Thursday, March 13, 2014

Each Day is a New Beginning

Each Day is a New Beginning

The darkness fades and the dawn appears
A brand new day is here for you

Yesterday’s mistakes are laid to rest
And the Lord’s mercies are fresh and new

Yes, mercy and grace, sufficient for each day
Thank the Lord, bow your head, and humbly begin to pray

Count those blessings, and ask Him for strength
He’ll lead you to still waters where you can freely drink

He is the Living Water so why do we refuse
To drink Him in and be refreshed, and have new tools to use

He supplies our every need, gives us above and beyond all we can ask or even think
Yet some of us are stubborn and refuse to take a drink

He fills us with His Spirit, our comforter and friend
Someone who is with us until the very end

So do not be discouraged…each day is a new beginning
We can bury all those failures and get on the road to winning

He does give us the victory when we run the race with Him
Say good-bye to yesterday and let the new day begin

Because each day is a new beginning!

Written by Linda Hogeland
March 2014


BARBIE said...

So encouraging! Thank you!

Kristin said...

Love this, MommaLinda! Just thought I'd drop by and catch up on your blog :)

RETA said...

Lovely words. Thank you for sharing with us! So happy I "happened" upon your blogspot!


Deanna said...

So glad you write and share,