Wednesday, August 2, 2017

John's Heart Cath Update...Living our "New Normal"!!!

Life has been kind of hectic since April 2017, when my husband wasn't feeling well, and he went to the doctor and found out he was in AFib.  Of course you become concerned,... and want to know what is causing it..and why his heart rate has become so irregular????  But our family doctor took precautions by giving him medicine so that a stroke wouldn't happen, and or a clot brain, or to his heart...and he arranged for an immediate appointment with a heart doctor.

In a previous post I have told of the processes, and the series of tests that he has undergone since that day in April, and how he received a pacemaker in July,... but I am posting again to say that we have a much better handle on the situation now...and have decided to move forward in our "new normal",...and we are choosing to let go of the fears and uncertainties and start enjoying life again.

The recent heart cath did not show any blockages, or abnormalities, and although he still experiences pressure on his chest and sometimes feels short of breath, the heart doctor has given him the ok to go on with his regular activities,..and has told us we can even do some travelling if we want to.  After nearly 5 months of taking it easy and hardly doing anything as they explored his health issues, he has lost strength and energy...but we are working on building those back up, and the main thing is our mental stresses kept us tense and on edge, and we are freeing ourselves from those, and just going to trust the doctor..and his findings, and trust the Lord to take care of us, and move forward!

Isn't that what life is like for all of us?  Each day requires faith and trust...and hope!  When we start to fear, and worry, and lose our faith and trust, life starts to crumble!

Health is important...and we should all take care of ourselves and strive for good health and well being. But as we have gone through this, we realize how important it is to have our minds focused on the right things...and to not let our fears take over!  Worrying gets you!  Ha!

So after tests, meds., a pacemaker, and a heart cath...we are choosing to take his doctor's advice and move on past the worries...and fears, and live our lives!  Cautiously and wisely...but choosing to walk by faith, and trust!

We feel blessed to have a new day, (each and every day) live in our "new normal", and to appreciate the joys of life!  His mercies are new every morning...great is His faithfulness!

Have a blessed day everybody!  :)

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