Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday's Walk ~~~Laughter is Good Medicine!

Do you love to laugh? I know I do. It releases stress and just gives you a happy and content feeling. I'm talking about really letting loose and belting out a good one!

When our family gets together for birthday parties and other occassions we all get so silly. I mean you should hear our rendition of Happy Birthday when we sing it. I think we are all trying to see how bad we can sing! We sound like a pack of howling dogs! But for some silly reason it is fun and we all laugh at ourselves.

I love to laugh at myself when my kids make fun of me. At our last party I said "Oh that's a nice card"...before my granddaughter had even read it, and everyone (especially my daughter Lynnette), teased me and said I sounded like a little old lady! So then they kept repeating it in an old lady voice...and I was laughing until I cried.

Oh that's the best kind of laugh...laughing until big ole tears start rolling down your face! As I said before it is just such a release.

I think the Lord wants us to laugh...since it says in the Bible that ...there is a time to laugh...Ecc. 3:4

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And He turns our mourning into laughter!

When my girls were younger we used to have "laughing contests" see how crazy we could laugh, and if we could make others laugh by doing it. Those are fun memories for me...and guess what?...We still do it on occassions. (Like our family get-togethers.)

Have you had your dose of medicine today? Why not try it! It'll make you feel soooo good.

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Have a Joy-filled Wednesday everyone!


Shannon said...

I love it! That is so funny and sounds like the best medicine for anyone in need of a laugh!

Kristin said...

I love those times with my girls when we get the giggles and we just can't stop laughing. Those are some of my favorite memories with my Mom too! Laughter really is the best medicine!

Deanna said...


Laughter is wonderful medicine.
Blessings to you, Linda and may you have a pleasant week.

Cute pictures!
d from HomeHaven and beyond

Karen said...

I Love to laugh too! It really is the best medicine! Your family seems like so much fun!


3 Blessings said...

Love to laugh and hear my kids is the best.

Maybe you should add a video clip of your family singing Happy B-day :)

HappyascanB said...

What a fantastic post! Love all the fun smiling pictures!!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I love that you laugh...and your whole family laughs with you! One of the reasons I love my husband so much is that he can always make me laugh...and he has, even in impossible circumstances over the years! Just one of God's gifts for us!!

Thanks for this joyful post, my friend!

Blessings to you...

Grace Wheeler said...

What a GREAT post! I loved all the pictures!!! How can you not laugh looking through all those!

And the reminder that laughter is a gift from our Heavenly Father! He is so good and knows His children so well!

Thanks for sharing this, Linda, with Wednesdays Walk!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Yes, laughing is awesome! One of God's most precious creations. :) I especially love making you laugh (it's not very hard).

Love you.
PS That was such a nice card.

Caty said...

Very nice! Laughter is definitely great medicine...makes me feel blessed to have my family and friends around to help in that process

Coby said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for joining in on my blog! I LOVE that last photo of all the guys laughing.

I don't think I've had my good dose today. I think I'll go tickle one of the twins and get it! ;-)

Holly said...

It is so fun to laugh!! Especially with your family!

Kathy said...

What a "feel good" post! I love the idea of singing a silly version of happy birthday!

Verna said...

Laugh, laugh, laugh, yes, I say, lets laugh....Sometimes I say, if I didn't laugh about it, I would scream and cry, so laughter is better!!!!!

simplebeauty said...


Your new blog design is so light and beautiful...I love it!!!

Laughter is good medicine!!!

croleyc69 said...

I love to laugh !!! It does your body good !!


Jingle said...

what fun ways to produce laughter...
lovely smiles!