Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's Saturday Again...So that means Six Word Saturday!

Once Upon A Time... I Blogged! 

I never blog anymore...never...ever...EXCEPT for Six Word Saturday occasionally!  Tee hee  I never intended to stop just happened.  It is kind of like just happens! 

I kind of like the idea of dropping in on occasion...when I want to...and not having to feel obligated to do a regular post.  It is like my Six Word Saturday Friends are just so easy, and they still accept me even if I haven't hung out with them for awhile!  :)  And I like to drop by now and again and read their posts and catch up with what is going on "in their neck of the woods!"  They are a varied group who live all over the world.  I like to see the pictures they post from their trips or their tours...and like to hear about their lives.  I guess I also like to tell them my problems once in awhile too, so they can give me a pep talk and some encouragement!  :)  Like right about now I could use some...because our silly house still hasn't sold, and it has been on the market since May 6th.  It kinda brings me down sometimes...because even though it is a wonderful home, and we love it...we feel like we NEED to sell it for several reasons.  But since fall has arrived and that means winter is just around the corner...we may have to give up for awhile and list it again next spring.  (sigh)

People seem to make their plans and take steps to make things happen...but sometimes...for whatever reason...things do not always go "as planned"....(sigh)  Ya know what I mean?  I am not a pessimist....I usually am more of an optimist...and I do have faith in God...and in His plans for me...I really, really do!  BUT, I am also human, and I grow weary at times.  My husband is the same way....we try to be there for each other to encourage the other when one is "down in the dumps" they say.  Today we are both feeling a little bit there is nobody to pull us up from the pit!  (sigh) 

Maybe we should play today...and go out for a ride in the country to look at all of the beautiful trees that are changing color.  Maybe we should splurge and go out to lunch...or browse an antique store or two....what do ya think?  :)  Last weekend we took a quick trip to Kansas City to visit our middle daughter and her family and that was fun....and while we were gone our realtor held an Open House.  We had about 6 families browse through our home, and she was encouraged, but it brought no call backs this whole week, so our hopes have been dashed...once again.  (sigh)

What's that you say?...  Stop complaining...and (sighing)...and leave it to the Lord?'re right!  Thanks....I will try!  :)  He is always faithful...and has never let us down before.  We have an abundance of blessings in our lives to be thankful for!!!

So, hey...this blogging thing has made me feel better today!

I am hoping you all will have a good Saturday...and a great week ahead!

Thanks for listening SWS friends!  :) 


Karen S. said...

Hello happy to see you today! I sure know that feeling of being I don't down in the dumps no matter what! It's the ups and downs of life, I guess. Even when my schedule is bursting with must do's and want to's, sometimes you just feel like kicking off your shoes for something really feel good! Last weekend we spent Sunday with an old school friend of mine and his wife, and hubby really had fun. The weather was a pick me upper too, as is this weekend. Just getting out into the fresh outside really does good for a person's soul! Whatever you do, enjoy it all!

Lauren said...

thank you for your comment. =) your photos are lovely! I hope things work out for the best for you... hugs.

restlessjo said...

Shame! That is a long time to have your life on hold, Linda, so no wonder you're tired of it. But your beautiful Autumn photo was so uplifting. I'm glad sharing helped you feel a bit better.

Lea said...

Well, I think it's a sign of the times and houses are taking longer to sell. That sure doesn't help your feelings and I can only imagine how frustrating it can be. We will be selling ours next Spring or rather, we'll be putting it up for sale. We are in the process of building a new house and we know that we may own 2 houses for a while but we just did not think we could survive moving twice so we decided to not sell until we move in the new house. We shall see! Wishing you success for sure! Happy weekend!

BARBIE said...

I love that you continue to drop in and write your Six Word Saturday Post. Since I don't participate in that link up, it gives me the opportunity to read your posts. I love and accept you no matter how much/little you blog. I am sorry your house is still on the market. I know that has got to be frustrating. But I'm trusting in God's perfect plan for you! Hugs!

Maryellen said...

Hi Linda:
Feel free to share your heart anytime. We are here for you. I understand waiting on the Lord. My hubby has been out of work since April. He has had a ton of interviews but no offers. We are thankful for the interviews and thankful that my job affords us what we need to keep up with our living expenses. We realize it could be so much worse. But as you also indicated - waiting on Gods timing is hard. I will continue to keep your house sale in my prayers. I know that when the timing is perfect God will move on both our behaves. When we really think about it we prefer to be in His will and if that takes waiting - that is what we will do. Many Blessings - glad you posted.

Tonya Jastad said...

Praying God gives you what you need. Good to see you back on 6WS!

Romi C said...

The autumn colors in your photo is gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Hey, Ms. Linda. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my "black denim skirt"!!! I'm sure that your house will sell "in HIS time"!!! I know that patience is a virtue....and I really do try...but I have my moments!!! ;-) HOPE you have an awesome day!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

HI Linda, thanks for visiting! The photo is beautiful. I love this time of year, so many lovely colors. I hope your house sells quickly. I know sometimes it feels like it takes forever. Have a great weekend ahead.

Deanna said...

Thinking about you.
May you have a supreme Thanksgiving!
Linda, I know that God has your best interest at heart. He's got you covered.

Your place is lovely.
Absolutely beautiful.

Sending me love,