Sunday, July 30, 2017

Our Baby Girl Turns 45!

Today is our youngest daughter Lonna's 45th birthday!  Isn't she pretty?  She has a fun and ornery side...which you can kind of see by that twinkle in her eyes!  But she has a kind, and loving heart too, and has always wanted to help people.  She's that way about pets too, and has always taken in strays.
She has 4 kids.  The boys are now 21,  and 20,....and her girls are 19, and 17!  Yes, she had them close together, so she was a busy mama when they were young, and when they were little she would have to load up 4 car seats everywhere she went!  She amazed me...and still does, at how she can handle 4 kids, and all that goes on in their busy lives, and also hold down a full time job, and manage a home.
She loves Jesus and serves Him by loving others!  I'm proud of her, and I love her so much.
I can't help thinking of this as my special day too...since I was the one who brought her into this world!
(It doesn't seem possible that is has been 45 years since I had my last baby!  Ha!  That time of my life was so special to me when my babies were born.  I loved being a mommy to my three girls!
I have also loved being a grandma.  Children are a precious gift from God into our lives!


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