Mrs.

Then there are more changes… as they find that baby in their arms
And they are suddenly smitten by her beauty… or his charms

And so the circle widens… as this family grows and grows
And we watch for all the changes…as we sing to life’s sweet prose

Yes… life is full of changes…and most of them are bittersweet
As the grandparents are aging, just as toddlers find their feet

Then the roles are in reversal as the parents need the care
And the tender, loving gestures are now their kids to share

There’s a beauty in those gestures…as they reach out to them in love
A reflection from the mirror of the Savior’s love above

So don’t dread those constant changes… that this life brings us each day
But embrace them and accept them…and ask God to lead the way

Written by Linda Hogeland
January 2011


Kristin said...

I love this one, Momma Linda. Such wisdom in this poem. Love you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Verna said...

Yes, life is so full of changes. I love reading your poems!

Ups and downs and disappointments, joys and life in general has many challenges for us.

Thank you for sharing this poem today! Hope you have a wonderful week end!
Love you!!!

Caroline said...

I love this !!! Have a wonderful weekend !!

Kathy said...

What a lovely poem! I think this is my favorite one so far, because I can relate so well to it!
You are so talented, have you ever considered publishing your poems?
Have a great evening,

Janet said...



Karin said...

Really enjoyed reading about life's journey and all its changes! Beautifully done1

Call Me Cate said...

Lovely, Linda. Going through some changes in my life right now. Hopefully good ones. Thanks for playing 6WS!